Rocky Handsome- Ashdoc’s movie review

The film revolves around the John Abraham playing the title role and taking on the drug mafia which has taken on a new business- that of dealing with the vital organs of human bodies. The mafia have taken away a little girl (Diya) who wants to share a special bond with him. She has been taken away because the mafia wants to harvest her body for her eyes, as punishment for her mother (Nathalia Kaur) having stolen a consignment of drugs from them along with her boyfriend.

John plays a person with a tragic past, for he was an intelligence officer who lost his wife (Shruti Hassan) in the war on drugs and the tragedy of his past puts a permanently brooding expression on his face, to the extent that his brooding expression hampers the action sequences in the first half- he looks too brooding to look confident enough to deliver the blows and punches. And his brooding nature prevents Diya from forming the bond which she wants to make with him- while she looks up to him as a father figure who can stand by her while her mother is hooked on to drugs, he is too lost in his own troubles to respond to her.

It is left to the women to make the first half interesting; while wife Shruti Hassan looks beautiful in exposing clothes like mini skirts, Diya’s mother Nathalia Kaur gives us the hots by dancing to sizzling item numbers. Also looking hot is female dancer Nora Fatehi in dance numbers. So what about ‘action Abraham’? When is he going to deliver the action we want?

It is only after the little girl is kidnapped that ‘action Abraham’ wakes up from his slumber of brooding and puts some expression on his face and delivers the kicks and the punches. And post interval he comes on to his own- first he shows off his awesome body in all it’s glory to us, rippling muscles and all and then he begins to smash hard blows on his enemies.

The enemies are played by director Nishikant Kamat himself and Teddy Maurya, and they are not easy to catch. And so a cat and mouse game begins interspersed by some hard fighting. The police are not far behind, and mayhem erupts between John and the mafia and the police; mayhem that goes on to nearly the climax.

But it is the emotional bonding between John and the little girl that steals your heart, as John finally shows real emotion to break all hell loose in order to get back the girl. And it is the emotion that finally forms the core of the climax, and it is emotion that triumphs when all the action is over.

Songs and music is decent but photography of the natural beauty and beaches of Goa is not shown; it is on the sleazy side of the state that the director concentrates- that of the drugs and the trade in human body parts. Acting is okay by everyone though nothing special about the performances.

Verdict—two and a half stars.