Why Bollywood should be banned for the good of the nation

This is our second article in the series on Bollywood and we find Bollywood fails on almost all standards and is unworthy for the title of national movie industry. It is actually a burden on Indian society and should be either banned or placed under severe censorship for the good of this country. Lets explore why.

Bollywood glorifies anti-nationals and trashes armed forces

Bollywood has not done any justice to the sacrifices made by our armed forces as it has hardly produced any worthwhile movie to celebrate our veterans. Compare that with how Hollywood, although infiltrated by hardcore leftist Americans, treat their army and war veterans. Hollywood always portrays the wars their government fights as morally right and heroic even in cases where their government and army has no moral standing to fight like Iraq, Afghanistan or Vietnam war. Compare the number of films Hollywood has made on Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam with the number of films Bollywood has made on 1948, 1965, 1971 or 1999 India-Pakistan wars. This is despite the fact that Indian army was the defender and used the war as last resort and had moral high ground. In fact these anti-nationals, who have no problem in completely ignoring the rape and genocide of 1 million Hindus in Bangladesh by Pakistani army before India intervened in 1971, are too busy vilifying the armed forces which are facing freezing cold in Siachan and blazing sun in Rajasthan just so that these ungrateful Bollywood anti-nationals can enjoy their self-hatred in comfortable AC rooms and produce movies like Haider where they glorify the Jihadists in Kashmir.

Bollywood peddles self-hatred

Art and Culture is supposed to show off what is great about our culture and be an inspiration for the masses but Bollywood does the exact opposite. While the movies in the west are busy portraying how their societies are the best in the world even though they have dysfunctional families, divorce rates and rape rates 20-30 times that of India, all Bollywood can do is perpetuate the stereotype of the backward and poor India as perpetuated by the colonialists. Of course, movies made by the brainwashed sepoys, who are more than happy to be coolies of the west and Islamists could not be expected to produce anything inspirational about India or Indian society. Even their supposedly inspirational films have nothing but scorn and disgust towards Indian society, indicating the self hatred and disgust these people have for Indians. In short, Bollywood is not run by Indians but by a bunch of de-racinated Brown skinned colonialists who have completely internalized the colonial mindset of the imperialists. While the western media and films are using their films as an instrument to spread their culture, Bollywood is using its status to destroy our culture. For example, instead of explaining the values behind Hinduism Aamir Khan used PK to out-rightly peddle the agenda of the monotheistic religions.

Bollywood and it’s connection to underworld

It is sad that what is almost an open secret is not being discussed enough in the Indian political scene today i.e., the control Dawood Ibrahim and his underground Islamist goons in Mumbai have/had over Bollywood. Many of the Bollywood Khans are known to have houses in Dubai and attend the private parties of Dawood Ibrahim. Is it any surprise that Bollywood acts as a Trojan horse for bringing Urdu into Hindi language and the destruction of indigenous languages like Bhojpuri, Awadhi etc? And the black money of Dawood Ibrahim is laundered in large part through Bollywood.

Another fallout of this underworld money is that instead of patronising Indian talent and artists, Bollywood finances more Trojan horses from Pakistan in the name of cultural enrichment. Also they have no shame in asking for more engagement and increasing people to people contacts while the barbaric army of Pakistan is engaged in killing our soldiers on the border. Not just that, many of them are also fronts for ISI propaganda against India or why else would they produce films like Haider? Why do you think a country with 80% Hindus will have to bear three mediocre Khans as top actors for two decades? And the Pakistani snakes which come here as terrorists either stay here increasing the Jihadists burden on our soil or go back with the money they make in India, pay taxes to the Pakistani government which then finances Jihad against India. Banning Bollywood or housecleaning is thus a huge step towards cleaning the pest within India.

Destructive influence of Bollywood on culture

This is by far the worst aspect of Bollywood. Rather than produce moralistic films which can potentially guide the society on moral path, Bollywood instead produces crass and amoral films which glorify single womenhood, divorces, one night stands, pub culture and alcoholism. Rather than learning from the mistakes done by the western society in the name of dating, one night stands, pub culture and divorces, Bollywood is on overdrive to bring the same degenerative culture of the west here.

By glorifying one night stands, break up of marriages, discarding the sanctity of traditions Bollywood wants to create a sexual liberalism here same as in the west. While in theory it sounds like a great idea for the young and hot-blooded but in long run it will cause nothing but disaster. Sex is important thing in life but so are families, kids and love. By glorifying sex and breakup of marriages, Bollywood wants our women and men to be as big individualistic narcissist as they themselves are, which will ultimately lead to unhappiness and turn India into Brazil, a country known for its favelas. The same men and women who are sexually “liberated” in the west are also the most frustrated, lonely and depression pill popping people in the world. While it is true that free sex right now might sound great, it comes at the cost of future commitment issues as it happened in the west. Men and women who chase after sex end up horribly alone once they are past their prime in their 40s and 50s. Is it any wonder that such “sexually liberated” cultures also have the highest rapes in the world, to the tune of 2000% higher than India?

Of course the likes of Karan Johar in Bollywood, being the Crorepaties they are, just want to have sex and need a steady supply of partners to ensure that. What better way to convince themselves that meaningless sex is good for them than glorify it in their movies? What they of course don’t show is that the end result of any such liberalism is abandoned kids and single mothers like in the west. Bollywood is not really honest about the consequences of the choices it advocates for young boys and girls. Contrary to the rhetoric peddled by Bollywood, marriage as an institution is most beneficial to women since it ties down the man who is then obliged to care of both the woman and the child. But Bollywood wants our young generation to think that marriage is a burden and sign of female oppression.

