One night stand- Ashdoc’s movie review

Tanuj Virvani’s career and family life is going great guns. He is at a high salary position in his company and waiting for him at home is a hot and sexy wife, Nyra Bannerjee.

But at a work related trip to Thailand he is mesmerized by the ultimate seductress-Sunny Leone. His friends egg him on to seduce her and he charms his way into her bedroom. Not just her bedroom but also her couch and her bathtub. And they bathe together, lie together and make love. And when Sunny Leone makes love then a man reaches nirvana or heaven. A heaven that other women like the hero’s wife just cannot help a man reach. And from then on Tanuj is hooked/addicted. Addicted to that endless fountain of pleasure that is Sunny Leone.

But Sunny does not tell him her real name or address. Like a dream that can come only once in a lifetime she disappears before he has woken up. He remembers her like an angel that has come to give him heavenly bliss. And he can’t let go of her from his mind. He just can’t!

But things just do not stop here. When he returns home he is confronted by the fact that Sunny is his client’s wife and she has a child to boot.

From then on begins Tanuj’s path of obsession. He begins to chase Sunny relentlessly from pillar to post. He begins to lose concentration at work, get angry at his colleagues, shouts at his wife and begins to imagine all women including his wife Nyra as Sunny. Even Forces marital rape on Nyra in a drunken state thinking that she is Sunny.

But on reaching and entering Sunny’s home he finds that she is a dutiful wife and daughter in law who is also an attentive mother to her child. That like him she has made a mistake in embarking on a one night stand. That she accuses him of stalking her.

So what will happen between Tanuj and Sunny Leone? What about Nyra- will she take things lying down? and I mean literally.

Because both the writer and the director of the film are women, we get to hear some dialogues as to why should only women be looked down upon by society on embarking on one night stands when men are equally responsible. But the climax leads nowhere as both the writer and the director seem clueless as to how to end the film.

On the other hand photography and colours of the film are great and all the three main characters are looking great. But body exposure by Sunny is less than in her other films. Music and songs are a treat to listen to. Acting is okay by everyone .


Two stars

Note: Expect more movies on similar themes as Bollywood would like to popularize both one night stands as well as build massive support to push for marital rape law.

  • guest

    and the moral of such movies is….’let us all bring the morals down.’. Not to raise ideals, but to bring them them. Btw, it is not true the men go around having one night stands. When you live in joint families, there is a healthy sense of what life is about. One night stands are like taste of a sugary sweet on your tongue. Lasts a few seconds and forever we are running after the taste, making our stomachs rounder, and our pancreas weaker. Its an empty chase. That does not even lead to loosing weight…. 🙁

  • guest

    Oh and by the way, just because women make it does not make it any more correct than if men would have directed it. I would love for them to make a movie on contracting AIDS after a one night stand. Either man or woman could get it, but explore that….now that would be something to think about….

    • Savarkar’s Disciple

      Contracting AIDS/STDS are very much a possibility coz certain precautions does not necessarily mean 100% security.I think a better study would be to see how people who get into these one night stand end up having unstable relationships and often struggle to maintain a long term loving emotional relationship.Their self obsessive Narcisstic nature makes them a liability to society and since objectification of another fellow being is often on their priority list they make ideal candidates to be categorised amongst the minor levels below the Muladhar Chakra..such kind of behaviour produces erratic human beings who might resort to any means necessary to gratify their perverted desires including paedophilia,rape etc.

      • guest

        This is a great response. I need to think about it. I do agree that those who engage in this do not have the ability to commit. However, sadly though I have seen some playboys settle down. Actually, quite a few, or does it depend on the partner. Strangely the same can be said for girls. That is the sad part. women who go around and then settle down with ease (mostly affluent women).

        • Savarkar’s Disciple

          //However, sadly though I have seen some playboys settle down. Actually, quite a few, or does it depend on the partner. Strangely the same can be said for girls. That is the sad part. women who go around and then settle down with ease (mostly affluent women).//

          Do we actually know what compromises go on beyond closed doors of such couples? No we don’t also marrying or being able to “SETTLE DOWN” does not guarantee a non promiscuous lifestyle.From what I have seen if the individual who led a lifestyle of having multiple partners doesn’t change their habits after marriage(which they can’t) then the marriage is often an unhappy one.Such behaviour eventually leads to divorce or the other partners jealousy makes them want to get back using various means.So what we see on the outside might just be a charade to show us that they are happy couple.Think about it if you cant love and be satisfied with your wife/husband even when they love you back then you have duped an innocent person into tying the knot with you.

          • guest

            Sure, agreed absolutely about Karma and dissatisfaction and life. But the thing with karma is that it might surface after a few lifetimes, which makes it confusing and therefore, it is not always clear to folks. But then, I think these things are common sense, whether it emerges today or later, why should we do it just for the sake of karma, if our own consciousness is cleansed, we are incapable of such acts. But the thing is what I see as a new trend–hopefully only in the metros. That not having this kind of behaviour is considered regressive…