How to defeat the left

The leftist thought and memes are so deeply entrenched in modern culture that one does not even acknowledge it and play a wilful accomplice in establishing the left agenda. But what is their agenda and how can you defeat it? The below video is time well spent on understanding this mechanism:

The biggest problem the world is facing today is that free market advocates and those on the right have not been very successful in destroying left because they don’t seem to understand them well. Failure to understand them has led to the result that everyone who does not agree with the left’s agenda is immediately branded illiberal, fascist or with some other ugly and fancy word that leftists often coin to denounce their opponents. Most right wingers think that leftists can be defeated by right economics and making people rich. But if you see the video you will find that Marx was a cultural critic and not an economist in the actual sense of the word. Thus most of his work has dealt with subverting society using the cultural agenda rather than just use the economic agenda.

If you have noticed, communists usually attack the cultural icons of the society wherever they are- Christianity in the west or Hinduism in India because communists have a deep hatred for present cultural order, which stops them from implementing their agenda. That’s why they are attacking Christmas in the west and want to secularise it. While they are calling for secularisation of Christmas, on the other hand, they are simultaneously asking for the inclusion of Ramzan and other non-Christian festivals as part of western culture. Back in India, they try to secularise Hindu festivals like Pongal, Onam and Durga Puja while pushing to incorporate Christmas and Ramzan as part of our culture even though these festivals have nothing to do with Hindus.

But why does the leftists wage serious attack on culture? One has to understand that Communism arose in the west and has deep Judeo-Christian roots, the religions which have subverted large number of local cultures and religions across the world. So given their historical experience, the left knows it very well that if they have to implement their agenda, they need to estrange the people from their local culture just like their imperial religions did in the past. Once it is achieved, only then it is possible to defeat the bourgeois and usher in a new revolution and social order.

After having successfully destroyed the cultural milieu, the leftists have now set their eyes on the family, the last bastion of social order. Their attack on family values and family is consistent with Marx’s views on family and culture and has been taken forward by their sub-branch in the form of feminist movement. They have almost completely succeeded in destroying family and personal responsibility in the west to the point of forcing everyone to be dependant on the state. If you think carefully- a fatherless child needs a welfare state while a family with strong ties despise begging the government. A family oriented woman, would be much more smarter in choosing her partner while “liberated” women would sleep around carelessly getting unwanted children, which would necessitate state care and welfare. Men having families, would have to be responsible with their spendings and savings and would hate government interfering with anything in their life, while men hooked to welfare/support systems would be totally dependant on a nanny state.

All this is very consistent with the agenda to advance their goals of a strong and intrusive state which has more power over the individual than the individual themselves. Black families survived centuries of slavery, generations of Jim Crow, but they are completely disintegrated in the wake of civil rights movement and assimilation. While in 1940s, 75% to 85% of black children lived in two parent families, today more than 70% of black children are born to single women. 14 million black babies have been aborted since 1974- that’s what feminism & planned parenthood has done to their society. Look at any black dominated city and its overflowing with crime. There was something called¬† the “Black wall street” back in early 1900s, but now these same enterprising people are completely dependent on welfare and affirmative action and many spend their time back and forth between prisons. In the US, a fatherless child is more likely to commit crime and on average, blacks commit more crime than whites. But the statistics become equal as soon as one accounts for the fatherless children in both communities i.e. fatherless children are more prone to engage in crime. Since, blacks suffer more from broken families, they also form a bigger share of criminals.

The same agenda is now being played in India- glorification of single womanhood and destroy our family values with marital rape and other other highly biased laws. The same crass individualism, which is now promoted in India, has left the west with around 50% divorce rates, 50% single mothers, one-third of the children not knowing their actual father and 2000% higher rape rate than India. Having successfully destroyed the family values in the west, they now want to portray how such a miserable lonely life is great when compared to the family oriented life in India. Given the leftist bias in the media and entertainment industry, soap operas and other media outlets today have more serials extolling the greatness and joy in extramarital affairs while dishing out propaganda against traditional marriages and family norms. We have big stars like Deepika Padukone openly promoting extramarital affairs as a female rights issue in an attempt to make this regressive idea look normal.
In fact, US would not have needed expansion of welfare to such an extent if their culture had not degraded so much with so many single mothers who need constant state support to provide for their kids and hence vote for continuous expansion of welfare and government.  This has ultimately turned US into the socialist hell hole that it is today. So even if economic right wingers did manage to destroy left in the economic ideology, we would still be left with the leftist influence on our society which will eat us from within and finally turn our society into a hell hole that western countries have turned into today. So economic liberalisation must go hand in hand with cultural revival and family preservation to permanently defeat the left. It is only in the latter case that we would be able to take our country to its former glory of being the moral, religious, scientific , economic and intellectual capital of the world like it was one and a half millennia ago.

So how can you defeat the left? The first and the only important goal should be to thwart the attacks on our culture and traditions as focussing on economics is not enough. We will need to preserve our family structure for this plan to succeed. This is where most right wingers and libertarians have failed as they only envisaged it as an economic battle and not a cultural one. While Americans laughed at the economic demise of USSR in the 90s, Marx must be laughing right now at the cultural demise of US. Strange are the ways of revenge!!