What’s worse, the few films which do show marriage nowadays also spare no time to mock and ridicule the big and joint families of our culture and prefer to promote the nuclear families, which was an invention of the Christians. Joint families provide stability to the marriages and grand parents are usually a very good moral pillars and support for the kids in the family. By glorifying nuclear families over joint families, they make sure that grand parents love doesn’t reach the child and the grand parents live miserably and alone. Is it any wonder that without the lack of grandparents to oversee the children, kids these days are far more prone to self destruction with drugs?

Finally the most worrying part is that Bollywood portrays alcohol as great and is even pushing women to become alcoholics. Just imagine a kid living in a household where both husband and wife are drunkards and its impact on childhood. There was a time once when alcohol was considered a massively negative social trait worthy of losers who failed in life. Compare that with its glorification in Bollywood today through shots culture. No surprise that alcoholism is on the rise in today’s society. The biggest losers in this game are low and middle income families for whom any money wasted on alcohol is the money their families don’t have for basic expenses like clothing, food and education. And by glorifying this hedonistic lifestyle of “me me me” individualistic narcissism, it also promote a culture of escapism among Indians, who today prefer to get drunk and escape than face the harsh realities of their day to day life.

Bollywood is not even artistic

Perhaps one would say, Bollywood creates art and one should not be over critical of its work. But most of the Bollywood movies are blindly copied from the west or South India and are almost always of pathetic/worse quality. It has no identity of its own today other than being a Hindi/Urdu speaking version of Hollywood or South Indian movies. Then why does anyone need Bollywood when they can watch the original movies which are more interesting than cheap rip-offs produced by Bollywood? Also unlike South Indian movies, which sell South Indian culture and retain their uniqueness and glorification of traditions, here again Bollywood disappoints by desperately trying to be a brown skinned version of uncle Tom. So its existence cannot be justified even on the basis of artistic expression or creativity as their creativity is just zero.

Check this link with repository on songs Bollywood has copied. Also read: Hate Bollywood for not making these war movies.


If Hindus want to fix their country and society and prevent the rot the western countries are going through and to prevent further de-racination of the country’s young and next generation, they should ask themselves if the few hours of escapism that they get from Bollywood is worth the rust which comes with it. If Dharma has any chance to prevail in our society, Bollywood needs to be banned or fully cleansed of its current rodents.


  • Satya Jhon

    Good Article all points are covered.. These brown coolies&their jihadi khans destroyed bollywood

  • Denny crane

    Also look at how poor its historical sense is. Has failed to popularize the heroes of our civillization and few heroes portrayed degraded

  • guest

    The fact is that earlier bollywood still had some ‘educated, and cultured’ folks. Today they are all cut off from their roots, often making fun of celebrities who do not speak english, as if that is a marker of culture. I learnt so much about poetry and indian phrases from Bollywood, today all they say is ‘dude and drink’ as if common sense and pride in being an indian has been erased from the industry

    • MadIndian1

      Do you suspect it to be deliberate social engineering with the aid of anti India forces?

      • guest

        absolutely!! it is not a surprise that the degeneration of bollywood started after economic liberalisation….just when foreign folks were allowed to enter Indian market…on several levels

  • guest

    here is a telegu movie, a little dramatic, a little over the top but much better in concept that bollywood. is it preachy? heck yes, but so is bollywood, only in opposite direction

  • it is actually the punjabi’s fault for the present state of Bollywood as sucking on muslim/pathan cock is second nature to punjabis.

    Bollywood was originally a Mumbai Marathi Movie Industry which was hijacked by punjabis after the political turmoil that ensued after partition along with killing of gandhi by a Marathi. So nehru thought of settling of the dhimmi muslim appeasing Punjabi refugees in Maharashtra, enforcing a urdufied language and Nehruvian secularism to suppress the Marathi identity.

    Raja Harishchandra (1913), by Dadasaheb Phalke, is known as the first silent feature film made in India. By the 1930s, the industry was producing over 200 films per annum.

    Marathi Freedom fighters were fighting for the rights of the Punjabis who were getting gangraped by their close-at-heart punjabi muslims and pathans.

    So punjabis repaid back the debt of the Marathi freedom fighters by hijacking Marathi institutes, ridiculing Marathi language and sidelining Marathi artists.

    punjabis still cant live without sucking on muslim cocks inviting more muslims from porkistan to bollywood.

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  • Monisha Dikshit

    Nicely and coherently explained. I would like to add one more point- even Pakistani serials glorify their own nation despite being the central hub of all inhumane actions. But we feel ashamed of glorifying our own culture. We people of India have made these actors so arrogant by showering upon them all adulation and they have started believing themselves as Gods.

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    i agree so much!!! just go to youtube india and all the recommendation you get if filled with things like sunny leone and adultery, its so bad for kids on internet

  • Jimmy Smith

    Bollywood is a brothel and nothing else

    Pornjabis are the worst of the worst

    Every prostitute and major bollywood grade A SLUT is from pornjab

    The descendants of Mughals who use to rape locals in pornjab

    Even the most likely people to side with the British were the Sikhs

    Sikhs have the highest alcoholism rates of any south asians

    Sikh males in Britain are seen as drunk unreliable males

    Sikh women easily get wooed and groomed by Pakistani males in Britain

    Now we want this degenerate race of people to represent family values and traditions of India?

    Give Sikhs their khalistan and bring the real bollywood back to ganges India or just ban it