Gender wars by feminists are nonsense in Indian context

The post modern application of feminism looks at male-female relationships from a Western point of view and almost always disregard and disrupt the pre-existing structures in third world society. The only measure which is then left for the third world champions of feminism is to measure themselves against the standards of modernity as accorded to their western counterparts. This whole exercise is taken with blatant disregard of the fact that modern feminism practised in the west has an Abrahamic background and misses the important cultural nuances due to deep belief that there is only one right form of gender relations i.e. turning women into men. This belief is so deep that Nordic countries like Sweden are taking it to the extreme where they are erasing sex differences even in spoken and written language and evolving gender less pronouns.

So now the question that should arise in any healthy mind is- should the world go down the Swedish way i.e. mindless adoption of erosion of male-female boundaries? If you see how Swedish women are openly embracing misogynist Muslim men from third world countries and rejecting their local men, it seems biology does not agree with this Swedish experiment. But even before answering the above question, one should ask whether third world countries accept the definition of subjugation of women by men as propounded by western feminists?

Popular culture and art in any society is the true mirror of the prevalent social practices. So, if you go back few years before the rise of narcissistic and crass humour of AIB, India produced some great stand up comedians. One of them is Surendra Sharma who devoted his whole life to produce humour through husband and wife jokes. A common theme that runs through his entire work is to present the miserable conditions of the husband, thanks to the over-bearing nature of his wife.

Given the popularity of his acts among the middle class people, it is not unwise to assume that his jokes touched a chord among the masses where everyone could relate to his act at certain level. Let’s look at another example from popular comics for kids called “Chacha Chaudhary”:

There are three nuances which come out this cartoon immediately:

  1. Even though women were/are not working, a lot of them control household finances
  2. Wife can be tough and even fight with a robber
  3. Husband-wife regularly play jokes on each other and pull each other’s leg

So if paid attention, one can go through a large number of similar narratives presented in the popular culture of the past. This has not been different from the lived experiences of many of us. Fact of the matter is two generations ago, most men and women worked together both at home and in agriculture depending on their field of expertise. Most of them had tough life but hardly any time to reflect on or cry about gender inequality. This is true even for current generation of poor farmers, where despite great efforts of foreign NGOs and domestic feminists, women hardly show any inclination to react to post-modern feminist concepts due to their lived experiences which are orthogonal to what the feminists want them to believe. The destiny of these men and women are tied together by their social and economic circumstances to such an extent that western feminist notions will hardly achieve anything for them.

Looking back now all of us can share stories on how these relationships played out in real society. There would hardly be any middle class person who would not remember the banter and jokes shared by their uncles and aunts about who controls the finances or who to convince for buying stuff. Many people growing up in a joint family would have had a chance to see these dynamics from much closer where grandmothers would make most of the financial and other social decisions for the family usually with the help of one of their sons. The grandfathers on the other hand would be more than happy to mind their business and not get involved in this day to day decision making. Not surprise many of these old ladies were respected not only in the own family but consulted for various matters even by distant relatives. This is not to say that their were no male headed households, but to point out the diversity. This point is actually more nuanced as the male or female headed household can still have different spheres of influence for each spouse where they enjoy complete autonomy and domain expertise. Does it surprise you now that middle class finds it more than difficult to swallow the atrocity literature sold by the western feminists?

Yes, women had to sacrifice in a lot of cases but so did men. The power relationship between men and women were nuanced and worked at different levels, which white women would never understand due to the individualistic society they grow up in where each individual is benchmarked against the other and where the discussions have just been confined to rights and duties have been completely forgotten. But can one establish Dharma by talking about rights and maintaining silence about duties?

Thankfully Indian women are smarter than white feminists and their sepoys because they evaluate life based on their lived experiences. Thanks to feminism the west is watching over silently as their family system is completely broken. Now imagine, how India would be undone if the same true ideology is applied here. In the absence of social security, India would not even have the luxury to exist for short duration post breakdown of marriage institution. The only reason west can still export this disruptive ideology is because it has some time before it disintegrates completely due to loss of family culture. Actually one can look at the black culture in US to predict what would befall their whole society once men-women relationships are completely broken down. The rise of post-modern feminism completely destroyed the black family system and blacks are no where close to the social standards that they enjoyed in the 70s. But rather than correct the situation and bring these families together, blacks are increasingly given further overdoses of feminism, disregarding the fact that it was feminism which lie at the root of all their problems.

To counter this narrative, some native American women have taken a lead in the US. The clarity of thoughts presented by them is astounding, when compared to the blind copycat behaviour shown by Indian feminists, who have nothing but contempt for everything traditional. Some of the arguments of these native women are well documented by @bhimakarma in his series of his tweets here:

We are American Indian women, in that order- Lorelei Means

The above quote well summarizes how this nouveau colonialism can be defeated only by realizing that men and women share the same destiny especially under threat from western ideological constructs. Blind application and promotion of atrocity literature will only lead to further subjugation of Indian masses. The above paragraphs should be an eye opener for all Indians that both men and women were equally colonized by the British, who systematically destroyed Indian economy and impoverished us. All attempts to create a rift between the two will only lead to recolonization of our land again.

Before we close, it is important to note why militant feminism, the way we identify it today, arose in the west. Why does white feminists want to turn their women into men? One has to look at the history of Abrahamic religions to understand this development. Since there is no equivalent female Goddess in Abrahamics and women is inferior to men, it is more than understandable why these women felt aggrieved and developed militant feminism. This also explains why they want to become men and out compete them rather than form a mutually beneficial relationship. On the other hand, this is not the case with Hindu households or Hindu religion. For every household, both Shiva and Parvati serve as a source of inspiration on how to run the household. For every Ram, there is a Sita and Vishnu is almost always venerated alongside Laxmi.

Yes, there are problems in Indian society but there is no reason to decouple men and women and chart a collision course for them. Militant feminism has failed in the west and has led to the doom of their families and societies and it will fail everywhere else in the world as well. Indians should act smart by looking at degeneration of western society and learn from their mistakes rather than burn their own fingers while trying to experiment with a failed foreign ideology which makes no sense for their culture and society. So next time you read atrocity literature just think how the land of feminism i.e. US is yet to elect a female President, while India gladly elected Indira Gandhi, who slapped both Pakistan and US in 1971 war, as Prime Minister to lead a young country.