Has bjp betrayed Hindus or it is just incompetent?

Every theory needs to be based on facts and some empirical evidence. So it is important to look at some of the recent developments and BJP’s response to them, rather than take BJP’s words on face value.

  1. NIT Srinagar: No one expected BJP to repeal 370 when it came to power but the complete spinelessness and surrender it has shown in front of PDP to form government in J&K was not expected either. This looked even more ridiculous in the recent episode where NIT Srinagar students were beaten by local students on raising Indian flag in the university campus. The non-Kashmiri students were given grave threats about their life as well as career. How did BJP handle this issue? Probably not in the most professional way. While it is understandable that they did not let non-Kashmiri students outside the campus because of the security risk they might have faced from local Kashmiri Jihadis, but the decision to beat them up and not let them talk to media to share their stories seems giving in to PDP’s pressure. BJP has been trying to bend over backwards to appease the Mullas from the valley, while completely ignoring the immense support it got from Jammu Hindus in the state elections. The current debacle where it failed to stand firmly behind nationalistic students and help them expose the fake Kashmiriat through media hardly inspires any confidence among Hindus.
  2. Sabrimala/Shani temple: There have been repeated attempts to secularize Indian festivals and traditions from all corners of the country. The problem that the NGOs or other individuals drunk on western liberal propaganda are trying to de-Hinduize Indian traditions through active Supreme Court participation is nothing new. The new problem is that all this is happening under the watch of so called fascist Hindu party (as portrayed by media) ruling at the centre. The silence of BJP on all these matters is deafening and hard to digest. It is possible that some of the BJP members believe in the militant feminism as espoused in the west, but these individual temple practises hardly pass the discrimination test to force state intervention.
  3. RTE:This is the real elephant in the room and BJP has hardly moved an inch on this issue. Neither the minority institutions are brought under the ambit of this law nor Hindu schools given the freedom to operate on their own. In the long run, this sectarianism in schooling will give a deadly blow to most Hindu schools operating today. BJP actively supported RTE into an act under Congress rule. So it failed us when it was in opposition and it is failing us now when in power.

If we don’t go into the promises made by BJP in its election manifesto it would be better, since BJP hardly seems to be moving ahead on any of it. The usual rhetoric employed by BJP apologists to justify inaction is that it is working on development and can’t focus on other tangential(meaning Hindu) issues. Suddenly, the entire set of Hindu issues have become tangential while they were at the core when Modi went around asking for votes in 2014.

This raises legitimate questions on BJP’s sincerity in dealing with core right issues. Does it want to keep the communal tensions simmering while sabotaging Hindu interests from within? It is not just about cow protection, but also what Hindus do with their money in the temples which is important. While minorities can freely run their institutions and get Hajj subsidy, Hindus hardly realize that their donation in temples are just filling up govt. coffers. The issue of illegal Bangladeshis hardly comes up for discussion except in cases where BJP can garner votes like in case of Assam elections.

The whole JNU saga forced the country to come face to face with the anti-national activities that are supported in elite universities in the name of freedom of speech. But how did BJP handle it? Of course, it was important for the countrymen to know the radical Marxism practised in JNU but arresting few students and letting the ring leaders go scot free will hardly break the spirit of these “Breaking India” forces. This brought forward the debate on history textbooks in schools and their bias against cultural Hindu civilization. The response by HRD minister Smriti Irani on this issue again fell flat on actionable items. It was an emotive speech where Irani defended herself by saying that her ministry has not modified any of the history books. So the question then becomes- why else did India chose you if not to correct this historical bias?

By now, this discussion should have given you a fair primer on how BJP has failed miserably on most cultural issues. So it is more than legitimate to ask- whether BJP has sabotaged Hindu interests or it is just incompetent? Depending on your inclination, you can freely choose one of these answers but the end result remains the same. Without a solid plan to preserve culture, no amount of economic development will save India from becoming brown niggers, strictly below the west in international hierarchy. In any case, the way forward out of this quagmire will be to put more pressure on BJP and infiltrate it from within to ensure that it does not bail out on Hindu issues at first signs of distress. Else Hindus can say goodbye to any form of cultural restoration if they cannot implement their agenda even under a so called non anti-Hindu party.

