Why Hindus should not shed any tears for Brussels terror strike

The Paris attacks on Charlie Hedbo brought togther the whole world and laid bare the menace of Islamic terror which is usually ignored by the champagne sipping elites of the west. Indians, who have paid with their blood and freedom to face this monster, recognized the human tragedy and showed their solidarity by messaging “Je suis Charlie” and changing their profile picture to French flag on facebook to show their solidarity with France. But in the wake of Brussels bombings and expected rise in number of terrorist attacks in Europe, the question arises do these westerns deserve Indian sympathy? The simple answer is – no.
India has been facing the menace of Islamic barbarism from at least 1000 years and terrorism is just a new manifestation of this old disease. It has raised its ugly head in indpendent India from time to time from Kashmir to Mumbai. Sadly, the western nations for most of this time have maintained a calculated silence or condoned these terrorist activities against the Indian nation state. The west has been using as a state policy against India for quite some time now and its support for Islamic terrorism can be understood by looking at two dimensions- physical and ideological.
The first consists of outright support to terrorist organizations. Under the guidance of US, the western nations have cunningly outlined the concept of good terrorist vs bad terrorist. Without any surprise, any terrorist group which helps western hegemony gets bracketed into first while those who attack their interests get labelled by second i.e. bad terrorists. The military support and aid to Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other ideological Muslim nations can also be put into the good bracket defined by the west. The mujahideens funded by US in Afghanistan against USSR later drove back into Kashmir with tacit approval from US. It was only post 9/11 that US took active interest in dismantling Taliban in Afghanistan, but has done various flip-flops since then. Other nations like UK, Canada, Germany and others are also not far behind in their support for Pak and other rogue entities and have frequently decided to not collaborate with Indian authorities citing one or the other reason.
The second and more hypocritical stand of the west has been to provide ideological ammunition and whitewash the crimes of Islamic terrorists. The terms like “terrorism has no religion” and “Islamophobia” have been mass popularized using the media and anyone who does not share this illusion has been witchhunted for his views. Their ideological factories have churned out various victimhood theories to pin the blame on one or other local event and give cover to Islamic atrocities. So while Gujarat riots are blamed for all subsequent terrorist strikes in India, the burning down of more than fifty Karsevaks at Godhra is completely forgotten and often labelled as an accident by foreign as well as local Indian media. This ideological sophistry has more or less closed down the debate on barbaric nature of Islam. Since, it is nations like India which have historically paid for this battle with their blood, west had no reason to not use Islam to destroy India.
But now the Islamic monster has turned its gaze back on its European masters. Now they need to pay with their blood for all the intellectual dishonesty they have displayed during all these years. The question is whether the western Muslims will treat their hosts better in Europe than they have treated Hindus in India? If one were to go by the current terrorist attacks, it seems that the western liberalism has hardly helped prevent the rot among their Muslim citizens, who have little value for the life of their fellow countrymen or themselves.
India has worked hard to control Islamic terrorism and still finds it difficult to wipe it out completely. Thus the only suggestion you can give to your western counterparts is- be ready to pay with your blood and freedom. There is no short cut. Also remember to install X-Ray machines on each of your metro exits in Paris and Brussels- the free (safety) lunch is over.
So coming back to the question again- should Hindus shed tears for the increasing number of terrorist attacks in Europe? The answer is strict no. There is no reason for Indians to stand in solidarity with hypocrites who ignored our pain and supported barbaric ideology both physically and ideologically. Since there past follies have now come home to roost, there is little that India can do in this regard when its past pleas were unheard by the west. Does it surprise you that the Hindu genocide in Bangladesh is never discussed by these same western nations who continue harping about Islamophobia? Well, the value of Pagan Hindu blood is probably too small to evoke any emotion from these western elites, compared to their abrahamics cousins of middle east. They don’t deserve our tears or support because you can bet your life that they won’t give a damn when we bleed. They are more likely to mock our pain and lack of security than feel our pain.
As far as Hindus are concerned, this is a war between two evils, which have both been preying on us and killing us whenever possible and quite frankly, for a long time had been allies in killing us, be it during 1947 when British helped Pakistan or be it in 1971 when West helped Pakistan to kill millions of Hindus. So rather than shed a tear for these hypocrites and their own jihadi creations , Hindus should just let these two evils to fight themselves out and let Karma have her course. The world could frankly do less with both of these evils. This is neither our war to fight nor our war to take sides on. Frankly, neither of them are allies of Bharatiya civilisation for us to care. We don’t have to stoop to their level and mock them on their follies, but we don’t have to shed our tears for them either.