Why Hindus don’t get real Hindu party

This is the first article in this series on explaining the problems with emergence of real Hindu party. Read Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

So, why do you think that Hindus don’t get real Hindu party which can enforce their cultural agenda? Brief answer- naivety of Hindus makes them think about nation first and religion later. Although they have only one homeland in the world, they still struggle to make the optimal choice. This all-encompassing attitude of Hindus allows the other slackers to pursue their pointed agenda while taking for granted that stupid Hindus will take care of the economy and infrastructure anyway. No surprise every time some freak raises the bogey of real Hindu issues, he is shot down by the many “Economics is Everything” nay-sayers whose numbers have rapidly swelled in the Hindu fold now. Usual copybook response then goes along the lines- “don’t you think rural electrification is for Hindus as well? You are mistaken if you think poor farmer cares about Ram temple.”

Just to fix ideas- Hindus need to learn and start playing the realpolitik game. It’s not that bad economy and bad roads don’t adversely affect Muslims, but that is NEVER an election issue for them as they know someone else (i.e. Hindus) will make sure that the roads will be built and economy will be bolstered and nation will be protected by Hindu soldiers anyway. So making economy, infrastructure or security an election demand becomes redundant for them. Actually, no matter how hard BJP tries to sell its developmental agenda Muslims never buy it. Once Hindus start playing realpolitik and start caring for their OWN agenda more than caring about the universe then they too will start seeing a change in not just the politicians but also Muslim voting patterns because for the first time, the spoiled brats will have to take up the mantle of nation building given that Hindus wouldn’t consider it their sole responsibility any more.

The case about Hindu and Muslim responsibility is like that of a cuckoo laying eggs in crow’s nest. Cuckoo is the Muslim here and crow is the hard working Hindu. It’s not that the cuckoo doesn’t care about its eggs, but it outsources its labour to the crow and takes time to pursue its own goals, while the crow is left with both its own and cuckoo’s eggs to attend to and fails to pursue its own goals despite being the bigger bird. Similarly Muslims have cleverly intermingled their interests with Hindus to make sure it becomes difficult for Hindus to separate the two, like the crow can’t differentiate between its own and cuckoo’s eggs. Once the crow starts saying “you know what- I feel like behaving irresponsible for a change and I don’t give a shit about any eggs. Let all eggs die.” At that time the cuckoo will HAVE to take the corrective measures if it has to ensure survival of its species and make alternate arrangements for its eggs henceforth.

It’s the same with Muslims. They have outsourced development, economy, infrastructure, social harmony, soldiering and martyrdom to Hindus, so that they can themselves pursue their narrow goals knowing very well that everything else is taken care of by the bania Hindus. This arrangement has worked great for them. But Muslims freeloading on civilized society is not restricted to India or even 21st century. You can go to any western country and Muslims are usually among the lowest income group and use social security to make their ends meet. Why wouldn’t they freeload since civilized society will not let them die when they demand breaks for namaz five times a day and get fired from work to go back and live like a parasite on social security? But this is not a new phenomenon, as reported by British officer Ibbeston in 1881. This is what he had to say:

Reading the above summary it seems as if Ibbeston wrote these paragraphs just yesterday. This common trait of free riding explains Muslim lethargy and poverty across the world where they simply exploit the civilization building efforts of Kafirs, while at the same time pushing their societies to adopt Muslim norms(Halal products, Burqa etc) through democracy. In military terms it is called ‘grabbing the enemy by the belt’, as espoused by Giap against the Americans during Vietnam wars. Vietnam mixed their soldiers with Americans in close quarter battles to prevent Americans from using air power because they knew that if the American bombs fall, even American soldiers would die. In the end Americans decided to sacrifice a few soldiers which turned the tide in America’s favour.

Similarly, if Hindus decide that they want something- like Ram Mandir or Article 370, they can get it. But today if you ask a random Hindu about it, he would say “Let the courts decide, else there would be riots”, knowing very well that it is not just the Hindus who would die or bear the losses. Yet, Hindus unilaterally take a step back, despite the fact that in case of riots consequences are usually far worse for the Muslims. This is how this ideological subversion works and has been working since the time of Gandhi. The mantle of maintaining social harmony is placed singularly on the Hindu shoulders while Muslims free ride and the likes of Owaisi and Azam Khan go around threatening about riots and stop the larger community from peacefully pursuing its right to build a temple for one of their most important civilizational heroes, that too in his birth place. Now, no one is advocating violence here but this is how realpolitik works. And politicians know this very well. Once Hindus overcome this self-enforced mental burden and say “We don’t care and let it happen”, both Muslims and politicians will have to change their tune.

