Brown Coolies of the West

Many Hindus on the right wing spectrum often blame the socialists and Marxists in India for being coolies of Russians and Soviet Union but for some reason they remain oblivious to the role played by west in creating and destabilising India using its coolies here and the Indian Americans. Has anyone wondered why most of the destructive memes which make it to Indian discourse like liberalism, secularism, feminism, MRA etc have their origin in the west?

The truth is, most of the destructive politics of India are actually supported by the west and not Russia alone as many American fanboys would like Hindus to believe. In fact, almost all the daughters and sons of the leaders of Communist parties and Congress do their studies and have properties outside India. And unsurprisingly they all choose US or western Europe rather than their darling Russia for these activities because they know deep down how pathetic a socialist styled government and economy like Russia really looks like.

Many Indian Americans carefully support US agenda rather than India and actively help in maligning India’s image and sabotaging its interest. Most of the destructive ideologies have a strong backing in the west from the Indian Americans, who have completely internalized the leftist rhetoric themselves. For instance, Hindu Americans overwhelmingly support the leftists, who are the biggest anti-India force in the US. They are far more likely to identify with left wing politics than any other Asian demographics even though they form the richest immigrant group in US. They are also more than happy to jump on the bandwagon of the anti-white men gang in the west without thinking twice even though their position as being a better off group compared to whites would make their stance very hypocritical and ironic.

They are also big supporters of the feminist movement in the USA. Without any context they copy the same template of blaming white men in the west and use it in India to blame Hindu upper caste men especially Brahmins and cry about upper caste male privilege. But unlike the western whites who oppressed rest of the world during the colonial era, Hindu men never had any power in their own country for the past 200 years. It is intellectual dishonesty to apply the same model to them. Even their feminist meme in India is no different and is just a carbon copy of the ideology developed by their intellectually stunted sisters in the west.  No surprise that these brown coolies, worshipping white skin, bash Rakhi and Raksha Bandhan while defending genital mutilation done by Muslims or like how Malini Parthasarathy of The Hindu newspaper thinks statutory rape of minor Muslim women should be tolerated in the name of multiculturalism and minority rights. Of course, when their talking points are scrutinized with facts and logic, their narrative will crumble on its legs and in that second they run away and close down their comment section like, the ultimate bastion of the unemployed putrid cesspool of self hating leftwing cultural marxist coolies.

The recent case of support for the various land lease programs for the USA by these coolies should be another issue which should raise red flags for any true Hindu patriot and the extend to which the infestation by brown coolies run inside Indian political space. These people shamelessly push the western narrative and US agenda over India. Apparently, they don’t seem to see that the biggest supporter of Pakistan is still the USA and that USA is the reason India hasn’t punished Pakistan till today. Any rational Hindu should see this as a red flag when they see Pakistan being used as condom by the Americans and they still peddle that India become a client state of the US citing some grand strategy. Of course, while it is prudent to use US for getting high tech and weaponry if it is in our advantage, it should not come at the cost of autonomy and sovereignty as is the case with many policies which these coolies advocate.

Most of the right wing intelligentsia today seem to be reformed former white coolies now coming off as turncoats. The list is long. While these people at least claim to have reformed, the coolies working for New York Times and Washington Post keep peddling the western narratives for their jobs and bread. These people pimp their motherland and their own community for the bread crumbs their white masters throw at them and for advancing quickly in their careers. They bark when their masters ask them to bark and bite when asked to bite without using their own brain. While legitimate criticism should be welcomed from any person, agenda driven nonsense to break India should not be tolerated and almost all of these vile pimps do nothing more than useless propaganda.

For instance, the coverage of rapes in India by both the Indian American coolies writing for left wing western media like Ney York times and Gaurdian AND the evangelist right wing western media like Washington Post should give ample evidence on the nature of their bias and reporting. If indeed the western filth and their brown coolies are really interested in saving women from rapes, should they not look at their own homes and societies where the rapes are 1000% more than India in per capita terms? The truth is that they are just playing their part of being brown coolies pushing the agenda of their white masters. They just want to convert the pagans and they use this atrocity literature for their conversion agenda by associating misogyny and rapes in India with Hinduism. Of course Hindus consider rape a far worse irredeemable crime as per their religion, even worse than murder while the western countries have rape codified as acceptable in their bibles, which is what their civilisation is based of off , despite their claims otherwise. This of course is ably assisted by the brown coolies working inside India too like in NDTV, CNN IBN, The Hindu etc.

