Brahminism of the Marxists and Chrislamists: real threat for India

One of the biggest attacks against Hindus and Hindutva politics in India is about how it is Brahministic in nature and detrimental to the well being of the average Hindu, overwhelming majority of whom are non-Brahmin. This is consciously cultivated in the minds of the average Hindu voter that pro-Hindu policies are inherently Brahminic and that only Brahmins will get benefit from it. Not only it is far from reality, it is pathetically anti-lower caste and casteist in its outlook, by associating pro-Hindu politics with upper castes as if lower caste Hindus are not Hindus and are not going to benefit from pro-Hindu politics. But any close look at politics beyond the mere sloganreeing and egalitarian fluffery of the left-wing politics in India would show that the biggest Brahministic and caste supremacists in India are actually left wing politicians of the country. An average uninformed Hindu voter would be surprised to know that almost all the venom peddlers against Hindus in India are usually from Brahmin and other upper caste background.

Although this is a glaring generalization and there are lower caste sellouts as well, but this is definitely not very far from the truth. States like Kerala and Waste Bengal started romanticizing communism only when the Brahmin intelligentsia in those societies took their flock of sheep towards communism. All the Marxist leaders and Islamist apologists which the average Hindu complains against are Brahmins or erstwhile Brahmin converts into Islam and Christianity. Mamta Banerjee is a Brahmin, Sitaram Yechury of CPM is a Brahmin and so are most of the top leaders of CPM. Even Arundhati Roy has a Brahmin father. The less said about what she has contributed towards the nation, the better.

Compare what a reformer like Ambedkar did for India and society vs what these Marxist Islamist cabal has done. Ambedkar tried his best to do justice to his people, at a time when entire Indian apparatus and society was rigged against him. Despite that, he managed to bring a lot of positive changes to society and his people without being a traitor who asked for break up of India, unlike the Brahministic cabal of JNU or their Brahmin communist patrons across the country. If Ambedkar was as traitorous as the Brahmin Marxist Islamist cabal of India, India would have been broken into twenty pieces now. He was a mass leader and had a large flock of sheep at his beck and call. If he wanted, he could have led the sheep to the slaughterhouse by getting them to convert to Islam or Christianity. He was already getting competitive offers from Chrislamist leaders. But he was not a vindictive soul as it is usually made out to be, so he led his people to convert to Buddhism and explicitly stated that converting to Abrahamic faiths was not in the best interests of the people and this nation, so he let them convert within Indic faiths. Had he been a Brahmin like those from Waste Bengal, he would have proudly converted to Chrislam and become a card carrying ‘intellectual’ to save his own interests like the other Brahmins in communist parties have done.

This lie is so prevalent that many pro Hindu supporters also seem to have internalized the leftist, anti-Hindu narrative that brahminism is a pro-Hindu stand and that Ambedkar was anti-India and a British agent since he wrote constitution. But they fail to realize that, Ambedkar was the one who opposed the Article 370 when Brahmin Nehru was busy chopping up the territory and feeding it to the wolves. Non-Brahmin Ambedkar and non-Brahmin Sardar Patel got together to criticize Brahmin Nehru on his traitorous moves. It’s easy to spot the British agent here.(Hint: he was a Brahmin) . So it is true that Brahminism is cancerous to Hindus, but the problem is many Hindus confuse Brahminism with pro-Hindu politics and fail to see the vilest form of Brahminism practised today by the Marxist Islamist cabal of the country. For eg:

Wherever Hindus as a community have suffered, it was because Brahmins neglected the cause of Dharma in the pursuit of self-interest, much like how the caste driven self-interest of power hungry Bengali intellectuals have thrown millions of Hindus to Islamists for power and positions . This has historic as well as theological precedence. Raavana and Drona are classic examples of Brahmins who took their respective societies to ruin. They were both punished by being beheaded to restore Dharma. The truth is, just because someone opposes Dharma or Hinduism doesn’t make them anti-Brahmin. Dharma is universal law, it will have its own way.

In any group, online or offline, one will find that the Marxists are all Banerjee, Chaterjee, Mukherjee, Roys, Mehtas, Menon while a lower caste PM is fighting to unite the nation. Go to any communist Facebook group and do a Ctrl + F and find out what the शास्वत सत्य (truth) is. Is it any wonder that the current PM is hated universally by the Marxist cabal in the media and bureaucracy?

So why do Marxists use Brahminism as a scapegoat for attacking Hindutva politics even though majority of Hintudtva camp is actually OBC and Dalits? Because Marxists don’t really care about reform or revolution. They are fine with the way the present day caste discrimination and would like it to remain the same. Has any prominent and progressive Marxist married outside his caste? In fact Marxists want to institutionalize caste system even more by their policies.

If one thinks about it, caste system is not very different from socialism and government control. In caste system, a barber’s son will not be able to do any other work other than cutting hair because society enforces it. In socialism, the same barber’s son will not be able to do any business of his own choosing without getting the GOVERNMENT approval first in form of license or regulation, and of course the current state of government bureaucracy is that 70% of it is controlled by upper castes chiefly Brahmins and hence is unlikely to get approval for his business interests. Has there been any recorded political event where the Brahminist cabal of Marxists and socialists of India encouraged dalit or OBC entrepreneur? Their hatred for DICCI and dalit entrepreneurs is very well pronounced. Dalit politicians with corruption will be tainted by leftist media cabal as the worst possible race on planet even if the majority of loot is by their Brahmin brethren in power. Take the case of 2G corruption where Raja was blamed completely by the leftist cabal while the majority stake holders of the corruption- The Congress and its Brahmin cabal was left scrutiny free without any second thoughts. Or at least compare how much vilification Brahmins involved in the scam got to the justified vilification Raja got?

So essentially, socialism or the communist utopia as envisaged by this Marxist cabal in India is nothing more than another way to keep the old elite in power i.e. Brahmins at the top of the food chain while the lower castes toil for food and work at the mercy of a government controlled by them. Once these people lost theological battle to claim supremacy from Hindu texts, they mass converted to Marxism (or Chrislam) to keep their hold on the power structure under the garb of helping poor. Does this now explain why almost none of the polit-bureau members of CPI are dalit?

Neither Marxism nor Islam is about caste reform but rather about further solidifying the caste rigidity and consolidating power. The truth is, much like Marxists, the Islamists don’t give damn about caste reform either and only want to preserve the existing caste culture. The so called religions of one true God did not manage to eradicate caste from India instead they practise even worse caste discrimination in India.

So the Marxists are right that current form of Brahminism is bad for the lower caste Hindus and the Hindu society, just that they have got the party and ideology wrong. It is their own Brahminists in the Marxist cabal, who are the most traitorous snakes in India and will sell out Indian society and lower caste Hindus to whosoever throws them some power. No surprise they did not think twice before writing a letter to capitalist US to deny visa to an elected backward Chief Minister of India just to maintain their hegemony. The Brahmins of Hindutva and RSS are the actual defenders of Hindu dharma who try to unify Hindus and reform Hinduism for the same.

So when next time the Marxist cabal throws around the Brahminist accusations against pro-Hindu politicians, show them a mirror. In fact, BJP which gets accused of Brahminism has had lower caste CMs and now a PM unlike the covert Brahminists of the Marxist cabal, who never allowed the rise of any dalit leader in their states. Unless the Hindu society starts to look through the veiled casteist charade of these Marxists, who want to keep lower castes under their boot, Hindu society has no chance to retake their rightful claim to government.