Why dalits should stay away from suicidal leftist politics

The recent suicide of Rohit Vemula, a student at Hyderabad University has taken the country through storm. The popular narration peddled by the media is that the poor student was pushed to commit suicide due to discriminatory action by the university administration in response to political vandalism exhibited by Vemula and his peers associated with Ambedkar Students Association (ASA). We will not go into the details of the incident as you can read them here. To summarize, Vemula and five other students were expelled from the university after beating up another fellow student and later the punishment was reduced to expulsion from hostel. Since then, these students were protesting against university action and probably under stress. Post suicide, the ASA, media and other political parties are trying to bring in dalit angle in this incident by complaining that students were given harsh punishment due to their dalit identity, a fact which is debatable.

In the following paragraphs, we will not be dissecting this particular incident but talk specifically about how Ambedkar would have been pained by his name being used by anti-national and anti-dalit organizations like ASA, Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle (APSC) etc. Secondly and more importantly, we will like to throw some light on how dalit politics is hijacked by anti-national leftists and Marxists in India and why dalits and specifically SC/ST and OBC students should stay away from the politics of such organizations. Under the garb of dalit identity, these organizations headed by upper caste Hindus (check yourself that top leaders of left parties like CPI(M) etc. are almost always Brahmins or upper castes) want to exploit the fault lines present in Hindu society to further their own agenda and trap poor dalit students in ugly college level politics.

First, let me ask a few questions about history to get started. Who was the prominent Hindu leader in favour of partition of India before Congress succumbed under Jinnah’s pressure? Who was the prominent leader and wanted proper population exchange at the time of partition and thought without total population exchange Hindus will get a bad deal under partition as it will leave the cancer of Islam untreated? Again, unlike Congress leaders and Gandhi who was holding all faith prayers at the time of independence, which leader realized the true destructive nature of Islam that we fail to acknowledge even today after seeing events like Malda and Muzzafarnagar? If you guessed correctly: the answer to all the above questions is Ambedkar. Among the idealists and other crazy national leaders, Ambedkar was the one of the few rational thinkers and realists in 1947. A brief summary of Ambedkar’s views about partition is presented here.

Post-independence Ambedkar has been digested by the left and his legacy has been reduced to a dalit thinker. This has been done because Ambedkar’s views were vehemently against Abrahamics (both Islam and Christianity) and state control of the  economy. These other identities of Ambedkar have been carefully suppressed by the leftist intelligentsia and is one of the reasons that most celebrated dalit intellectuals today, who are promoted by the media and universities like JNU, demand govt. control of the economy and side with Abrahmics wherever possible. It would take a complete article to present Ambedkar’s views on economics because he was a trained economist and wrote extensively in favour of market economy. In this article we will restrict ourselves to his views about Abhrahmics. His opinion about Islam is as hard-hitting today as it was 70 years ago. In his book on partition of India, he wrote:

According to Muslim Canon Law the world is divided into two camps, Dar-ul-lslam (abode of Islam) and Dar-ul-Harb (abode of war). A country is Dar-ul-lslam when it is ruled by Muslims. A country is Dar-ul-Harb when Muslims only reside in it but are not rulers of it. That being the Canon Law of the Muslims, India cannot  be the common motherland of the Hindus and the Musalmans. It can be the land of the Musalmans – but it cannot be the land of the ‘Hindus and the Musalmans living as equals’. Further, it can be the land of the Musalmans only when it is governed by the Muslims. The moment the land becomes subject to the authority of a non-Muslim power, it ceases to be the land of the Muslims. Instead of being Dar-ul-lslam it becomes Dar-ul-Harb. It must not be supposed that this view is only of academic interest.

No surprise that in the last few years of life when Ambedkar lost hope on reforming Hindus, he chose to convert to Buddhism which is another Dharmic religion instead of joining the fold of Abrahamics i.e. Islam or Christianity. Ambedkar had written and clearly presented evidence that caste and other evil Hindu practices were equally present in Islam and Christian converts and so conversion to these cults served no purpose. On top of that these religions separate the individual from his roots by carefully planting the seeds of extra-territorial allegiance towards Mecca and Rome. So Ambedkar perfectly envisaged that conversion to Abrahamic cults will lead to destruction of Indic civilization and all the oriental wisdom along with it.

Looking at the above views of Ambedkar, it is no surprise that Marxist cabal reduced Ambedkar to a mere dalit icon. Ambedkar’s image has been used to fuel anti-caste sentiment and promote hatred towards Hinduism rather than reduce casteism from Indian society. Rather than promoting native dalit intellectual and dalit entrepreneurship associations like DICCI, dalits are sold the narrative of victim-hood by anti-national rabble rousers like ADA and APSC and their parent organizations which often follow Marxist ideology.

These parent organizations are usually headed by upper caste elite who want to exploit the fault lines in Hinduism and align with Muslims/Christians to maintain their hegemony. They do not have the best interest of dalits but use them as mere pawns and canon fodder in this political game. Does it come as a surprise that in 40 years that CPI ruled Bengal, CPI Polit Bureau had no dalit members? Does it come as a surprise that for every Kancha Ilaiah, there are hundreds of Rajdeep Sardesai style upper caste anti-nationals? Do you think any of the upper caste Bengali bhadralok will be affected by abetting the crimes of Muslims and allowing infiltration of illegal Bangladeshis? When the shit hits the fan, dalits will always be the first victims and at the receiving end of Muslim atrocities as evidenced from daily events in West Bengal. Given this scenario, dalits should reject this poison sold by snake oil salesmen present in the media and intelligentsia. This is only possible when they get more familiar with Ambedkar’s work and appreciate his views on other topics and specially on the possibility of syncretism with Islam.

Given the analysis above, we can now analyse the current suicide as part of a bigger narrative being built in different parts of India to exploit dalit identity. This suicide can be traced back to the protest held by these dalit students against hanging of Yakub Menon, a proven terrorist. It should not come as a surprise that these dalits had been brainwashed to such an extent that their protest reflected the anti-territorial affinities, usually shown only by hardcore Abrahamics or anti-national apologists like Arundhati Sen (another upper caste woman).

So, what is the way forward for dalits? The dalit students should try to stay away from politics and focus on their education as free market is their best bet to fight caste discrimination and reform Hindu society. For the politically motivated ones who want to enter student politics, they should realize that leftist jholachaps have little to offer them except false victim-hood. They need to realize that a stronger and united India is more in the interest of dalits than current generation of upper caste rulers and intelligentsia, who want to consolidate power by playing divide and rule. Only when dalits realize and neutralize this nefarious design, they can claim the legacy of Ambedkar and fulfil his dream of creating a strong and just India.


The Partition of India– B.R. Ambedkar