Talibani Church and its media coolies

The Talibunny Church has gone senile and filed a case against Hrithik for hurting their sentiments on a random supposedly humorous tweet by the celebrity. The media which is more than happy in covering up Church crimes has failed to pick up this issue of Talibanic justice by the Church. This is what Hrithik said:

As this case highlights the Church activism has now gone beyond their Talibanic attitude towards books and movies. Da Vinci Code was one of the first movies and books which faced the ire of the Church in India. While the book and movie had no problem in Christian west but it did not go down well among the Talibunny Church of India and they used their superior organization skill and numbers to censor the movie in many states. Now, these same fascists have descended upon social media to censor and punish unrelated humorous tweets.

In the recent case, Hritik roshan had made a joke about him having more chances of dating the pope than dating the women as claimed in media generated rumors. Predictably it evoked fascist response from the Talibunny Church. Not only they started the usual victimhood cry of “hurt ma religious feelings” complaints against him but have now gone to the court for unconditional apology. This is nothing more than a display of legal terrorism by the church to intimidate Hindus and others from criticism/making fun of the stupid practices of the Church. Note that this issue is particularly bothersome as Hrithik had not actually criticised the Pope or the Christians but had just made fun of the media. In fact, he had just used Pope’s supposed but debatable celibacy to point out that he his not going to date anyone. He did not even made fun of the Pope here.

So why did the church decide to witch hunt him? It is because the church wants to demonstrate its power for legal terrorism against its critics and common Hindus. Unlike the Church, which has no other work other than spewing venom against Hindus to convert them and get paid in billions for it, common Hindus have to look after their own life and earn their livelihood. They can’t be bothered with the court proceedings which are incredibly tiresome in India. So by slapping these ridiculous cases, Church is behaving like Talibunny and bullying and terrorising everyone who can potentially criticize the Church for its crimes. It is a warning bomb, much like how ISIS displays it’s killings on the camera to the world i.e. a political statement.

These nouveau converts in India are trying to outdo their old Christians brothers in their narrow mindedness and bigotry. If you remember Da Vince code, a fictional story on the fictional character Jesus was forced into ban in south India, with the help of local coolies like DMK and others. The old Christians of the West had no problem with the film and actually most of the actors, producers and directors of the movie were Christians. If they can tolerate a fictional piece of art, why can’t these converted Hindus?

There are two issues at display here. First is the media coverups of Church crimes. The recent death of Pope’s secretary under mysterious circumstances was a big scandal as she was seven months pregnant and was found dead in her apartment in Rome. Any other organization would have had to face great scrutiny after such mysterious death but Talibunny Church managed to gag the media response on this crime. But Church crimes are whitewashed in most parts of the world. The recent media silence on appointment of convicted paedophile as a bishop in South India was just one of the thousands of cases against the Church where it has tried to protect its clergy members for heinous crimes. Sadly, none of the Indian media reported about  it and we came to know about it only through foreign media. For the media coolies of the Church, protecting the reputation of their masters in the Church is more important than the honour and dignity of our children. The above incident alone should give you the sense of the power that Talibunny Church wields in India. If they can get away with appointing a convicted child rapist as a priest, they can get away with anything. While Asaram Bapu has been made an example day and night, these convicted child molesters are given a free pass.

The second concern is the weak kneed response of the so called stars from entertainment industry. While they have no qualms about mocking Hindu faith, they are more than happy to kiss the Mohammedan or Christian ass in case of slightest perceived offence. The case of utterly vulgar and stupid AIB roast comes to mind when talking about such weak kneed responses. AIB had previously mocked Hindus and Hindu customs but nobody gave them any threats for their vulgarity. But they crossed the line as soon as they made fun of Talibunny Church. Rather than stand for their rights, these vulgar comedians gave up on first signs of distress and wrote an unconditional apology to the fascist Church. “We, Tanmay Bhat, Gursimran Khamba, Ashish Shakya, Rohan Joshi at AIB hereby offer an unconditional apology to the entire Christian community for any offence that may have been caused to its members as a result of the AIB Knockout.” We hardly had any respect for the stupid and crass comedy of AIB and this incident further cemented their status as pusillanimous group of jokers, who cannot even defend their freedom of speech. Despite the weak response of AIB, the high handedness of Talibunny Church again got highlighted in this incident.

The Talibunny Church thinks they are immune to all criticism and can willingly terrorise common Hindus to push their agenda, using their hired coolies in the Secular political parties across the spectrum. The media which constantly harps about free of speech whenever defending blasphemy against Hindus, suddenly goes silent when Church displays its true fascist nature. This should be a grave concern for all concerned citizens.

If anything, these incidents only demonstrate why Hindus have to be on guard against both the Christian Taliban as well as the Muslim Taliban. At least Muslim Taliban has clearly stated its stand against us. On the other hand, the Talibunny Church has not openly declared its enmity against Hindus and Indian state which makes it an even more potent and dangerous enemy, given the naivety and delusion in which common Hindus live.