Assam- one year in the future

After a long round of campaigns by both Congress and BJP and a record voter turn out of about 80%, elections are finally over in Assam. If the exit polls are to be believed, BJP is going to form the next government in alliance with Asom Gana Parshid(AGP) quite handily. So what will it mean for the common Assamese? BJP led coalition engaged in a massive campaign against Congress and one of its principle promises was the eviction of illegal Muslim Bangladeshi immigrants in Assam. They have claimed that this time, they will have BJP government in Centre and so they will achieve this great feat without any problem, even though previous reigns of AGP government didn’t do much with respect to the illegal Muslim immigrants from Bangladesh. But the question is , will they? Is BJP really committed to the welfare of its core voters of Assam, who would have primarily voted for deportation of illegal immigrants? The answer unfortunately is going to be a resounding no.

This article is written well before the election results come in, but it is pretty safe to assume what BJP will do once in power in ASSAM, by analysing the way BJP has treated its poll promises till now. BJP does not seem to be serious on any of the core problems faced by Hindus as it had promised in the 2014 elections. Take the case of Ram Mandir, it is as if BJP has already forgotten that they had promised to build a temple there. Unlike 1999-2004, when Atal Bihari Vajpayee government didn’t have the majority in the Parliament, Modi govt has an absolute majority and still hasn’t moved an inch on the issue.

Take the issue of Shani temple, Devendra Fadnavis is behaving as if he is a part of the cabal of Liberal enlightened overlords, who need to educate and reform the unwashed Hindu masses, who still want to uphold their ugly traditions. This is the same guy who is sending his daughter to a Christian school, which is outside the purview of the Right to education act, while actively witch hunting the Hindu run schools under the same RTE, even though RTE has resulted in closure of more than 1000+ Hindu schools in Maharastra alone. And unlike the favourite excuse given by the BJP fanboys(though no BJP leader seems to give it), changing the RTE rules in the state requires no RS nod nor does it need a 2/3 approval of the parliament. Education is a state subject where the majority control on educational policies is with the state government and so this issue just requires will of the BJP government in the state.

Then they promised that they will solve the Pakistan problem with iron hand. Though they had shown mettle when dealing with Pakistan in their initial few months, but now they seem to have drunk the Lutyens cool aid that Pakistan must be engaged at all costs. The same Modi, who said talks and terror cannot go hand in hand is now landing on Pakistan to give birthday present to Pakistani government, just when their Jihadi army is killing our soldiers on the borders. To add insult to injury, they did the same thing that UPA did when in power i.e. allow Pakistanis to investigate the terror attack that Pakistanis themselves master minded. And the foreign affairs ministry is now saying that talks with Pakistan will go no matter what they do. The only difference between BJP and UPA seems to be that there won’t be any false accusations of Hindu terror under BJP like it was the case with UPA, which blamed RSS for Mumbai attacks. But does it change the fact that Pakistan was not punished for its cowardly Jihadists attack on Indian soil which lead to death of our brave soldiers or is it going to stop any future terror attacks against Bharat, now that BJP has proven to be full of jumla and nothing else?

Even worse is the recent controversy with NIT protests, in which the HRD ministry under Smirti Irani didn’t even support the students there. Compare the treatment NIT students got from BJP with that of the support JNU protesters got from their patrons in the Anti-National Communist party and its lackeys across India including Aam Admi Party and Congress. What is worse, Communists and AAP stuck up for their supporters and ideologues even when they were not in power while BJP left the NIT students to the mercy of J&K police, even though BJP is in power in the Centre as well as part of the coalition government in the J&K state. On top BJP leader like Ram Madhav said that students should not engage in politics. Can someone ask Madhav, is flying a tricolour and standing up to anti-national Jihadists really politics? Those students did what they thought right in that moment i.e. stand for India’s glory and expected a nationalistic government to cover their back. But unlike how anti-nationals got support from their masters in JNU, NIT students were almost left to themselves and on top being reprimanded for being nationalists. Since when did it become a crime(or politics) to be nationalistic and fly tricolour in India? Actually, given the new HRD regulations they were only doing the job which the university staff should have done already i.e. hoist the tricolour in the campus. Sadly, BJP disowned them the way they have disowned Kamlesh Tiwari.

These are just few incidents, which should make it pretty clear for any neutral observer that BJP is not really interested in keeping its core voters happy. They seem more than happy to appease their enemies than their core voters, who they think have no choice except BJP. They think they have already consolidated the Hindu votes and so now they should move towards getting anti-Hindu votes as well by pandering to anti-Hindu policies. Just look at their commitment to Hindu causes before and after elections. They seem to be more than happy to keep the pot boiling enough so that they stay in power without actually fixing anything.

So with that in hand, what can the common Assamese Hindu expect from BJP? Nothing!

If his wish is to preserve his identity, safety and culture, which is currently under attack by illegal Muslims from Bangladesh thanks to the blessings from Congress and AIUDF, BJP is going to behave the same way it has been behaving in the Centre i.e. as Congress 2.0. So it is important that Assamese Hindus and Hindus across India, who are eagerly awaiting a BJP win don’t get their hopes up needlessly in Assam for it is not likely to matter even if BJP wins. BJP fanboys will give excuse after excuse which can range from “how throwing out illegals from our country and protecting Assamese Hindus is bad for the economy”, like how R Jagannathan tried to whitewash it  with liberal economics or “how it is bad for getting a permanent seat at the United nations”, similar to the excuse they gave when BJP failed to punish Pakistan for Pathankot terrorist attack.

All in all it is not going to be easy for the Ahom people to protect themselves from the illegal barbarians in their homeland and it is sad to see that the same brave Ahom people, who defeated the Mughal barbarians at their prime power, are now under siege by illegal barbarians from Bangladesh under the blessings of a Hindu majority state called India. But this should serve as a reminder to every Hindu who thinks escapism and false bravado is going to save them. While rest of India still is at fault to certain extent for allowing this demographic siege to happen, it still cannot be dismissed that the prime culprits for the present mess in Assam are the Ahoms themselves. They voted for Congress consecutively for 3 times without caring for the consequences of Congress’ policy of allowing illegal Muslim migration from Bangladesh for vote banks and are now suffering for it. The same is the story of Bengal where pretentious Bengali bhadraloks intellectually masturbated about socialism and camaraderie for 40 years and are now fried in their own homeland, by not being able to conduct Durga Puja and getting raped, looted and killed in secular events like Malda.

The real question is- are the Hindus from the rest of India going to learn anything from Assam and Bengal or are they going to repeat the mistakes and reap the same fruits that Bengalis and Assamese are reaping for their children and grandchildren? And even more important, will BJP be made accountable for its poll promises, specially concerning Hindu welfare and safety? Development alone is not going to save the Hindus in this country.

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