Congress party needs to be obliterated for a better India

Indian National Congress is probably the most pathetic party in India and its voters the most shameless and self-respect lacking Hindus in the universe. Even Pakistanis stranded in India and their parties like AIMIM of the Owaisi brothers won’t come close to the treachery done by Congress against India and Hindus. At least, the Islamist brothers from Hyderabad are pretty honest about their opinions about India and Hindu society but Congress hides its rabid Hinduphobia and anti-national agenda behind the veneer of fake secularism.

When India got its independence in 1947, it had the same per capita income, poverty levels, literacy rate as that of South Korea, which got its independence in 1948. But today, South Korea is 20 times as rich as India with a poverty rate that should make every Indian who voted for congress and its socialism squirm in disgust. Congress wasted the economic potential of India under its pathetic socialist policies, which ensured that poor stayed poor forever without any way out of poverty, all under the pretence of preventing rich from exploiting them. By keeping poor poorer for almost 5 decades, Congress has built its legacy and wealth on the death and starvation of poor Indians. If Communist Mao had destroyed 50 million Chinese in cultural revolution, Indian National Congress have starved billions of Indians so far by denying their rightful opportunity at better life. It wasn’t done out of any concern or idealism either as the same congress party today also is the most corrupt wealthy party in India, with Italian waitress Sonia being the wealthiest Indian in India unofficially, even though she claims to have only a very limited wealth.

The injustices done to Hindus under the Indian National Congress is immeasurable. Indian National Congress is instrumental in destroying Hindu pride and the sense of identity among Hindus. Even now the pathetic worms in the congress party haven’t given up their ways to destroy Indians from within, by trying to destroy local traditions of Hindus, like Jallikattu (Congress party division in Tamil Nadu has announced they will ban Jallikattu if they come to power) or Shani Temple(Trupti Desai was in Congress). The damage done by Congress party to Hindus is actually worse than the damage Hindus suffered under the Islamic and British barbarians. At least under Islamic or British barbarians, Hindus were not politically castrated and neutralized like they are now. This was the reason that after the murderous reign of Aurangzeb, Shivaji and Marathas rose up and destroye Mughal empire in India and this was the reason Indians won freedom against British as well. But Congress being the cunning parasitic worm party it is, cleverly destroyed the Hindu pride, Hindu identity and self-respect under the name of secularism. This is akin to killing a frog by slowly heating it in water by raising the temperature slowly as opposed to throwing it in boiling water, without the frog ever realizing that it will die. Congress and its ecosystem of bureaucracy and academia is instrumental in destroying Hindu society from within like parasites/virus kills an animal from inside.

Congress party is so pathetic that it did not even think twice before collaberating with ISI and Pakistan to target Hindu politicians, just for political gains. They invented the term saffron terror for non-existent phenomenon, just to create an equal-equal with Islamic terror and framed innocent patriotic Hindus on false case of terrorism. Now that Hindus have given them a thorough beating in the LS elections in 2014, the same shameless worms claim that they don’t approve of the use of the word saffron terror. Is it any wonder that Pakistan was not punished and was always let go scot free by Congress whether they attacked Mumbai or killed our soldiers on the border?

If Bharat Mata is our mother, then Congress actions of selling out Bharat Mata or her sons, just for staying in power and looting India, is no less pathetic than a vermin selling out his mother for profit and cash. This applies even more to all those pathetic Hindus who despite knowing all its ills still vote for Congress and empower it to sell out Bharat Mata and her interests to her worst enemies.

Other than the above mentioned problems, Congress has also undermined the efficiency of Indian armed forces by slandering them with allegations of coup, using their media prostitutes/presstitutes and demoralized them. There is no bigger sin than compromising national security and defence. But under the orders of USA state department, Congress deliberately undermanned and under equipped the Indian armed forces, preferring to instead loot Indian money under various defence scams from Bofors to Augusta Westland. This was deliberately done to reduce the fighting ability of Indian army against Pakistani army, in case a non-Congress party ever comes to power, like it happened in 2014. By the time Congress left office, situation was so grim that Indian army reserves were down to just 20 days of ammo supplies in case of a war. Without such basic requirements, it is impossible to expect that Indian can ever took strong action against its two rogue neighbours i.e. Pakistan and China. It took BJP and Manohar Parrikar 2 years just to rearm the country back to its proper level to encounter ISIS aka Pakistani army. This all happened under the watch of lungi Defence Minister A K Antony, while Congress preferred to look away from these important issues.

Such a self hating, anti-national and anti-Hindu party like Congress and its current clones like AAP, along with the corrupt ecosystem of parasites should be eliminated if the country is to have any meaningful future. So long as such pathetic vermins, who even tried to implicate an elected Chief minister by cooperating with Pakistani ISI under Ishrat Jahan encounter case, exists in India, the political situation in the country will always be anti-Hindu. For any alternative pro-Hindu party to emerge, Congress and its cousin parties should be destroyed and made irrelevant by making them lose their deposits where ever they contest. Congress-Mukt Bharat is becoming a reality and it has been already eliminated and reduced to joke in states like Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Orissa, Bengal, Sikkim, Andhra Pradesh, UP etc. It is about time to get rid of Congress fully for a better future of India. Despite this massive amount of evidence to prove that Congress is a pathetic, anti-national and anti-Hindu party, Hindus who still vote for Congress should jump in the river or change their names to Hamid or Johnny, as it would be their future identity if they continue to vote with their feet instead of brains.