When Islam apologist Barkha got slapped hard

All the civilizations in the world have been patriarchal but none can be as loathing and dismissive to women as Islam. It is then only possible with extreme mental gymnastics that one can even get the idea to compare other religions with Islam, stuck in 7th century, when talking about position of women in respective religions. The draping of women under table cloth called burqa should be more than enough for any sensible person to fold chips and devote entire life to solve problems faced by women in Islam. But not if you are a cultural Marxist like Barkha Dutt, who has refined this art of mental gymnastics to bring Hindus in every discussion under the sky. Don’t be surprised if next time she links Manuwadi Hinduism with disappearance of whales in Pacific!!

Sadly, this time on a panel discussion on women in Islam, she was slapped hard by Ayaan Hirsi Ali when she tried her usual gymnastics to divert the attention from Islam by talking about misogyny in Hinduism. Here is the slap:

See the extreme contempt this sold out brown nigger has for Hindu traditions. If one believes Barkha then ban on entry of women in minuscule number of Hindu temples is equivalent to genital mutilation practised in half of the Islamic population. But in this panel discussion there were no takers for her shenanigans and she was quickly shot down back to earth when she tried to divert attention from Islam.

Fact of the matter is that even if India whole heartedly converts to Christianity or Islam as most of the Marxists in India want, they would strictly remain below white masters in international hierarchy. This tight slap on Barkha should explain that there is no space for sold-outs like her in the world. She is just a useful pawn in the grand scheme of things for the western masters and any self respecting person would treat her accordingly.

Respect is commanded. Hating yourself and your culture like cultural Marxists is not exactly the best way to get respect as evidenced by this video, where Ayaan shows absolute contempt for this cultural Marxist. May be cultural Marxists should introspective whether being coolies without any self respect is worth the brownie points they win from the white masters.

See the full video below.