Scroll selling horse-shit on Rajput history

In a very short time of its existence, has achieved a cult status by peddling leftist mumbo-jumbo with such expertise that it has left the likes of NDTV far behind in falsehoods and propaganda. This article will specifically dissect one of the pieces published by on why Rajputs failed miserably in battles for centuries by Girish Shahne. If this assertion and conclusion was made by school kids, it would have been ok because they are continuously brainwashed by Muslim(Oops secular) history but considering it is posted by a self-proclaimed news website, it hardly passes the sniff test for any serious research or journalism. But given that the author of above article is allowed to publish trash like this, it is hardly a surprise that has turned off its comments section to not get openly ridiculed for its half baked articles.

Now coming to the question in debate- did Rajputs failed miserably or like every other power saw ups and downs? Unlike the Scroll author, anyone who has even a little bit of common sense knows that if you keep repeating some task, there is little but finite probability that you will succeed in it. The Muslims started attacking India soon after the death of Mohammed in 7th century with Mohammed bin Qasim reaching up to Sindh. It is important to note here that the Arab armies which easily trampled over Persians, Turks and Europeans, finally met their match at the footsteps of India. They were not only defeated but completely repulsed back by Gujara-Pratiharas in a series of battles called Battle of Rajasthan, thus erasing any gains made by Qasim.

Pratiharas were precursor to many of the well known Rajput clans which emerged later. They held back the sword of Ghazis for roughly four centuries before their kingdom broke down due to internal rivalries. This status quo was further maintained for another two centuries before Prithviraj Chauhan lost against Ghori at the Battle of Tarain in 1192 AD and Muslims finally entered north India. But to summarize, Rajputs roughly won almost all battles against the Muslims till the end of 12th century and it was only the persistence of religious zealotry that Muslims kept coming back again and again even after repeated defeats. But probably it is already too much of a history lesson for Shahne, as his theory about miserable failures of Rajputs is already debunked by the above two paragraphs.

So looking at just half the historical period one is more than enough convinced that Rajputs did a phenomenal job in defending India from the barbarians. The only mistake they did was to not pursue the barbarians and hit them hard in their home lands, the same mistake which India does against Pakistan even now, which Scroll is more than happy to encourage. Unlike Shahne most amateur historians know that Ghori had to run for his life after getting defeated in the 1st Battle of Tarain and had Prithiviraj decided to engage in hot pursuit, the history of India could have been different. But suddenly when talking about history they would prefer to call it Rajput failure rather than short sightedness and pipe-dream about peace on the part of Hindus and their defensive nature.

Having understood the defensive mentality of Hindus, it becomes more than clear that the barbarians from middle-east and central Asia never got crushed completely to forget dreaming about India again. They were beaten back, but then regrouped and attacked again. Sadly, the Rajputs did not have the same luxury after getting defeated once as Muslims got their foot in the door i.e. North India. The barbarians left their lands and established themselves in North India which effectively left little space for Rajputs to reorganize themselves and mount a counter-attack. The second half of Rajput history after 12th century should be read from this perspective. India still employs same defensive ideology even today and did not go for a permanent solution against Pak in 1971 even after achieving a massive victory. Funny thing is Scroll would not mind selling themselves to Pak even now for some cheap Biryani and dance to “Aman ki Aasha”  and would still belittle Rajputs, who refused to sell themselves.

The bravery of latter Rajputs have to be understood from this perspective rather than jump to quick judgements. Yes, Rana Sanga lost at the Battle of Khanwa, but Shahne completely forgets to mention that the same Rana, a Rajput, had earlier humbled Sikander Lodi in each and every battle and reconsolidated the land lost by previous Rajputs. Similarly, other Rajputs under Udaipur state continued to not only repel the Muslim forces under Mughals, but kept the spirit of Hinduism alive in north India. Had Rajputs failed so miserably, then Rajasthan should have joined Pakistan as Muslim majority region in 1947. If Rajasthan remained predominantly Hindu even after facing the burnt of Islamic barbarity for 1000 years, the credit goes to the valour of Rajputs, who fought tooth and nail against the Muslims.

Also, one cannot forget the deceit and back-stabbing by local Jaichands in various wars against the Muslims. The betrayal by Jaichand and Mir Qasim in the past is no different than how Scroll serves as a fifth column for the Islamists now and is forever ready to back stab Indian interests. So, it was not the failure of Rajputs per se but the actions of Jaichand ancestry that led to losses, a spirit which is still kept alive by the likes of Scroll.

Before concluding it is equally important to mention that any discussion about Rajput or Hindu failure before the rise of Marathas is incomplete without talking about the rules of warfare employed in medieval India. Unlike Hindus who were guided by honour and chivalry and had rules of conduct and warfare about not harming civilians like women and children, the Ghazis were total barbarians and not only killed prisoners of war but also raided at night and killed children and took women as rape slaves. Sati and Johars became mainstream due to this Muslim barbarity. But they finally met their match in Sikhs who also adapted to the new rules of the game and hit them where it hurt most. Not only did the Sikhs raid them at night but also killed them for not reconverting back to Hinduism and bulldozed their places of worship to ground. No surprise, Sikhs were loathed and given bestial treatment by the latter Mughals.

To conclude, this article from Scroll can be summarized as ungrateful spitting on the grave of brave Rajputs and looking down upon them when their only mistake was to put up a brave resistance against the barbarians despite having Scroll like Jaichands of their time. The Rajput were not only chivalrous but also preferred honour over fake likes and controversy for money like Scroll and refused to bend over backwards and get screwed by the barbarians like the current generation of self-loathing leftists.

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