Why BJP is not a pro-Hindu party

This is the third article in this series on explaining the problems with emergence of real Hindu party. Read part 1, part 2 and part 4.

Anyone who follows realpolitik of USA would observe that Republicans and their religious right are pro-Israel to the hilt. For instance, Iraq war was orchestrated by Republican president Bush to help get rid of Israel’s local threat- Saddam’s Iraq. Does that mean that the left in USA is anti-Jew or anti-Israel? The case in most communities or groups is that when the right wing is pro something, the left wing is usually anti the same thing? Of course not. The Democrats are equally fanatic supporters of Zionism and Israel and Democrats under Obama and Hillary destabilized the entire middle east from Libya to Syria, for protecting the interests of Israel, often wasting overall geopolitical influence, power and wealth of USA. Jews usually have massive influence over the countries they live in, often disproportionate to their numbers which forms an interesting case study to learn simple realpolitik. How Jews get their agenda implemented in USA should be case study for all aspiring Hindus.

Hindu nationalists often have an irrational love for Israel and huge admiration for Jews and their resilience. But have they learnt anything from them for implementing their own agenda? No. For instance, compare how Jews try to play both sides of the political spectrum by influencing both Democrats and Republicans in the elections, so that no matter who comes to power, both serve the interest of Israel and Jews. Comparatively Hindu nationalists still can’t seem to make up their mind whether their loyalty is to the ideology and Hindu cause or supposedly Hindu party called BJP .

If Hindus have to win this ideological war against the Abrahamics and their numerous cousins -Marxists , feminists, liberals, seculars etc, they need to learn these games from the Jews they admire rather than chanting pro-Israel slogans without caring for Indian national interests. Thus, the first step is to determine whether their loyalty lies with any organization or their ideology. Any blind loyalty to a party or an organisation will only lead to betterment of the party and not their ideology and vice versa. So even if BJP portrays itself as a pro-Hindu party, it is much better to have an alternative as well in case BJP fails to deliver on its promises to Hindus or meet the expectations of its core Hindu voters. The objective should be force all parties towards accepting Hindu core agenda, such that they get punished for violating certain threshold or Lakshman Rekha.

To achieve this objective one first needs to make up mind and analyse whether BJP is actually a pro-Hindu party or is it just a bubble created by media to keep Hindus bogged down and never let them realize what a pro-Hindu party should look like? To do this study, one needs to look at the recent events and guess whether BJP passes the smell test of being a pro-Hindu party:

1) Shani temple issue, where Dev Fadnavis, a brown American with Hindu pretensions decided to desecrate Hindu traditions just to appease an anti-Hindu feminist, even though the majority of the common Hindus in Maharashtra, and indeed whole of India is against the idea, except perhaps his equally deracinated brown American brothers stuck in Hindu India.

2) Bhojsala temple, where BJP government of Madhya Pradesh sold out Hindus and their temple to Mullahs.

3) Right To Education Act(RTE), which is a special case of BJP not backstabbing Hindus but rather BJP being outright anti-Hindu, where BJP actively supported in getting passed and till now hasn’t taken any interest in fixing it. In fact, the Brown American with Indian passport i.e. Devendra Fadnavis is actively implementing RTE act with zealotry in Maharashtra, causing closure of several thousand Hindu schools, while his daughter gets educated in Christian convent which is outside the ambit of RTE act.

4) NIT students were backstabbed by BJP for staying in power in Kashmir. While the apologists claim that BJP is doing good by staying in power, any neutral observer should ask what good is such power in hands of BJP if their ground supporters are going to be screwed by Islamists and anti-nationals anyway?

5) Not showing any interest in fixing the academia in India, which is the fountain-head of Hinduphobic discourse in India, sowing seeds for sectarianism, often spewing venom against Hindus and justifying Islamic savagery in medieval India and simultaneously downplaying facts like destruction of thousands of temples as fiction of Hindutva imagination, even though the Islamic barbarians themselves wrote books praising and extolling their rulers for destroying these temples temples and killing millions of innocent Hindus.

To make matters worse, the esteemed HRD minister Smriti Irani is more concerned about veg and non-veg food being served in Indian colleges rather than fixing the rot in today’s academia- going after useless brainwashed idiots like Kanhaiya rather than the academic snakes and ring masters who brainwash newer generations of students through teaching anti-national propaganda in institutes like JNU. Esteemed Smriti Irani even gets applause by BJP’s fanboys when she proudly proclaims how she hasn’t changed a single book, academician, course or syllabus till now since she became a HRD minister to bolster her neutral credentials. Fact is fixing the academia is something which doesn’t need a Rajya Sabha backing or majority but just political will.

5) The decision to induct women in combat forces, with the Home Minister Rajnath saying that they will give 33% reservation for women in CRPF and open frontline combat role for women in Army. Should we not learn from Ambur Muslim riots in Tamil Nadu, where many police women were molested and harassed by the barbarians in India? And this is an incident which happened inside India where Hindus are the majority. You can easily imagine the horror of sending Hindu women in combat against the Pakistani army, which is ISIS except in name.┬áIt’s not that they will not rape or torture them and treat them like saints, the way they treated them in Bangladesh? Seems like BJP is once again more interested in being brown Americans with Hindu name, just like their fanboys who support this initiative against common sense, just to satisfy an imported ideology of absolute gender equality without understanding the security environment around India. Of course, women have a place in police and that should be limited to women police dealing with women in riots or brown skinned American degenerates, like Trupti desai when they try to turn India into a brown skinned version of the western cesspool, but not fighting against Pakistani barbarians outside and inside India.

6) Multiple flip-flops on Pakistani diplomacy- from terror and dialogue not going hand in hand as promised in the election manifesto to currently following the clone policy of Congress i.e. uninterrupted and uninterruptible dialogue no matter how many terrorist attack happens inside India. The BJP fanboys now shamelessly defend it by invoking fallacy to authority, while they derided Congress as anti-nationals for doing the same thing.

So it can be established fairly certainly that BJP is not a pro-Hindu party or an actual Indian nationalist party with any sort of common sense beyond what their white masters deem fit to be progressive and appropriate. If you have any doubt, then read this to understand what should be the demands to classify any party pro-Hindu. It is only the media which has built this image for BJP over a long period of time. At best BJP can be claimed to be a less anti-Hindu and less anti-national party than communist Congress cabal. This is one reason BJP can be given some slack for now and should still be voted into power in the state and national elections with thumping majority if possible because voting for other parties, specially the Communists, Congress cabal or its numerous clones like AAP, BSP ,JDU, DMK, in such crucial elections is akin to Hindus committing harakiri.

This is the third article in this series on explaining the problems with emergence of real Hindu party. Read part 1, part 2 and part 4.