Demographic Siege of Al-Hind

The above image is more than sufficient to explain the story rather than engage in a discussion and give long explanations. The demographic battle is being fought in India using wombs and nay-sayers do not know what they are getting into. The Hindus have become less than 90% in the lowest age cohort in most of the districts in the country and this cannot be taken less seriously.


Just compare the two above pictures and the pattern clearly emerges. In the lowest age group, the number of Abrahamic kids are going up as most of the regions are turning from light green==>dark green==>red. It is an impossible challenge to find a district where this pattern has reversed i.e a green area turning white. It would be very naive to think that this is not deliberate and just happened by chance.

Now, lets look specifically on how the Muslims are doing as a group:


Three patterns clearly emerge:

1. The Mughal corridor going through the heart of UP and Bihar to link up with West Bengal and Bangladesh is going on at a rapid pace. The numbers in the 0-4 age group have swelled consistently.

2. West UP and Uttarakhand have established themselves as the new demographic warzones

3. Assam and north east are further sliding down from the Dharmic map. After accounting for illegal Bangladeshis, these numbers will only become worse.

All the theories about high HDI and low muslim fertility rate fail the sniff-test after looking at Kerala, which is supposedly the communist and liberal paradise in India. Muslims are outbreeding both Hindus and Christians in this high HDI state. There are enough videos on the internet where you can still see mullas debating on use of condoms, clearly explaining that high muslim fertility has a religion angle to it. But the liberals want to bury their heads in the sand and also prevent others from looking at it by hiding these facts through sophistry. Kerala is just another addition to the growing list of regions that have high muslim fertility despite relative prosperity.


Zooming a bit more further shows that many of the red regions actually have more than 40% Muslim population in the 0-4 age group.

The worse picture emerges from the urban areas where most Hindus have stopped having more than 2 kids. The Muslim reluctance for contraception is more than evident here.

The rural areas are still a bit better, except in West Bengal and Assam. If you see carefully the large presence of Muslims in rural areas was the reason that it took forever to douse the communal riots in West UP and Assam.

This means that within the next 15 years Muslim youth will form majority in these regions, specially the urban ones. And don’t expect this trend to change even after Muslims achieve population parity in their local areas. After all Hindu genocide in Pak and Bangladesh did not happen very far in the past.

(Well, talking of Bangladesh, in contrast to the above, sample the Hindu population there under various age-groups, as shown below:

A brief look, and clearly one could see how the ‘Hindu future’ is shaping out, or rather, phasing out of the demographic picture there. The next time your Bangladeshi friend boisterously asserts that Hindus are doing very well and rather prospering [more] than the ‘minorities’ in/of India, you know what to serve him piping hot!).

Notes about data:

The data was sourced from GoI 2011 religious census database. The final dataset as well as R code will be available on request. Send an email or request on twitter.