Church appoints a convicted paedophile as bishop in South India/TN

Covering up scandals is the most important job of the Church, right behind the job of spreading the message of Christ. Given the lack of spiritual training and forced celibacy practised by Church, it is no surprise that a lot of pastors turn to abusing kids and women. Sad thing is the media usually works alongside Church and usually bury these stories deep down.

The recent cover-up is in the case of pastor Joseph Palanivel Jeyapaul from the Catholic Church of South India. Read full story here.

After serving a shorter prison term, Jeyapaul returned to India a few months ago. And in a move that has shocked child right activists in the state; the Roman Catholic Church of Southern India has now lifted the suspension against him. He was sentenced a shorter term in jail based on a plea bargain, with the condition that he does not get back to ministerial duties or get in contact with children.

There is no media outrage in India nor any reports on how the south Indian Church decided to reinstate a convicted paedophile as a bishop again.  This will only put the life of Indian children at risk as well as their dignity. This incidence just showcases the power that Church wields in India as no one else would have gotten away with the act of reinstating a paedophile. This only shows how big the rot is and the influence of these missionaries in India. Hindus need to be wary of such subversive ideologies.