Why Women in combat roles will spell doom for Indian army

The march of modern feminism has reached at the door-steps of Indian Army with the latest speech of President Pranab Mukherjee asking for inducting women in combat roles in all three wings of the Indian Armed Forces. While in theory it will send out a great message for equality but real wars need measures that are far from our idealistic world, with little or no tolerance for fake equality measures. Sports where profit motive rules the roost, no franchise has allowed any direct competition between men and women, whether it is group or individual sports because we all probably know the result of any such competition. But army which operates behind a veil has been opened up for this social experiment without thinking about the repercussions. Our take on this issue is summarized in the following tweets:



Not to forget the impact of such social experiments on fighting capability of our units.

It is very unfortunate that the government is rushing through these decisions while even the most advanced countries, without any real enemies at their borders and strong feminist lobbies, have deferred this tricky decision for too long. Fact is unlike those countries India cannot take chances with its security given its hostile neighbourhood. For all the photo-ops by Israeli and Kurdish female soldiers, one should understand that these countries are operating out of compulsion rather than any genuine care for women rights. There are many other roles in the armed forces, where women have proved their mettle but it would be just foolish to send them in direct combat. Using words of Robert L Maginnis, it will lead to deadly consequences if cowards push women into combat.