Schrodinger’s Intellectuals

Schrodinger’s cat- the classic thought experiment in Physics about indeterminacy of cat being alive or dead is being played out in reality in Indian intellectual space on everyday level and the mental gymnastics displayed by some of the so called public intellectuals is of such Olympic quality that one is confused whether they are really intellectuals or not. If Indian gymnasts had shown this flexibility instead of these intellectuals, India would have definitely topped the Olympics table.

The problem is that there are far more Nehruvian and Marxist zombies masquerading as intellectuals than there are real intellectuals. For every true intellectual, the media clique has manufactured many more fake intellectuals to serve their own goals. For eg. Rana Ayub and her other media friends are hardly intellectual but they are part of a well oiled oligarchic ecosystem which ‘real intellectuals’ are beneficiaries of. The nation would love to ignore presstitutes and actually it did, but that didn’t prevent them from propping up Kejriwal and planting him where he doesn’t belong. Currently that does not stop them from eulogizing baby Kanhiya either. Given that the cost of ignoring these loonies is too high, most people aren’t willing to take that risk. Hence the constant flare ups about intolerance.

People have been consciously reticent to name names when it comes to Islamic terrorism, in a country which has been so severely plagued by it but one Dadri happens and it doesn’t take time for terms like Hindu Taliban to fly off from Marxist pie-holes while the ‘intellectual’ jury is still out on whether using the term Muslim Taliban is appropriate or not. If that’s the bedrock of intellectualism in India, it’s not surprising that people are questioning it. Did any of these real intellectuals come out to denounce the lopsided articulation and misrepresentation of facts divorced from its context? Oh, real intellectuals don’t like publicity, got it. What is their purpose in life then, if not to be the beacon of light for the commoners? Just sit in their rooms and allow the nation to be butchered, while reading their communist manifestos? The society doesn’t benefit from their intellectual pursuits and yet they feel entitled to demand disproportionate respect from the savage, uncivilized unwashed commoners by putting on the tag of intellectualism. They want to be credited with all the supposed good but shun any responsibility for all their lapses. So, as per the definition of a real intellectual, they exist, somewhere, but are nowhere to be seen when they are needed. Hence the tag of Schrodinger’s intellectual aptly describes them.

The scarcity of intellectuals on the left has reached to such glorious level that they now have to borrow fascist Advani (Babri demolition fame) to make arguments in defence of the cottage industry of Marxist liberalism in India. It is funny how the same guy becomes a Hindu terrorist when he speaks up for the cause of Hindus and magically becomes an intellectual when it’s convenient for Marxists and needed to corner Modi. Actually Advani is not such a bad choice given how the Marxists have to defend barbarity of the Islamofascists in the name of intellectualism. If Burqa and triple talaq can be halal, then defending Advani is a cakewalk. If you haven’t been keeping up, here’s a perfect example of self declared Marxist intellectual:

If you aren’t convinced that the intellectual class of India has been a dishonest lot, if not incompetent, you only need to contemplate why, despite it having been explicitly mentioned in the constitution that the nation shall strive for national integration and a uniform civil code, not a single intellectual in the history of India has spoken up for its implementation? After all, the entire leftist, self-proclaimed intellectual cabal came out to make noise after the Dadri incident and fake church attacks, these rats were conspicuous by their absence in any other movements of national significance. When intellectuals could turn Dadri into a hot button issue, but not utter a word about FGM, UCC, RTE, then sane people are going to ask them- Guys, please give us your details of your past work before collecting the dog tag of intellectual.

The fact is that people have figured out that the holy grail of intellectualism in India is to abuse the majority community since it is the non-violent of the lot, compared to the ‘peaceful sickulars’, and win laurels for themselves. It is for this reason that people from the majority community have shunned the intellectual cabal and are reclaiming their rightful position in nation building. Even after causing such a massive damage to the nation over the decades, if the intellectuals think that merely being questioned on their past policies amounts to them being victimized then it only displays the self-absorbed and pompous nature of these people, who want to scrutinize every stray incident but refuse to be held accountable for their follies. It is great that now people have taken over the mantle of nation building from these Marxists after telling them- “tumse na ho payega”(It is impossible for you to do).

If a billion Hindus have learnt to cultivate the thick skin to digest labels like Hindu Taliban for something they were not culpable for, in the interest of FoE, isn’t it damning that these self-professed Marxist intellectuals who wear FoE on their sleeves can’t grow out of their persecution complex and learn to take some well deserved criticism for which they bear personal, if not collective, responsibility. This is the crux of all criticisms that these elites are facing today. They certainly are no victims by any stretch of imagination. The mild criticism that they face today fades in comparison to the damage they have caused to the nation. The words of Ramdhari Dinkar used by Lokanayak JP ring true once again and should shake the Schrodinger’s intellectuals in Lutyens cabal:

सदियों की ठंढी-बुझी राख सुगबुगा उठी,
मिट्टी सोने का ताज पहन इठलाती है;
दो राह,समय के रथ का घर्घर-नाद सुनो,
सिंहासन खाली करो कि जनता आती है।