How Phony RW intellectuals will lead Hindus to slaughter

We always say that a picture says a thousand words and is much more powerful than any article. The above picture shows a muslim youth kicking Amar Jawan Jyoti i.e. the essence and life blood of Indian republic. But Indian intellectuals fail to look and comprehend the story behind such pictures and delude themselves and gullible sheepish Hindus through their intellectual sophistication. The latest addition to this list is R. Jagannath, a self-proclaimed intellectual RW in India. The intellectual wankery and self-delusion touched new levels in his latest article on why India produces so few Jihadis as compared to Europe and how Hinduism is responsible for it. Both the premise and the conclusion in this article are wrong on so many levels:

1) India does not produce few Jihadis. Just count the number of dead Jihadis in Kashmir and rest of India. If you add the number of silent Jihadis who come out in various riots like Malda and Muzzafarnagar, you can build entire populations of some European countries. Going to Syria is a useless criterion for measuring Indian Jihadi numbers when the Muslims in sub-continent have more than enough reasons to stay here and capture whole India bits by bits.

2) Yes, there are no outright conflicts right now between Hindus and Muslims in India but it is just a matter of time before the next round starts when the Muslim population reaches a threshold as seen in various riot prone areas. So, it is not the Hindu genes in sub-continental Muslims which are helping in avoiding this conflict but the pusillanimity of Hindus and their intellectual self-delusion and pretences that is delaying the inevitable to some future date. Jaggy added himself to this same list of self-deluded Hindus churning out theories which will lead Hindus to ultimate slaughter.

Now, lets add another picture to complete the story and further pin-prick this self-delusion bubble of Hindus.

Maurayan empire

The above picture shows the extent of Hindu civilization, which has now lost half of its area. And guess what all those areas went to the peace loving Muslims which carry Hindu gene as proclaimed by R Jagganath, but have eradicated the last traces of their Hindu ancestory. Actually, he can visit any of his neighbourhood Muslim ghettos and explain to the Muslims there about how they carry Hindu genes. Given the current state of Indian security, it is hard to guarantee that he will come back in one piece as most of the current Muslims both in India and erstwhile Hindu regions like Pakistan and Afghanistan will not take it lightly as think they have more Arabic blood and have nothing to do with Hindus. He for sure must be aware about the flak that Subramaniam Swamy received by claiming Hindu ancestry of Muslims in India, so it will be better if he drops this experiment and takes our word for it.

But the crux of the matter is can Hindus learn from the follies that they have done in the past ten centuries? The current media ecosystem is against them but it is not a big problem. The big problem is the self-delusion of the so called RW intellectuals who should be thinking about the best interest of Hindus. Sadly, they have failed miserably on this account. It is not the Hindu gene in Indian Muslims, but the shameful or idiotic gene in Hindus, which has helped to avoid the full scale problem for short duration. India has already gone through one partition thanks to the same Hindu gene carrying Muslims and still faces frequent riots in areas with sufficiently high Muslim populations from Kashmir to Kerala. Riots like Malda keep getting added to the list of riots instigated by Muslims. Tiwari and Narang keep getting murdered in broad daylight by Muslims goons and all one gets from intellectual RW Hindus is total dishonesty, which tries to sugar coat the problem and wish it away. Sadly, the world does not work that way and pretending to live in a utopia does not create a utopia.

The need of the hour is to have constant debates on Islam instead of whitewashing its crimes which the Hindu RW is more than happy to do right now. Hindus need to avoid them as they are worse than communists. While communists are at least honest about screwing Hindus, these insidious poisonous intellectuals will lead Hindus like sheep to their slaughter. They will pretend all is well till demographics reach the level of WB or Kerala. Then Hindus getting killed will not make any headlines, the way it hardly creates a flutter post RSS worker deaths in various states. This will finally end like the story of Kashmiri Pandits once Muslims reach 50% of the population i.e. a point of no return. Intellectual masturbation is not going to save other Hindus, like how the intellectual pretensions of the Bengali bhadraloks or the mallus have hardly saved their skins from the Mullahs. Selectively looking at one or two individuals who are harmless while ignoring incidents like Malda and Amar Jawan Jyoti and claiming that Indian Muslims are not Islamists like in the west is intellectual masturbation at its best. So next time when Jaggy styled authors claim about peaceful syncretism of Indian Islam, please remind them about the genocide of Hindus in Bangladesh, which did not happen so far in the past.

Sadly, delusion has been the fatal intellectual flaw of Hindus since the time of first attacks by barbaric Muslim hordes. Time and again they have been let down by their intellectuals, who failed to recognize the true nature of Islam and its adherents, who want complete domination and annihilation of all other beliefs. Buddhists, who bore the maximum burnt of Islamic invasion and got wiped out from large swathes of territory had done better analysis of Islam than the current generation of Hindus. Here is the appraisal of Islam by 11th century Kalachakra Buddhism:

We may summarize the Kalacakra tantra’s perception of Islamic beliefs and practices as follows: from the Buddhist point of view Islam is demonic and perverse, a perfect anti-religion which is the antithesis of Buddhism (daitya-dharma; asura-dharma; atyantddharma; adharma). Islam’s theology of an omnipotent Creator who consigns men to heaven or hell based on their pleasing or displeasing him is classed with the lowest of Indian ideologies. The Islamic belief that ar-Rahman makes his followers cut off their foreskins in order to enter heaven is viewed as exotic and bizarre. The Kalacakra tantra represents Islam as a religion of violence (himsa-dharma) that advocates savage behavior (raudra-karman).

It then finally ends with giving prescriptions on how to deal with Islam:

First, the tantra prohibits its own adherents from participating in the barbarian religion. Second, it holds out the possibility of converting the barbarians to Buddhism. Third, it uses the threat of Islam in anti-brahman polemics. Finally, it prophesies a Buddhist holy war against Islam.

Does it suprise anyone now that Buddhist Myanmar, China and Sri Lanka have dealt with Islamic menace with iron fist while Hindus are still debating on the nature of Islam? This snake oil sold by self-proclaimed RW will not work for too long and common Hindus will have to ultimately face the reality. While these intellectuals will hide in their gated communities and peddle even more Islamic syncretism, it will be the common Hindus who will have to bear the burnt of Islamic rape, loot and pillage. Choice is only theirs: either learn from their past mistakes or let their great grand daughters raped and killed like during partition or 1971 Bangladesh or Kashmir. Sadly, chanting about the Hindu roots of Indian Muslims would not take them too far as it neither saved their Hindu ancestors nor will save their future generations.