  • Singh Sardar

    Indian Republic is dead,

    Bharat Varsh Zindabaadą„¤ą„¤

  • Bring back Maa- Beta Sarkar!

    • MadIndian1

      Yeah,because maa-beta is the only alternative to the lying bakstabbing BJP scumbags . And here I thought we lived in a democracy, a multiparty one at that.

      Btw, how is this govt any different from maa-beta govt wrt Hindus again? They have sold us out as much and in some cases(like Punjabi Sikh Hindus being legislated out of Sikh governing board) more than the maa- beta sarkar

      • Time Is Up

        There will and must be alternatives beyond Congress and BJP who will cater to Hindu needs. Otherwise Hindus live like slaves, or packup and get on boats to live in ocean – landless people.

        I am no politician, but as there is entrepreneurship in med/engg sciences there will be one in social sciences and those folks need to step up to save Indic faiths.

        • Singh Sardar

          Well first you have to stem the bleeding, ie self hatred.

      • Singh Sardar

        Let’s see one Rishi Deva who cut his hair, Sardar is true Hindu form.

        They banned monas, if you’re already serving a Gurudawara what excuse you have for not keeping hair?

  • Time Is Up

    I believe BJP (and Modi) couple of more years to implement the promises they made when they were elected by majority Hindus. If they fail, time to withdraw support. A right party or politician/statesman will see an opportunity to cater to Hindu needs and promise to deliver it.

    Things like art. 370 and UCC will just keep on getting more and more difficult as Hindu population decreases. Foolish Congress should have dismantled art. 370 immediately after 1965 war.

    Further Hindus need to always keep in mind “Jaisee Prajaaa vaisaaa Raja”, if the constituency is stupid and ignorant, Hindus will get foolish leaders. As always a reminder – If Hindus lose India, there is no where to go for them.

    • MadIndian1

      I don’t have any hope that bjp will do anything for us. Frankly, I would be surprised if they don’t do another backstabbing like the case of shani temple and sabarimalai.

      That said, I think Hindus should drop this obcession with ucc . It will achieve nothing for us. There are far more creative ways to screw with Muslims and xtians, Like a bhumiputra law here in India, which won’t be implementable if there was a UCC. I would go so far as to say that there should be separate criminal law for chrislamists- with their crimes being punishable by harsher sentences than that of Hindus. Without such harsh and pragmatic approach, nothing much can be done

      • Time Is Up

        I agree with you on the Shani temple issue, but it could also be a ploy to drag BJP in, just like during the Akhlaq murder. I am yet to see any Muslim women from INC cadre to come up and storm Dargahs and/or Mosques and lead prayers. Will it happen at larger scale – I doubt it.

        I was not aware of the Bhumiputra law, that is interesting twist. However with Harsh criminal punishments (like full Sharia for Muslims) can back fire as it will be twisted “Dont chop his hand, since he stole, because Hindus forced him to starve etc”. Further selective harsh punishments will put India on road map of “no-equal justice for other faiths”. I would go with first “conversions” from Hindu to non-Hindu as void and illegal.

        Note: I am not a blind bhakt. I want Hindus and other indigenous faiths of India, to live without pressure from Islam and Christianity.

        • MadIndian1

          Of course, what I said is impossible without concenses and awareness among Hindus. But that’s the point once we have it, we should look to screw minorities. Not cater to them. Hindus should stop giving a damn about what others think and should think what is best for them. And infiltrating media is a big step in that direction, which should post propaganda on why such anti chrislamic laws are needed. Ultimately, chrislamists should be forced to come back to dharmic fold or asked to get out.

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