Game theory- Why Hindus should vote out BJP in all local elections

May 2014 was the time when Hindus thought that their time has finally come when they gave overwhelming majority to BJP in Lok Sabha elections. Sadly the dream did not last for too long as it is already two years since LS elections but there is hardly anything concrete on the ground which can be used to say that BJP has worked on pro-Hindu agenda. Yes, it is not anti-Hindu like Congress but it has hardly shown any respect to genuine Hindu agenda. RTE is still hounding Hindu schools, temple money is still looted by the government and on top now NGOs and courts are mounting direct assault on local Hindu traditions like Jallikattu, Shani temple or Sabrimala. We hear noises about students shouting anti-national slogans in JNU but none of the ring masters got sacked nor any changes made to history books. On top Smriti Irani boasts it as her achievement that she has not yet touched the books circulated by UPA government.

What makes it worse is the meek behaviour of BJP which does not think even once before abandoning its real Hindu followers. It has started to think that it was the development plank which made it win the last elections and it will make it win again in the future. Seems like BJP is hell bent on following the course it charted during 2004 elections by projecting “India Shining” and getting dumped by the voters. So not only BJP has distanced itself from supporters like Kamlesh Tiwari in real world, but also frequently disowns its SM followers. Look at this article to understand how Chandan Mitra abused BJP’s SM supporters by calling them “jobless”.

The reason that the core Hindus find themselves in this position is because BJP knows that these supporters have no outside option other than BJP. All other options like electing Congress are not only anti-Hindu but they are also much more disastrous to the economy. So BJP thinks it has a captive vote base as hardcore Hindus have no where else to go. Also, since BJP still follows the left dominated liberal agenda once the elections are over these Hindus are increasingly seen as a liability rather than an asset. This explains why Chandan Mitra and Anurag Thakur like career politicians don’t think twice before abusing them.

So, what is the way out? Core Hindus cannot let BJP walk around and renege on all the election promises. Thankfully Game Theory comes to our rescue. Dharmics need to use “Stick and Carrot” principle from Game Theory to discipline BJP’s behaviour. In simple words how does Stick and Carrot principle work? Imagine you are the manager and have to ensure that the interests of your employees are aligned with your goals. Simple way to ensure this is to reward them for good behaviour(carrot) while punish them for bad behaviour(stick). Sticking to just rewards or punishment will not ensure good behaviour.

In BJP’s case electoral wins serve as carrot but their is no stick to punish them when they deviate from the ideal behaviour. This means Hindus need to act strategically and develop a stick to beat down BJP into submission so that it implements their agenda. BJP thinks that its Hindu voters are captive and have no other choice and hence can take their support for granted. This needs to change and Hindus need to punish BJP for bad behaviour. Carrot is more than evident in this case, which is 2019 LS elections. But what should be this punishment or stick?

Core strategy:

  1. Punish BJP for all deviations from Hindu agenda by defeating them in all local body elections(like panchayat & municipality) till 2019 to send a message to their local leaders. This will generate a feedback from the ground that BJP cannot take Hindus for granted. The small BJP leaders get benefit from local elections and so local elections matter a lot to them. Also, they need to be motivated for campaigning in big elections so top BJP leaders need to keep them in good humour. So, if you defeat these foot soldiers it will send a direct message to the high command in BJP that Hindus are not stupid. Don’t select Congress/AAP but go for good local candidates.
  2. Let BJP win state elections so that it does not have the excuse of no majority in Rajya Sabha. Although, this is a bad excuse because like Congress, BJP too could have used CBI to implement its agenda like in case of Mamta by pushing her against the wall in Sharda Scam. Since BJP fanboys almost always cite this reason for BJP’s inaction so it is essential to give them a chance to have majority in RS. Although, it is most likely BJP would do nothing even with RS majority given how it has kept quiet on all core Hindu issues. For eg- Temple control and RTE are not even anti-minority issues to be shot down in RS if BJP plays its cards well. But probably the top BJP leaders themselves believe in left dominated liberal agenda and want to reform dirty Hindus. In any case, give them one chance to prove themselves by giving them a majority in RS.
  3. Defeat high profile traitors like Jaitley, Fadnavis etc. in state as well as national elections. There should be zero tolerance for high profile sell-outs. Make sure that Dev Fadnavis should be destroyed for his weak kneed response on Shani temple issue so that this champagne sipping, Christian in outlook and Hindu in colour leader loses his deposit next time. Shivraj should be defeated for selling out Hindus on Bhojshala issue. Similar punishment should be meted out to Jumla Rajnath and Jumla Irani for their inaction. Let local parties like Shiv Sena and other pro-Hindu parties win on seats against these big shots to send a clear message that Hindus have zero tolerance for deviation. Also ensure that hard core Hindus like Uma Bharti and Yogi Adiyanath are elected with thumping majority to send an even more clear message.

