Deadpool – Ashdoc’s short movie review

Normally I don’t watch superhero movies. But hearing good reports I decided to take a chance on this one.

Ryan Reynolds plays a superhero (Deadpool) with a difference. He has to wear a mask not to hide his identity but to conceal the hideous disfigurement of his face. And his superhero powers are not inborn but as a result of gene mutation in a lab—a gene mutation he has gone for because it is the only hope to cure his terminal cancer.

But the people who caused the gene mutation which cured the cancer after numerous tortures but caused his facial disfigurement actually wanted to turn him into a superpowered slave to obey their clients—so they are not good people. And Ryan is out to get the chief of them—Ajax , played by Ed Skrein.

But Ajax comes to know of Deadpool’s achilles’ heel—his girlfriend (played by Morena Baccharin) , whom he deeply loves but wants to avoid because she might not be able to bear to see his facial disfigurement. And Ajax pounces upon this achilles’ heel—the girlfriend. Deadpool takes the help of two X men—a female named Negasonic teenage warhead and a male named Rasputin to save his girl , while Ajax has the help of Angel dust who is female.

So is Deadpool able to save his girl ? Can he take revenge on Ajax ?
Watch the movie for that.

There are some good action sequences and some good humour in this movie. The movie has a self mocking tone and pretends to not take itself seriously—while it has a serious overtone actually. For the love between Wade (Deadpool’s real name in the movie) and his girlfriend is real. So is is anguish at not being able to show himself to her after his disfigurement . And also his passion for undoing the wrongs done to him.

Special effects and photography are good. Acting is good from everybody. Morena Baccharin looks real nice. The villains look real mean. ¬†And I quite liked this fellow Deadpool with his deadpan sense of humour. And I liked the idea of an Indian taxi driver taking Deadpool to his destination with his arch rival in love locked up inside his car’s boot !!—me being Indian, you know.

Verdict—Three and a half stars.