Abrahamic exclusivism and witch hunt

The disease of Abrahamic exclusivism is an undercurrent among all the mementic viruses that have developed in the Abrahamic world. The idea of exclusivism and chosen people not only lead to explicit wars but also leads to witch hunting of non-believers. This was as true for Christianity in the medieval period as it is still true for Islam and other Abrahamic derivatives like Marxism, feminism or environmentalism today. In the European dark middle ages, not only zealous Christians burned women deemed as witches, but also ostracised scientists who dared to propose theories that did not align with Church’s world view.

Some qualities that define this exclusivism:

  1. Absolutism: Deep belief that there is only one absolute good way which gives moral high ground to believers
  2. Missionary zeal to convert non-believers through all forms of propaganda/physical threat
  3. Witch-hunting non-believers by explicit threats as well as coining fancy names

Everyone knows about the religious exclusivism practised by Judaism, Christianity and Islam, so today we will focus on the new groups which practise this exclusivism and get a free pass under the umbrella term called modernity.


Kalam wali bai noting the list of weapons to procure

Political Marxism

  1. Absolute belief in Communist order that will achieve just society, an ideal utopia everyone should strive for just like permanent heaven promised by Abrahamic religions. This ideology just replaced a post-death heaven by mirage of heaven here on earth.
  2. It uses force and propaganda wherever needed and does not shy away from killing people either in Stalin’s Russia or through Naxal movement.
  3. Killing non-believers when in majority and witch-hunting them when in minority. Non-believers are showered with choicest of terms like evil Capitalists, bourgeoisie etc. For knowing more fancy terms; just hear any Kanhaiyya speech!!
Some peaceful feminists in one of their peaceful protests


  1. Absolute belief that all institutions have historically suppressed women. Only individual freedom for women matters in all cases, kids and family can go down the drain.
  2. The propaganda runs from universities and media. In US, the fountainhead of feminism 60% of college goers are women, but they still cry discrimination.
  3. It is not that difficult to lose your job and reputation if you annoy the feminist groups. Your work does not count if your ideology does not match with them. Fancy terms used to soil your reputation: misogynist, patriarchal, male privilege etc. Try debating about unfair divorce or dowry law to get a taste of this medicine.
Environmentalists praying to Varuna God to stop torrential rain


  1. Absolute belief that man is causing big climate change. While harm of local pollution is easy to prove, global warming is a difficult beast to slay.
  2. Massive funding has gone into research as well as propaganda. The moral high ground gives right to save whales while letting poor Indians and Africans die for want of modern medicine and amenities. Probably, a billion people in India and Africa starving without proper food and electricity is regarded as nothing compared to the death of a few whales in the Arctic.
  3. Question global warming and you are climate change denier. Support coal power plants and you are anti-tribal, while supporting nuclear plants makes you supporter of big capitalistic firms.
Immigrants with legal papers waiting for bus to cross Euro tunnel


  1. Absolute belief that all cultures are same and can live together in a societal soup. Immigrants can be brainwashed and assimilated.
  2. All religions are same, all cultures are same and all people are good is taught in schools to shut down critical thinking. It gets reflected further in political examples- Angela Merkel asked Facebook to censor anti-immigration posts in the self-proclaimed free-speech society called Germany!!
  3. People who don’t buy peaceful nature of Islam are called Islamophobes if they can’t shut their eyes to barbarity of Islam. Those who don’t want unchecked immigration are called racists. In India you will frequently hear Hindutvawadi as an abuse, but it is the same variant.

This is just a partial list of ideologies but you can see that all the Abrahamic derived ideologies sell the dream of saving the world from real or imaginative problem to their over-zealous followers. Most of those affected by this mementic virus are hypocrites and rank opportunists and lose no opportunity to witch hunt those who do not believe in their ideology. And this happens while talk about free speech in the background. The free-speech enthusiasts showed no sympathy for free speech of Indian students in NIT Kashmir, but it was made a big issue in JNU.

One other common trait for all their followers is their extra-territorial loyalty. For eg. The communists from India supported China in the 1962 war. Same goes for environmentalists who block nuclear plants or coal mines under the direction of foreign based NGOs. While economic development of India is super important but these people will collaborate with foreign powers to scuttle all development agenda. The less talked about Indian feminists the better. With the help of local and international media, they have effectively helped broad brush India as the rape capital of the world, when on the contrary it has the lowest rape rates in the world. They are more than happy to attend foreign conferences and call India rape capital to get brownie points among western feminists than call out their bluff on statistics. About multiculturalism, we have the great example of Muslims living in India. For all talk of secularism, a lot of them still have extra-territorial affiliations which comes out regularly in the form of bursting crackers after Indian loss in a sport or overt aggression to support terrorists or counter-terrorists in Iraq-Syria.

So next time when you are barraged by the kindest of hipster words you can safely assume that you are under assault of one form of Abrahamic ideology. Then you would be given the only choice to either stand with the believers or non-believers. Depending on your choice, either you will be accepted with open hearts and sold atrocity stories or heaven forbid if you still choose to not accept the monotheistic God, you will be witch hunted. Your loss in the end would depend on where you stand in the social pyramid. Does this now explain why people in the higher echelons of society hardly try to lock horns with the fascist followers of these exclusivist ideologies?

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