Also economic right is still a minuscule fraction of the BJP supporters as most of its supporters are actually core Dharmics. So core Dharmics have all the shots to call. Punishing local BJP leaders in the local elections will not dampen our efforts to implement pro-Hindu policies at the top either. So this game is for Hindus to win. It is about time Hindus stopped complaining about democracy and started using democracy to their advantage.

Sticking to the above strategy will give Hindus a say in the formation of policies post elections and keep the top BJP leaders on tight leash. They should be given the choice between perform or perish. Well, some losers like Arun Jaitley will still make it to the cabinet but if all of the top guys lose for abandoning Hindu agenda it will send a clear message. And sending the message is the most important task in democracy. If 15% Muslims can enforce their agenda and make politicians dance to their tunes, there is no reason that Hindus can’t do it if they are strategic. And if Hindus stick to this carrot and stick approach, even if BJP doesn’t deliver for core Hindus then some other party will rise to fulfil their political agenda in the future.

  • vivaswan

    I suggest first v boycott bjp for 2 months on SM. Lets c how they react

    • Yuga Parivartan

      What do you mean by boycott? Please be precise. Should we stop defending them on SM or what?

  • untildnextFPban:)

    Ye kya bakwaas hai? Defeat them and bring who? And whosoever they are , will be working for Hindu cause? Yeah right !! Slow claps. .

    Fact of the matter is :::: BJP has most moronic set of supporters who are forever outraging like retards on one thing or the other , poore time 2014 mein vote dene ka ahsaan and 2019 mein vote ma dene ki dhamki dikhate rahte hain. .bloody retards

    • malavika

      In Maharashtra, Hindus must vote for Shiv Sena. There is a choice there. Defeat Fadnavis.

      • untildnextFPban:)

        Really? According to me SS is OK as a counter for crack pots like owaisi..but just that only ..not for governing ..what they have done in BMC can u enlighten? But Fadnavis on the other hand is working well for drought etc..sad u r planning to desert him ..but u r entitled to ur view

        • MadIndian1

          They saved your ass in 1993 remember? Ungrateful little turd is ungrateful. Btw, Muzzies are now 40-50% of the 4-5 age group in Mumbai now. Who will save your ass in 20 years time?

          When I see morons like you, I wish that I don’t feel for Hindus at all and think that such idiots be cleansed by muzzies as a favor to the universe.

          • untildnextFPban:)

            And SS is a national party turd? So they will come and save me in UP/MP/CHG etc?

            As I said totally demented..

          • MadIndian1

            Do you know what “local” elections mean? Modi turd

          • MadIndian1

            It’s not their our fault that you don’t have rw party worth jack in your states. Probably tells a lot more about you and where you are from than anything else really

          • untildnextFPban:)

            No write crap that’s in ur brain

          • MadIndian1

            If you troll more without making anypoints, you will be banned . Consider this the first and last warning

          • untildnextFPban:)

            Are karde ban bhai..kaun mara ja raha hai yaha comment karne. … so bloodystrange an abusive troll is a site moderator !!!!! Irony just committed suicide ( sooooooosided) …lulz