Similar was the case in Gujarat prior to 2002 when riots were taking place daily but Hindus were told not to retaliate for fear of escalation. Dead cows were being thrown in temples but still Hindus were told not to retaliate because “there will be a riot”. Then there was an attack on Somnath temple but Hindus were told not to retaliate because “there will be a riot”. It took the burning down of 56 saints in Godhra when Hindus lost their patience and said “Let it be”. After that day hardly anyone one ever dared to use that phrase to scare Hindus into submission again. The same word which had been their strength became their weakness after that. Not to mention, there has hardly been any mentionable riots in Gujarat post 2002.

Again, without looking at it as an incitement to violence one can clearly see that the more considerate you are, the more attrition you face. Hit the reset button once and things can progress differently. Think about it, if Mamta gives monthly allowance to Imams while poor Hindu priests go hungry, whose fault it is- Muslims, who know how to bend the system or Hindus, who don’t know about their priorities? So a reset is needed in the political sphere but for that Hindus need to unite and realize the importance of their identity. Once all political parties realize that there is a certain red line which cannot be crossed without paying heavy political costs, no one will take Hindus for a ride. No one would dare to coin terms like “Hindu terror” for non-existent phenomenon while hounding you with Islamophobia, even though most terrorist activities are . All these jumlas that ‘economy will improve and have patience’ is like giving lollypop to infants and nothing else. If Hindus themselves are complacent and keep saying that they are very happy with the performance of BJP, even though it has not moved an inch on cultural Hindu agenda, and overtly express their commitment to vote for BJP in 2019, then what makes you think that BJP won’t start taking Hindus for granted?

If you don’t like parasites eating your tax money for doles, stop paying taxes- what will then happen to the parasites? But Hindus won’t play that game and continue to pay taxes so that “roads could be built” while whining about socialism. So if BJP keeps going down the path it is going now, what will it show at the end of 5 years? Well, well- “we prevented some hypothetical riots and built some roads, but please give us another chance in 2019 to build Ram Mandir, abolish article 370, bring UCC and repeal RTE? We will definitely finish them next time.” Well Congress has been making those promises for past 70 years as well and even Manmohan can run the economy, so what is the difference between BJP and Congress? Is it just Congress+Cow?

This is the first article in this series on explaining the problems with emergence of real Hindu party. Read Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

  • guest

    Very good article. But you might want to assert, that hinduism is larger than a mere religion. It encompasses so much and is not absolute, so also allows freedom for reformation, all that is in built in hinduism.

  • Achal Sridharan

    Well articulated point of view but I may differ about Indian army and Myslims. We in the armed forces do not care for our soldiers religion, caste and community. There are legendary stories of valour and sacrifice when religion and caste never had a role but only the mission.

    1SIKH Battalion was the first to enter Srinagar after Maharaja Hari Singh signed the Instrument of Accession . The battalion was led by a Muslim Commanding officer who could speak immaculate Punjabi and also lead his men in battle and Gurudwara with Gurbani. In my Regiment the best Bhajan Singers in our Mandirbof Lor Krishna and Radhe were Muslims and Chritians. My Hindu cooks woke up in High altitude before day break, washed and cooked for our Myslim troops the meals during Ramzan. We cheered our Barber or Safaiwalas when they were boxing and wrestling !

    Perhaps the armed forces as an institution had no qualms about HINDU Rajya or Ram Mandir or Masjid or Gurudwaras. In J& K in Rajouri Sector in the battalion area that I operated there was a Pir. None of the battalions ate meat during their tenure on that hill. We took care of the Pir. We did not want to offend beliefs and not because we were majority Hindus we imposed our will on the mjniroties. Faith plays a great part in a soldier.

    Yes it is also sad that today in Srinagar the Government of the day which is in valuation with BJP has refused creation of any Sainik Colony simply because it may be construed as backward entry and breach of Article 370. Soldiers do not see this difference. The politicians see it and misuse the armed forces. I do not think any Muslim soldier from Kashmir will mind living next door with a Brahmin. Why should army feel proud to teach and send 15 students from the Valley to IIT? Religion did not come in the way!

    All said, life is not so simple!

    • Yuga Parivartan

      Well, this arrangement is working right now because the number of muslims is pretty low in armed forces. May not be the case in future, if Sachchar Committee style interventions are allowed.

      One can never trust the Muslims due to their extra-territorial affinities. One should not judge on basis of few examples. Anyway, Indian army does not care so much right now because it is anyway predominantly Hindu.

