Hindus having kids is the only way to save our future

Quantity has a quality of its own. No one demonstrated it better than the Allied forces during the second world war when they won it by pitting sub-standard tanks and war planes against more modern but heavily outnumbered German war machines. So, if one can win a world war by pitting quantity against quality, there is no reason to expect different outcome in a democracy where the game is rigged in favour of numbers. And this game is being played out in front of our eyes for the past six decades in India, but Hindus fail to recognize what holds for their future if they do not put sands in the wheels of Muslim demographic war machine.

Does it ever occur to you why Muslims always maintain a higher TFR than the majority whenever they are in minority? Well, its demographic war- stupid! So the same Bengali Muslims who have a TFR of 2.1 when they are in Bangladesh and have totally annihilated the Hindu population, suddenly increase it to 4 when they cross the border and enter into West Bengal. Similarly in Kerala they have 2 kids per woman when Hindus have 1 kid per women. The trend is same even for the developed world, where Muslim women almost always counterbreed white women. And every time this issue is brought up, politically correct people will quote that Muslim TFR is going down everywhere but none of them would answer why it is still over and above the rest of the population. Given that population growth is exponential, Muslims don’t need to have 10 kids per woman to establish demographic superiority. One more kid in first generation translates to two more kids in second generation and four more kids in the third. So if other groups just maintain their population, Muslims would increase their population four fold in three generations. Now look at the map of Bangladesh below to see how it happened in India’s neighbourhood. The colour has consistently changed to dark green for younger population i.e. Hindus have gone below 5% of the population in almost all districts now.


Hindus in India will face similar future in large number of pockets if they do not wake up now. And those who cry about sickular politics today can only imagine what holds for them in Muslim majority neighbourhoods of tomorrow. So, what is the way forward to handle this issue. There are only two solutions:

  1. Restricted one child policy for Muslims
  2. Hindus counter-breeding Muslims

While policy 1 would be an ideal and less costly choice, but given lack of spine among Hindus in India and pandering to secular agenda, it is almost impossible to implement in India. One can give long arguments in favour of policy 1 but given current circumstances one can rule it out. So, rational Hindus are left with nothing but policy 2 as the only remedy till some other better solution cannot be found or Muslims are reduced back to one-digit figure.

The only other nation which has understood this problem seriously and taken the bull by its horn is Israel. The Muslim TFR went down from 8-9 in 1960s to about 4.6 in 1980s but has stayed there almost since then. Israel being a democracy faced similar problem to India and the presence of large number of liberals ensured that policy 1 was rejected there as well. So, the orthodox Jews took it upon themselves to stem the tide of demographic reversal and started counter breeding Muslims to remain relevant in Israeli politics. The current demographics show that they have been more than successful in their initiative as can be seen in the figures below.


What does this mean for future of Israel? The orthodox Jews have not only successfully countered the problem of high TFR of Muslims but have also completely altered the politics of Israel. Given the small weight that liberals put on their fertility, they are increasingly replaced by the more orthodox sections of Jews. This means that in the future Israeli politics will move more to the extreme right and given the fact that orthodox Jews will control the politics, they would be in a position to implement policy 1 if needed. So, Hindus who go in over drive to support madventures of Israel will do much better if they learn something from the orthodox Jews rather than support all the stupid policies of Israel.

Once Hindus realize the gravity of situation, they will have to put in huge efforts to implement this solution. They will face a lot of flak from the women activists who would fight it tooth and nail and give argument of quality over quantity. But sadly in a democracy there is just one vote for both enlightened Hindu feminist as well as a Jihadi. No amount of fact digging from the scriptures and history that Hindu seers and other iconic figures had just one or two but quality offspring can change the fact that numbers matter in democracy more than anything else. Also, one should not forget that unlike other civilizations Hindus had never been overly nihilistic or individualistic in their history, which helped them keep a demographic surplus in the face of Abrahamic onslaught for thousands of years. Unlike other Pagan civilizations, one reason for survival of Hindus was their focus on family values and having enough offsprings. This is much more important today in this democratic age as the day you lose the numbers, you lose your policy making powers.

Having decided to go forward with policy 2, one still needs to overcome the implementation hurdles. Sacrifices will be needed by both men and women who have to give up many of their individualistic freedoms to help nurture bigger families. Also, it cannot be implemented at the cost of quality children and will need a grand Hindu collaboration to subsidize education of these children. Again, one can learn from orthodox Jews who have successfully achieved it by developing their own institutions where they provide cheap education and jobs to their community members. This gives another reason to repeal discriminating laws like RTE, so that in the future when Hindu consolidation takes place, the state does not impose increasing costs on Hindu institutions.

The ball is now in the court of rational Hindus who understand that increased Muslim numbers is a problem for their survival in the long run. Burying their heads in the sand or waiting for Modi to do something will not solve this problem. Since policy 2 does not require the support of all Hindus, it can be easily implemented if a critical mass of Hindus come together. The only need will be to develop supporting institutions which can take care of this burgeoning Hindu population. In the end, 20-30% of Hindu population is enough not only to counterbreed Muslims, but to also make future Indian politics more pro-Hindu as this young population will replace the current generation of anti-Hindu liberals. The only question that remains to be answered is whether Hindus are ready to realize their Dharma and rise up to this challenge and beat Muslims at their own game?

  • Time Is Up

    Great Article. Number game has been played by Muslims since late 7th century. Slavery, Conversion and Procreation the few from many other tactics. Nation like India, which I personally believe is full of spineless Hindu leaders do not foresee beyond their terms in the elected seat, is doomed, unless corrective action is taken. Patriot Indians cannot even host or defend nationalist attitudes in the Kashmir Valley. What will be next – Azamgarh, Hyderabad?
    This problem is also discussed in Europe, especially it was talked about in Brussels few years back and now spoken in UK, Sweden etc. Some Eastern European, have decided not to let Muslims and keep current ones under watch (of course without appeasement) to make sure that they don’t start becoming restive.
    Corrective actions such as increasing head count is one way – but are Hindu mothers ready? What if they are not? Even if some agree, will that shift the demography enough.
    Hindus should also look at Israel, Russia and China and see how are they handling such issues? New Hindu Leadership is required which will take challenges and think out of the box.

    Let us be honest – Muslims are not going to change till they do not reform (which is likely not foreseeable).

    First and foremost, do not give time to leaders who talk of brotherhood with Muslims, because that is not happening, never happened. Next let us accept non-violence is not the answer, like stupid “not-at-all Mahatma” Gandhi fooled Hindus.
    In case number game is in Muslim favor, every able bodied Hindu/Sikh/Buddhist/Atheists etc should stand shoulder to shoulder (alliance) to prepare for the showdown. It is not going to be pretty, but need to go into survival mode and fight battles/wars to eliminate these pests from India. If alliance loses, there is no hope for anyone other than Islam in the current India.

    • MadIndian1

      The problem is not just with Hindu mothers, but also with Hindu fathers. They are all drunk on the hum 2 humare 2 kool aid from the govt. Even Many of the supposedly RW Hindus who acknowledge the danger dont want to have more than 2 kids as it is “expensive” . Just imagine the impact of materialism if they are willing to put a price on their kids. Hindus seem to be a doomed race

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  • Elahiela Elahiela

    Muslims will never accept one child policy.