    • MadIndian1

      So your plan when BJP sells us out on Rte, temples, Shani temple etc like they have done now is to indulge in verbal and mental wankery in FB and internet and hope that BJP listens? How is that working so far? Great plan ,moron 😂

      • untildnextFPban:)

        As I said apt name–totally demented 🙂

        • guest

          These are ideas folks, no need to fight among ourselves. we can disagree without getting angry

          • untildnextFPban:)

            Well that mad person is ranting BS and is abusive ..what to do..don’t want to be considered “ourselves ” with Sch unreasonable fanatics

          • MadIndian1

            What an idiot. You started the post with how the author and everyone who agrees with him are idiots and now you whine now that you are exposed butt naked for being stupid? 😁

          • untildnextFPban:)

            I don’t have to whine ..IDIOT and read the first comnent psycho. .It was a general observation on how a lot of bjp supporters behave on social media. . Official warning …oooooooooooh. ..I am scared knees are knocking together. …oooooh

        • malavika

          Every one calm down.
          I will definitely vote for Shiv Sene in MH. Fadnavis is selling out Hindus, while his daughter goes to non RTE enabled school. He is doing nothing different from Indira G.
          If another PVNR rises like a phoenix in Congress, and promises to ensure equality for Hindus, I will vote for that party.
          BJP does not have a lock on my vote.

          • MadIndian1

            Exactly. The thing is, most of the Hindu rw idiots are as corrupt as Congi dynasty supporters. they don’t care about Hindu causes as much as they care about BJP success. This is the reason they come here and troll when some one makes a suggestion to make bjp accountable on Hindu issues. Why should Hindus be tied to a sole party? If say tomorrow, dynasty is thrown out and congis get a leader who is willing to undo injustice for Hindus , why shouldn’t we vote for them?

            But that won’t happen until maa-beta vaticunts are in power. So we should make sure that congis don’t come to power for at least 10 years. Who knows, May be we might see congress becoming a proper RW party by then, seeing as how most BJP/RSS leadership seem to be sold out by now

          • untildnextFPban:)

            You of course are a free agent to do what u want. …However some info on an Act under concurrent list like RTE

            “state Act can not violate the provisions of the central Act in a concurrent subject. States could amend such a central act, but that would require presidential assent. However, if the state Act contains anything on which the central Act is silent, then that may remain as a part of the state Act. – See more at:

            I have observed RW supporters are usually lacking in any sort of patience and are also not interested in finding facts. .

            When modi came there were many RW voices that were chaterring why Modi not rehabilitating vanzara ..col purohit is being incarcerated without any proven crime but modi not even twiddling his thumb etc. .

            Now see what’s happened after 2 years ? All police officers of Gujrat rehabilitated, yesterday expose on samjhauta also started doing rounds of TV channels professing purohit not guilty. .do u think all this happening is a coincidence?

            But everything has to be done as per rules/laws and they take time .
            which many RW supporters sitting on their asses don’t want to give, they just want to crib and don’t even want find facts

            .have you been reading how blatantly and unfairly critical SC/HC have been of this govt? Can you even imagine what will be the cost of acting in haste without proper ground work?

            Please do me a favour try to find how RTE act can be repealed (procedure ie) and also whether GOI has Rye capacity to do so in current parliament. …also read kanchan gupta’s twitter time line on the issue. .

            BTW you didn’t tell me how has SS managed BMC for all these years?

          • malavika

            How did BJP manage Banglore MC?

            What is unforgivable is that Fadnavis sends his kid to non RTE school and goes after RTE enabled schools with a vengeance.

            RW are not sitting on their asses. We are trying to inform people about RTE and its implications. Its blatant partisan nature. If Modi admin does not realize all Hindu run schools will change hands and become minority institutions. His admin is severely lagging in HRD, Law Ministry and Finance. This PF debacle was avoidable. And why is Modi admin going after Aligarh Univ when there are far more pressing judicial issues.

            Don’t touch RTE. Go after amendment 93 and make even minority institutions liable for provisions of RTE. And increase the number of Hindu minorities not just Jains, Lingayats.