      You might like to read this issue: http://yugaparivartan.com/2016/01/31/why-india-should-not-have-a-secular-army/

    • MadIndian1

      Unless the mullahs and xtians in the army come and worship in temples, such superflous secular nonsense is BS and one-sided and is ultimately bad. Either way, not learning anything from Muslim soldiers betraying us time and again in Rajput vs aurangzeb wars, Vijayanagar vs Deccan sultanates, Marathas vs Afghans etc us a classic Hindu trait which explains their enslavement by the Muslim invaders so many times. I don’t expect Hindu idiots to learn ever

      • Rajalakshmi J

        //Unless the mullahs and xtians in the army come and worship in temples//

        God FORBID !!! Hindus are colossal IDIOTS , would at once perform a spontaneous piroutte prostrating before the mullah / xtian jettisoning The Deities. This is exactly what pro christian dmk party did with well choreographed visits to certain Temples & have managed to win many votes of Hindu suckers. The christian papacy exhorted their flock to vote in favour of anti Hindu dmk party.

        sonia gandhi & her children visit many Temples sporting tilaks. But did not stop proselytizing. Christians have been relentlessly siphoning off Gold etc from Hindus Temples.

        Hindus only DEMEAN themselves by begging inimicals to “respect” ” Hinduism & “worship” in our Temples.

        • There is no bigger insult to xtianity or Islam than to worship a idol that too of a pagan God like that of Hindus.this is why if they really want to show their secularism/pluralism they have to worship in our temples.if not, the slogans of secularism is meaningless and is just one sided lack of spine and self respect on the part of Hindus when the Hindus claim to visit churches and mosques as part of their secularism. That’s what the OP quoted as being a beacon of secularism and that is what is pathetic

    • Rajalakshmi J

      Nothing new. So many Iftar parties get hosted by hindu suckers in India. And many muslim shopkeepers stock sweetmeats & crackers selling them to Hindus during Diwali thus making profits. I have had muslim neighbours from Mumbai eating many delicacies like Idli , Dosa , Sambar , Rasam etc learning their recipes too. However the CONTEMPT they have towards Hindus did not come down a whit.

      They will continue to make movies like A Plate of rice , pk etc etc ridiculing Hindus & we would continue to “tolerate”. We would also put up with cartoon riots allowing many Hindus to be killed.

      What an irony …if at “high altitudes” sporadic hindu-muslims bonhomie is a reality why is it impossible in terra firma ? If they are that GOOD why did they INVADE in the first place ? If such camaraderie is truly present why have we been having perennial wars with them ??

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  • Rajalakshmi J

    Excellent summing up of reasons for Hindus’ failure. Not just muslims , the christian parasites among us , the selective atheists in the guise of communists , agnostics & secularists in our midst all benefit owing to the pusillanimity of Hindus.

    Svami Vivekananda got it right much earlier & warned us Hindus that anyone leaving Hinduism & embracing christianity , Islam or any blah blah is an ENEMY of Hindus & this Nation called Bharath. Such a person gets “denationalised”. It fills me with immense despair to find even someone like Modi does not get it. Be it construction of a dam in Afghanistan , construction of power plants in Bangladesh , civilian awards conferred on him by Saudi Arabia , heavy clapping & flattery heaped on Modi by americans , christians in North East casting votes in favour of BJP , African students being admitted in huge numbers in Indian colleges displacing HINDUS thus forcing them to go seeking admission abroad , none of these beneficiaries are willing to relinquish their creeds embracing Hinduism. Beef eating is not going to be given up. Cows , Buffaloes , Calves smuggling across the border to bangladesh & their slaughter would not stop either. Hatha Yoga & Baba Ramdev’s Anulom Vilom get done by many muslims & christians ( Christians have the gall to call it christian yoga) no doubt. That ought not to sway us idiotized Hindus into thinking Cows would be revered by them. Afghanis , Iranians , Bangladeshis , secularists like rajdeep sardesais etc would CONTINUE to endorse slaughter of Cows & Buffaloes.

    This has ALWAYS been the pattern of behaviour. Hindus in our Army DIE so that christians , muslims & various such inimical parasites within thrive & flourish to our detriment.

    Wnen Modi says “sab ka saath , sab ka vikas” he means vikas of all INIMICALS of Hindus WITHIN.

    In such a scenario why fulminate at CHINA our only neighbour who never converts like christian mafia. Idiotic hindus infested BJP too is being craftily used by anglo saxon west to antagonize China. This would only enfeeble us Hindus further.