How left is destroying India by hiding Muslim population

The liberal discourse in India hates to talk about the increasing Muslim numbers in India and if any evil RSS/BJP leader mentions it by mistake, it takes the whole liberal world by storm. What follows next is apologies and some number crunching. The entire number crunching exercise is to highlight that India is safe from the Muslim fertility bomb and that even if the current fertility trends continue it would take forever i.e. 2250 AD(not too far actually!) for Muslims to make Hindus minority(<50%) in India. The obvious next step after this number crunching exercise is to give out the disclaimer that given India is becoming richer these fertility trends will change i.e. they would come down for both Muslims as well as Hindus. What they forget to add to this disclaimer is- Muslim women will continue to pop out one more kid than their Hindu sisters, whether the latter’s TFR is 2 or 4.

This whole number crunching exercise above actually goes completely against the liberal agenda if you look at it closely. The standard liberal argument should go something like this- Diversity is good for the nation and India is a plural country and Hindus should stop claiming it exclusively for themselves. We love Biryani as much as we love Halwa and there should be no problem even if Muslims becomes majority i.e. more than 50%. Sadly, this argument is so stupid that it would be unpalatable even for the dumbest and most secular Hindu. Even the most secular Hindu knows what happens to minorities in Muslim majority countries. A quick look at their neighbours like Pakistan and Bangladesh gives them a glimpse about their future under a Muslim majority. Since it is difficult to sell usefulness of excess Biryani, the liberal number crunchers resort to another technique to fool gullible Hindus. This second technique involves to prove how the fascists Hindu Organizations are wrong about the Muslim fertility bomb and that Muslims cannot take over India before 200 years. As if 200 years is a long time but probably it is long enough to put the gullible Hindu into a long deep slumber.

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But those who are not gullible very well understand how bogus these number crunching exercises are. Muslims do not have to attain 50% population to enforce their agenda. Given their deep belief in Islam and commitment to resort to violence to enforce it, their nuisance value increases exponentially with their actual numbers. Let’s look at some of the historical events to understand this assertion:

1) What better example than Partition of India in 1947. Muslim population was roughly 25% of pre-partition India but they decided that they could not live with their Hindu neighbours. One does not need lessons to explain how Muslims went on implementing their partition agenda over the dead bodies of millions of people.

2) Dungan Jihad in China where less than 10% of Muslim population caused massive riots and unrest for 15 years before getting crushed by the then Qing regime

There are many more examples from history and recent events which clearly show how Muslims punch well above their weight i.e. their population percentage. The halal label on products in western countries with less than 5% Muslim population is just another example of the clout of Muslim lobbies. At less than 15% in India they have already forced all secular parties to host Iftaar parties and their leaders to sport skull caps. One can easily imagine how Muslims will get rid of these secular parties once they can support a new Muslim League. The rapid rise of AIMIM profile offers a glimpse into the future of democratic politics in India. Don’t be surprised if AIMIM is replaced by its more vulgar cousin as the number of pockets with Muslim majority areas increases with time.

Lets now look at the future of Muslims voters in India. Mulayam and Mayawati with less than 20% core voters are able to come to power and dominate the agenda in a first past the post democratic system. Keeping this cutoff in mind, lets look at 0-4 year population cohort of Muslims in 2011 census and identify districts with more than 20% Muslim kids. These same kids will reach voting age in less than two decades.

Source: 2011 Census data

A total of 111 districts fall under red i.e. will have more than 20% Muslim population in 20-24 age cohort in 2031. This coalition of voters would become the major block to be wooed by the political parties. So one can imagine how politics will change with this huge demographic shift. Not only there would be many more Muslims in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, but the troubling part is that they will control local politics in a lot of these red districts. But an even gloomier picture emerges from the urban areas, often populated by the sickular class and Islam apologists.

Source: 2011 Census data

In the above figure you can see that a total of 246 districts have more than 20% Muslims in 0-4 age cohort in urban areas. Technically speaking, urban centres would be much more dominated by Muslim politics as compared to unwashed Hindu masses in the villages. Given more Hindus are tied to their lands and migrate less to urban areas compared to Muslims, these figures will only get worse for urban areas. So in roughly two decades half of the urban areas will have Muslim mayors, halal meat, pork ban and burqa. No amount of development will protect Freedom of Speech as it will become a historical relic. Funny thing is that this will happen right under the nose of urban secular Hindus, who have more or less given up on having children. You might bash Sakshi Maharaj’s suggestion for having four kids today, but he will have the last laugh if Hindus do not course correct their behaviour.