            Read more on 93

          • untildnextFPban:)

            I have been reading realitychecks tweets. ..never fear, have also seen the children below 5 census by yugparivartan. .,

            However it doesn’t justify the impatient response of RW ..not one bit

            Neither Modi nor fadnavis is a chirag kat geenie. .snap ur fingers and …viola !!!!

            Also Bjp is not managing just the banglore MC ??

            Serious koschan , will this 93rd amendment require RS 2/3rd majority? ?

          • malavika

            No. Because it is not a constitutional amendment.

          • untildnextFPban:)

            But it does need to be passed in RS since it’s not a money bill ? If so how you think govt can get it passed given people like congee, SP, BSP, TMC ain’t going to support them ?

          • MadIndian1

            How congress managed to pass bills in RS and LS without majority?

      • untildnextFPban:)

        It does work.. “moron”,epf on both govt listened

        • MadIndian1

          Is that why they are implementing Rte with full rigor in Maha leading to closure of 1000+ hindu managed schools in Maha alone? Idiot. People like you deserve to be ruled as dhimmis

          • untildnextFPban:)

            Ok u bring on who are not dhimmis..okay?

          • MadIndian1

            You currently are dhimmis to bjp. Fanboy 😂😂

          • untildnextFPban:)

            Maaad indian I like ur self awareness

    • MadIndian1

      And did you even read the article?. No one said anything about defeating BJP by 2019, it is only about teaching BJP a lesson in villages and cities so that they behave before 2019. If bjp doesn’t work on Hindu issues, instead of losing local elections, they will instead lose 2019 and we will have congis again in center, just as how ABV played for ignoring Hindus in 2004. Remember how India shining worked wonders for BJP in 2004? Want a repeat of that again?

      Is that what mindless self respect lacking bhakths like you want? And you go around calling people retards because you are too stupid to realise how you are being duped by present bjp? Moron. Learn humility lest suffer humiliation like you are suffering here now

      • untildnextFPban:)

        You have an apt profile name

        • MadIndian1

          Again, read the article again and again. Notice how the elections being discussed is only local elections where you have local independent as alternates, just to send a message to BJP? Either bjp will learn and start acting for Hindus, or a new political party will arise seeing the political vaccuum.

          Next time don’t assume you are smarter than everyone else , throwing names.

          • untildnextFPban:)

            Throwing names ? What names ? U reaaaally are mad ..lulz

          • untildnextFPban:)

            Btw, u think expose after expose on Ishrat, samjhauta case, balochistan issue getting highlighted internationally etc have very co incidently started happening just now ..on its own?

            Bhagwan ne kuch to akal dee hee hogi..use it 🙂

          • MadIndian1

            How does that help a common Hindu? They help BJP win elections and that’s about it.

            You can be a party ass licking idiot all you want , but spare me your bull shit. I have loyalty to hindus and Hindu causes, not BJP’s success. That’s the job of lackeys like you

      • guest

        Interesting article, but I am not so sure about this. Other small parties, may or may not be pro-hindu. And also, I think that BJP has the power to unite Hindu vote. That we need a more aggressive work towards Hindu cause is a definite given. I think it is also important among all this for Hindus to keep their birth rate up, for those who are choosing to have one or two children, they should adopt one or two and raise them as hindus. Just my opinion.

        • MadIndian1

          The plan is not to ditch BJP per se, but to knock some sense into them. That’s why we should be clear on targetting their local leaders in local elections -Municipalities, panchayats, corporations etcetera. That way, we don’t give them the excuse of not having enough seats in the state (and hence the RS) nor the excuse of not having majority in Ls. Independent candidates are good enough to vote for in my opinion

          Also, do you really think bjp would give a damn about what we cry in internet if we don’t punish them/keep voting for them?

