Kashmir Solution: China Style

India is a weak nation when compared to other similar nations which can boast a two trillion dollar plus economy. The weakness of India comes from the many internal fault lines that are nourished by the stupidity of Hindus, which is then camouflaged and deflected by blaming crooked politicians. This leaves India just slightly better than banana republics, which live and die every day of the year.

The RW outrage on the whole JNU debate revolves around the fundamental issue of Azadi (Freedom) for Kashmir. Imagine what would have happened if China were in charge of this particular problem. People might have got a chance to chant Azadi statements, but under few conditions. One, Kashmir would have been integral part of China and two, they would have raised these slogans outside China because China is not known to treat its dissenters well!! Btw, is Tibet still a disputed area? Yes, only if you listen to Dalai Lama’s speech because for all other practical matters the Hans have settled the issue. Similarly they have settled the fate of Uighurs in Xingxiang.

On the other hand, Kashmir is still a boiling issue in India. Look at the below video to further boil your blood. It was shot during the recent militant face-off in Pampore:

The video seems pretty authentic and can be corroborated by other videos circulating on SM. For Kashmir watchers, it is not a new event. Looking at it one thing becomes clear that there is practically not much difference between Kashmir and Afghanistan, except that Indian Army manages to keep these savages under control.

Before we digress, what would have been the Chinese solution to the Kashmir problem. Chinese would have solved it the way they have solved Tibet problem i.e. settling Hans in Tibet. There is no better way to decimate your enemy then to do a demographic war. China is not even a democracy but it understands it much better than India. Even Pakistan, which holds on to PoK, has shown much more muscle than India and has settled many non-PoK Pakistanis in the Shia majority areas in Gilgit-Baltistan:

Since the 1970s, the Pakistani government has encouraged the settlement of Pakistanis in Gilgit-Baltistan in an effort to shift the demographic and ethnic balance in the region. Under the GBESGO, many of these settlers were given formal citizenship rights in Gilgit-Baltistan.

It is true that India inherited this mess from the stupid and naive policies of Nehru who wanted to bolster his international stature by taking Kashmir issue to the UN. But the question is- why are we still debating it 70 years post independence when we know UN resolutions mean nothing for real powers? Russia just enforced its mandate in Crimea, while ignoring the economic and military muscle of entire NATO countries. India is no Russia, but Kashmir is not in Europe’s backyard either and is already under Indian control.

The strategy to settle Kashmir dispute:

1. All the technocrats and experts will try to explain to naive Indians (i.e. Hindus) that Kashmir is a very delicate issue and should to be handled with kid-gloves. India is following this model for past 70 years and it has solved nothing. It has only emboldened the Islamists and led to mass hunting of Kashmiri Pandits.

2. Just follow China model i.e. settle Hindus in J&K. Article 370 should not be quoted as an excuse or as an impediment. Indians have give ration cards to illegal Bangladeshis, then it can be done for its own citizens settling in Kashmir. Actually, article 370 can be used by the Indian government as a cosmetic measure to claim that India is committed to preserving Kashmiriat, while dissolving it by stealth.

3. Another policy to pursue is trifurcation of the state of J&K. It is true that J&K has special status and it needs state’s approval before splitting it, but if GoI wants it can definitely implement this policy. India does not need to play fair and square in this game. One can bribe the current legislators as well as rig the next assembly elections etc. How did Russia legitimize its Cremia annexation!! The ungrateful inhabitants of the valley just need this kick to come back to senses. Once tri-furcated, Ladakh and Jammu can be completely integrated while Kashmir valley can be forced to pay for its tantrums.

4. Achieve complete military indigenization. In the above mentioned scheme of things, the most crucial aspect is that India cannot fight an entrenched war for too long if all world powers get together to undermine India’s efforts. Sooner or later India needs to overtly exercise its power over the state of Kashmir and settlement by stealth although meaningful will have its limitations. So an indigenous military industrial complex is essential to avoid any external influence in dealing with internal issues. This is achievable with a 10-15 year time frame.

Kanhaiyyas and Omar Khalid are only the symptoms of a deep underlying cancer, i.e. Kashmir, that Indian state has ignored for far too long. No matter how much India tries, it is almost impossible to settle this issue peacefully. Sooner or later, India will have to confront the ugly Jihadi ideology of Kashmir otherwise Afzal Gurus and Kanhaiyyas will keep popping out. Good thing is India does not have to look too far for inspiration as it can learn the lessons very well from its neighbour right across the Himalayas!