Now let’s come to the last part in this debate. Given that facts and history stand on our side, the liberal commentators will accuse realists of scaremongering. But whether we discuss this problem or not there are only two ways out of it. One, understand the reality that Muslims don’t have to become a majority i.e. 50% before demanding Sharia and hence realists should start confronting this problem now or two, put our heads in the sand and ignore the problem to exacerbate it and leave for our future generations to solve. The choice is well laid out in front of current generation of Hindus. And the most important part is that one does not need to do number crunching for doomsday prediction because the current TFR difference between Hindus and Muslims is more than enough to generate pockets of unrest throughout the country in next two three decades.

Given these facts, the leftist cabal will go in overdrive to pin blame on Hindus for scaremongering and how this scaremongering is what will cause a civil war. But this is absolutely non-sense looking at historical evidence. The partition of India happened despite Hindu attempts to reconcile with the Muslims who wanted partition. Contrary to the beliefs of leftist traitors, who want to sacrifice millions of lives and dignity of our grandchildren at the altar of their self-hating cultural Marxist ideology, their strategy of sucking up to Muslims will only backfire. Even in 1947, the Hindu strategy of appeasement was behind emboldening the mullahs for more riots. But it seems like the lessons of Mopallah rebellion and Direct Action Day have been completely forgotten by the current generation of Hindus.

If the liberal apology of Muslim womb bomb goes unaddressed for too long, Hindus will actually come across as weak which would further embolden the Muslims and finally culminate into a civil war and another partition. How else can you explain that Muslims held Hindus hostage and drove them out of Kashmir in a Hindu majority country? Compare and contrast it with how China is handling them. It is making the Muslims dance and parade in the streets by asking them to swear that they will not teach religion to their children. Xinjiang which was predominantly Muslim in 1949 is less than 50% today.

The worst part of this liberal apology is that none of these seculars bother to put the important facts in the public domain specially about the rise of Muslim population in concentrated pockets. Much before Muslims become 25% of India, they would have already become a troubling majority with massive 40-50% population in places like Kerala, West Bengal and West Uttar Pradesh.

Now you can link the phenomenon of Azad Kerala to the Muslim population of 25% there. Such a chant was unimaginable even in 1947 but it is a shocking reality today. Also note that in Kerala Muslim women, despite their good education and wealth, still pop out one more kid than their Hindu or Christian counterparts. Do these secular apologists now want Keralite Hindus to be driven out of their homes like Kashmiri Pundits were driven out in 1990s? Even though Keralite Hindus brought it upon themselves in the name of Marxism, it should still ring alarm bells for Hindus who don’t want to risk the lives of their future generations. Interestingly enough Kashmiri Pundits were one of the best leftist apologists of Islamism and Islam during the 1970s, not very different from the current generation of Mallus and Bengalis, who prefer intellectual masturbation of secularism and Marxism over common sense.

By the way, demographic seige is not just an Indian phenomenon either. The process of Islamisation by Muslim womb is a time tested technique perfected by Mullahs. They turned a 100% Christian Turkey into a 99% Muslim shit hole it is today, within a matter of 600 years. The Coptic Christians also faced similar fate in Egypt even after paying Jaziya for centuries and are a tiny minority today. Do you really think India will be any different or 250 years is a long time according to you in the history of civilization and one should not bother? If liberal Hindus want to sacrifice the honour of their daughters and grand daughters for their political correctness and ideology, they should at least be honest about it rather than mask reality through bogus number crunching and abusing realists by calling them scaremongers. Actually, these leftist thugs are driving India towards civil war by hiding crucial facts from Hindus, who should maintain demographic superiority to avoid this problem of Muslim population bomb.

Even if it is indeed scaremongering, it is better to be a scaremongering realist who wants to save the future of his children than be a politically correct leftist who wants to sacrifice their future just to earn brownie points for his ideology.

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