          • guest

            Well, I know little about how these things work, but, I agree that something needs to be done—so that we are moving towards more pro-hindu agenda. Just afraid that BJP at this point is the only resort, –as a large party with somewhat of a Hindu agenda—and do not want to loose that. These are things to be thought about. One thing I fear sometimes (and should not) is that around the world, we will be associated with ‘authoritarianism’. Although I know that Hindu ideology is the best for all concerned. It is how India media and even international media labels India these days. Yet stressing again, openly pro-hindu stance is very much needed.

          • MadIndian1

            We should worry more about doing what is best for us than about labels .

            Btw, bjp has already sold us out in Assam and WB by regularising the illegal immigrants there


          • guest

            Agreed that we should not worry about the label. It is interesting how many hindu friends also call us ‘fundamentalist’ but never respond to ‘how many hindu countries are there in the world.’

            And this is an excerpt from the story. The Centre has already decided to “regularise” those Bangladeshis who entered India till December 2014, the Union Home minister said hitting out at the Trinamool Congress government for failing to stop infiltration.

            After the 34-year long ‘misrule’ of the Left Front, Singh said, West Bengal has slipped into a darker phase during the past five years of TMC regime.

            Wondering whether West Bengal has truly witnessed “a change” that was promised by the TMC before the party came to power, he said the “situation is very bad in the state”.

            my comment: what is scary is that they do not say anything clearly and I think they should not regularise this. I see it happening all over the word, as muslim countries disintegrate. While they run for their lives and it is sad to see that, they hang on to their beliefs, which later on create trouble as they become majority in those countries. Bangladeshis have been coming in for decades –actually I think since 1971—they should really be sent back. No one realised how India has been a refugee country since 1947 not just for hindus from Pakistan, but also many from nepal, bangladesh, srilanka, and even China during cultural revolution. We need to wake up and stop showing ‘stranded cats’ and local robberies as news events. Some serious –honest debates on television (which is what the masses still watch) need to happen.

          • MadIndian1

            You know what I say to someone who calls me a Hindu fundamentalist, I usually reply ” Yes I am since I have self respect and don’t want my daughters and granddaughters to become sex slaves of muzzies like Hindu women have become in Pakistan/Bangladesh. If you are shamless and have no problem with pimping your children in the name of tolerance or secularism, That is fine but stop expecting that everyone is as shameless as you are”. And that will be the last time he will use the word secularism ever again, atleast when I am present. 😁

            You see, shaming works both ways and thank god India is still a patriarchy where we actually give a damn about our women/families

          • guest

            Agreed on all accounts, though the ones who bite back have a lot of ammo. I still fight though, on social media etc. have upset some already. Post 9/11 there is so much pleasing of one particular faith. Almost like schizophrenia. Breaking new is all about bombings and killings, and then long talk shows on how the faith is all about peace. Burkha Dumb, has the old on airwaves….

  • malavika

    Not a bad idea, Modi admin is taking Hindus for granted.

  • Singh Sardar

    They also want to regularise all Bangladeshi who came before 2015 christian year.

    Then seal the border, wtf that’s crores upon crores.

    I have feeling they are working for the same masters ultimately.

    I don’t think this is bad idea, I don’t believe in democracy because people are United by power not ideology but it’s not bad idea.

    Should try it I guess,

    • MadIndian1

      Interesting. Do you have any source for what you claimed? Reg BJP trying to regularise Bangladeshi immigrants?

  • Barbaric Opinion

    Good but the thing is many Hindus believe that BJP is for development.
    Before going after BJP,its better to hit the message deep into many Hindus’ minds that BJP primarily won to safeguard Hindu interests and that Economy is an added advantage.

    • malavika


      Hindus voted for BJP because Sonia=MMS govt ensured that the first claim on resources went to minorities.

      • rmaganti

        You are being generous to Sonia=MMS govt. First claim on resources went to their pockets, not the minorities.

        • MadIndian1

          It dint go to Hindus. That is enough to shun them.

  • satyameva-jayete

    Are you born stupid or you just have your days?



  • Pro Metheus

    Just read the comments of some Hondus here and I’m certain of the outcome of the impending civil war