Hindu-Jew Bye Bhai

This is the second article in our series on Israel after explaining Why Hindu hearts shouldn’t bleed For Israel. There are many lessons to be learnt from Israel and Jews in particular, but as usual it comes with a large number of caveats. To not repeat the emotional mistakes that Nehru made in the context of China, it is paramount for India to understand the nature of international politics pursued by Israel. Here is a laundry list of some more facts often ignored by Hindu nationalists.

Firstly, Hindus can admire Jews and draw inspiration on a personal level, even NSA Doval does that, but shouldn’t let that admiration dictate national policy. In fact, there is inspiration to be taken even from Muslims and Christians on how they spread their ideology but we don’t owe them anything as a payment for their second hand inspiration.

Very few people know that there was a high level Jewish-Hindu religious consultation in 2008 which led to a declaration. The gist of it is that Jews professed their understanding that Hindu Swastika has nothing to do with Hitler and therefore would refrain from accusing Hindus as being Nazi sympathisers, and urged Hindus to reconsider idol worship and polytheism. It is the latter which should jolt Hindus. A nation of 15 million has the gall to tell us how to worship our gods and how to practice our religion despite us not sharing a land boundary. That’s Jewish bigotry for you- utterly humiliating to the core. But as explained before-Judaism is the fountain head of monotheism.

Here is the link to the PDF of the joint declaration.

Secondly, please count the number of nations which have been betrayed by the Jews, first Germany, France, then Russia (Bolsheviks). Then they partnered with Britain to formulate the Palestine declaration and later betrayed Britain by hacking British officers to death in 1945 once the Palestine declaration was passed. Then they allied with France to get nukes, later betrayed them too after the project was successfully completed. Then they befriended the US for help with various regional wars, later betrayed the US too by hitting their ship with missiles during the Six Day War. Then they befriended Iran to make nuclear weapons to counter India, took Iran’s money, oil and later betrayed Iran by giving them duds. So, if India builds alliances with Israel at the expense of its other interests and alliances, the day is not far when India will be left alone after being stabbed by Israel. To them, everyone else is just Goyim.

There is ample evidence that they have never been loyal friends to anyone. They are cunning, yes, so admire them for that just like one admires a cobra out of mortal fear but one doesn’t embrace it. Israel was also on the verge of selling weapons to Pakistan, but it was caught by India and caused a major diplomatic row. Later Israel apologized to India and cancelled the sale.

British report reveals Israel’s arms exports to Pakistan

Israel not to supply weapon systems to Pakistan

Thirdly, there was a bomb blast in Delhi a few years back, which Israel claimed was done by Iran because “it used the classic explosives which Iran intel is known to use”. As it probably later turned out that Israel was behind this false-flag attack to ruin Indo-Iran relations, because that case was magically buried, probably after some stern talk.

Fourthly, Israel needs India strategically to keep Pakistan tied up to prevent them from helping Turkey in the even of an Israel-Turkey war, but this status-quo is not permanent. Sooner than later, Israel will manage to demolish Turkey and carve out Kurdistan. Once Turkey is no more a threat to Israel, India will be no more important to Israeli strategic interests. When that paradigm shift happens, they will openly start selling arms to Pakistan or blackmailing India to place bigger orders in exchange for deferred sales to Pakistan.

Fifthly, if the ‘Akhand Israel’ project comes to fruition, they will have control over Suez Canal and can control/block shipping routes to India to blackmail us.


Sixthly, Israel needs access to Pakistani soil to destabilize Iran, and Baluchistan serves as the most convenient (path of least resistance) among other options to penetrate into Iran. Don’t be surprised if Mossad has great working ties with ISI. If you go by Pakistani rhetoric alone, then these guys even bark at CIA, while taking their weapons and aid and using it against India all the time.

All in all, it is a nation of very cunning people with a history of backstabbing all their erstwhile allies. These are ‘admirable people’ who have the capacity to cause great damage to us, the only thing which is stopping them from doing so is the circumstances. So if India gives up all its strategic cards and pressure points and embraces Israel like an emotional fool, they will do to us what Afzal Khan intended to do to Shivaji.

The bedrock of a strategic friendship is the exact opposite of a natural friendship since it implies that “I will be in bed with you as long as strategic conditions are conducive”, which by corollary means that “once the strategic imperatives are no longer pressing, I am free to switch my alliances”. Let’s not confuse our strategic friendship with natural friendship. We are a pole in a multi-polar world, which makes all other poles our competitors, bar none. There are no friends here, only alliances of convenience.

Whatever counter terror operations or patriotic wars Israel has fought (for which Indians seem to admire them), they have done so in their self-interest as an act of self-preservation, not as a favour to any of us. We can admire them from a distance, but that doesn’t make us any less worthy. In fact, India is a bigger success story than Israel, it is just that we have a civilizational curse of being poor story tellers. Compare the amount of Holocaust movies Jews churn out versus the number of movies India makes to narrate its civilizational glory. A small country like Italy which had people of the same race, same language, same religion which was divided into 8 provinces took 23 years to integrate into one nation from the day they started their national integration plan. Even a relatively homogeneous country like Germany took 18 years for Bismark to unite after a lot of killing. It took Mao a decade of killing to integrate a homogeneous China, and yet we forget that a large country like India with so many tribes, races, religions, languages, ideologies was integrated from 580 princely states into one entity by Sardar Patel in just 18 months. Now, if someone had told that story properly, we would all be proud of ourselves. Sadly no one did and so we have to make do with being proud of someone else, so we latch on to Israel.

Here’s a video of Indian Jews gloating about the golden days when they served with the British to subjugate the native Indians. The amount of superiority they profess over the locals is astounding. Hope it will open the eyes of all Israel doting Hindu nationalists.

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