What Hindus can learn from destruction of Chinese culture by CCP

From our visit to China , it seems that the Western conversion of Chinese civilisation is over or atleast, it will be in a few years. Going by the rate of deracination in the Chinese people, it seems that Chinese are fast loosing their connect with their 4000 years old civilisation and are now being reduced to being merely a cheap copy of the yellow skinned Americans, who have no culture of their own left.

Marriage in Heaven temple China
Typical pre-marriage photo-ops in the Temple of Heaven, China

There is no better way to understand the direction where they are headed than looking at their marriage ceremony and photos. The above picture is a typical marriage photo in today’s China and it demonstrates the Westernisation of China pretty well. Notice that Chinese have completely thrown out their own customs during marriage along with their dresses, which have now been reduced to museums. The Chinese in the marriage setting are wearing Western dresses and the customs followed in their marriages are increasingly getting westernised. It is increasingly common these days to see Chinese couples doing pre-marriage photo-ops , in western attire from Beijing to Paris, demonstrating that they have completely fallen to consumerism and narcissism of the West. Soon, China will look like South Korea, which already looks like a yellow skinned American state , where the only place you will find Chinese civilisation will be in their museums with the young Chinese deracinated to the point that they don’t want to connect with their civilisation even in a special day like wedding.


What makes the above picture even more ridiculous is the fact that the place where the above photo was taken is ‘Temple of Heaven’ in Beijing. Even Beijing, which is the heart of the Chinese civilisation, could not protect one of its most important civilisations symbols like Temple of Heaven , which has now been reduced to a spot for securing wedding photographs. Temple of Heaven is a 600 year old temple in Beijing, China. It was used by the Chinese kings to offer rituals and sacrifices to the Gods, thanking them for their bountiful harvest and for blessing their society. This temple, which was a spiritual and cultural icon of China just 100 years back has been reduced to merely being a glorified museum today, filled with card playing old people and selfie hungry young people jumping up and down at the sacrificial alter. Can you expect similar defilement and sacrilege of Rome or Mecca? No one notices how the Communists of China have destroyed hundreds of Pagan/Buddhist temples of China in the last 100 years. 1000s of years of civilisation and history being reduced to mere selfie spots fuelling narcissistic consumer culture. The Western dressed wedding picture is just the last brick in the wall capturing the fall of Han identity and Culture.


Defaced status inside Longmen Caves, China
Defaced statues inside Longmen Grottoes, China

Longmen caves of China is another example of Talibanism of Communist govt under Mao. This is a 2000yr old Buddhist temple , where the locals destroyed most of the statues inside the caves during the “Cultural Revolution” under state pressure, except the large ones. The large statues survived only because of the superstition of the locals whose fear that the gods would punish them if they destroyed the statues was bigger than their fear of the Communist state. This temple stands today , barely surviving only because of the superstition of the locals. Once again this only shows how eager the Communists were in destroying their own past. Recent news seems to suggest that conversion industry is working on a overdrive in China. Given how eager the Chinese have been in destroying their own culture and past, it is pretty safe to say that the Evangelicals will reap rich harvest of souls on their investment souls harvesting programs in China. With no culture to fall back on, church has a much easier job in converting the Chinese .


One can already see a large number of Chinese people who are starting to use Western names like Peter, Jack, Steven etc to please their Western masters. Though it appears as an insignificant issue on the surface, it actually is a very important step in losing your own identity , when large number of people start doing it in your locality. This act of changing names to suit Western civilisation is another example of Western domination of Chinese thought and civilisation, who are all but Chinese in name only. Conversion to Christianity now is only a formality for Chinese people . Also, given how most Chinese are not yet fluent in English, this problem is going to go worse once most Chinese become more fluent in English than today. It will only speed up the process of deracination of Chinese. Chinese will soon look like yellow niggers from South Korea or Phillipines.

How is it relevant to us Indians?

The Chinese experiences greatly teaches us the importance of rituals and traditions in preserving our identity and traditions. Christians and Marxists know it well and that is why they attack our rituals constantly, be it our Sabarimala temple or be it our Mangal Sutra or be it Our Durga pujas. Christians attack our rituals like Pongal, Onam, Durga pooja and want them to be secularised to deracinate us and it is easy for them to convert us to their own rituals like ritualistic cannibalism of the zombie Jew’s flesh and blood. Marxists want our rituals and traditions destroyed, sometimes even masquerading as Hindus(Like CPM in Kerala organising Sanskrit and Vedic festivals or CPM of West Bengal organising ‘secular’ durga puja) with intellectual pretensions about how rituals and traditions are backward and hold us back. But the truth is, they understand the power of our rituals and ceremonies much better than we do. They know that if we lose our rituals , traditions and ceremonies, we have nothing to fight for and would be rich for harvesting by soul vultures.


So the question is, are we Hindus going to learn from the Chinese experience? That is, are we going to become brown niggers to masters in Rome by discarding our rituals , just like how the Adarsh liberals today want? Or should we start preserving our culture by preserving our tradition and rituals? The choice is ours to make. But if you do choose the former, be prepared for our Tirupathi Devastanam, Kashi Vishwanath temple, Thanjai Big Temple, Mahabalipuram Temple and other cultural and spiritual icons and centers to be trampled by the next generation.