These brown coolies care so much about their careers and fame that they can sell their culture and support Brishits even for glorifying poverty in movies. They wholeheartedly support such initiatives rather than pointing out the irony and hypocrisy of British, who are the very cause of this poverty in India. Look at how they celebrated a third grade film like Slumdog millionaire where it caricatured Indians as rapist, casteist, racist and fascists and how it took a western program like ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ to save the native poverty ridden unwashed Indian boy from slums. Was the film any different propaganda than what the British ancestors used as an excuse to exploit and loot India i.e. the upliftment and enlightenment of the natives pagans? What the British peddled as white man’s burden is today peddled by US and its imperial organizations like UN through human rights(which double as a front for evangelical rats for their conversion agenda to their corpse worship and ritualised cannibalism of their Zombie Jew) and democracy dutifully supported by local brown coolies.

While Non-Aligned Movement(NAM) was a big failure and India ended up embracing USSR on most policies, this time India should not fall into the same trap. The brown coolies want India to be a side-kick of US, which should be avoided at all costs. The way forward is to give issue based support and milk the system rather than fall for irrational love for any country. This would only be possible when India stops wholesale import of destructive western ideologies sold under the garb of modernity. India and Indians need their own set of policies based on what’s good and suitable for them, not what is prescribed for them by the decaying, dying , single mother ridden putrid west. India should be the head of its own Indosphere like how it was 1000 years back, not a client of the American thugs like the brown coolies are advocating now

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    Man, you guys are great with finding pictures and images!! Great eye!! I am beginning to think you guys are designers, cum economists and overall–critical cultural thinkers, albeit in the opposite direction from ‘general intellectuals.’ Keep it up!! Free speech belongs to all!!

    • Savarkar’s Disciple

      I would say FREE SPEECH should be where if the other sides burn the MANUSMRITI on Woman’s Day we too should burn the Quran,Hadith,Sunnah,Bible etc Free speech would mean mockery of Muhammad,Jesus,Mother Mary or Abraham and their beliefs just like they mock the Hindu deities and epics.When these Kanahaiya Kumars and NDTV ask for free speech I say give it to them complete free speech like how u have in US and see how these people would run helter-skelter back to their little holes… coz these Commies only speak of freedom of speech but every one of their regime is responsible for gagging…

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        Is someone planning on burning the Manusmriti?

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        Thanks for this, just saw it. Interesting, but the sad thing was that even though I understand hindi most of it was very hard. I listened to it several time. Such sad state, that we do not understand our own languages very well. But also, I think the sound is not very good. What does he say about Illiad? how does it end with Om shanti? and what does he say about ‘if you bring —in, after 300-400 years it will bear fruit?. thanks again, much appreciated. A story on veer sarvarkar today in Indiafacts, –see you there!! 🙂

        • Savarkar’s Disciple

          Yes he is talking about T.S.Eliot and its another type of Digestion which I think even RM has addressed.The audio quality is often not that great but its still better to know about these things than before when there was no social media.These are not the exact words but I will explain what he says about 300-400 years-he is trying to suggest that this destruction of nature and family and rise of Hedonistic Consumerist Individualism will finally show the ill-effects of such an Ideology/World view in Europe/World.People like us would not have come to know so many things had it not been for Youtube etc. I actually posted this video to let you know that there are many other scholars apart from the ones who are popular and in case of Dr.Shankar Saran he is supposed to be amongst the best scholars on Communism/Marxism even better than an Arun Shourie and I think you should subscribe to Dr.Tribhuvan Singh’s channel.The thing I wanted to point out is that the speaker Prof.C.P.Singh mentions in the Series of these lectures that Sita Ram Goel would have written 50 books and still not have been able to reach out to such a large audience but today due to SM we are able to reach out to many people.So gagging the media as this article on Yugaparivartan mentions is very much a Communist thing and is often done to suppress any kind of dissent.

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            excellent points, I agree with you. Although there is a whole literature on the dark side of the internet. I do not follow it much but it talks about spying on citizens etc. And yet, I think sometimes it is important. Sorry but in my limited experience or what I think, a good portion of the world is not a thinking world. that is why dharma is so important. it saves many, people do not see it. thanks for explaining those things, and agreed about social media.

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  • Raj Kumar

    India is one worst country to be a male.Western countries are better for males.