How higher education breeds Jihadis

Does education breed terrorism? The simple and non politically correct answer is yes. The politicians around the world are busy selling the snake oil that poverty and low education is behind the rise of Muslim terrorism around the globe. But the facts and actions of very well to do and educated high profile terrorists do not support their claims. There are plenty of examples to show that education among Muslims increase the number of terrorists as well as sophistication. For example:

1) Osama Bin Laden- Son of a billionaire and earned an engineering degree according to some sources

2) Ayman Al-Jwahiri- Born in upper middle class family and was surgeon in the Egypting army

3) Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi- PhD in Islamic studies

These are the top masterminds, but even the foot level soldiers who engage in suicide bombing are usually fairly educated as well, including the Students Islamic movement of India(SIMI), Indian mujahideen(IM) etc. Peter Bergen and Swati Pandey looked at the education profile of terrorists involved in high profile terrorist attacks like 9/11 and Bali bombings and they found that most of them had decent or high education. Some of their findings:

Source: Bergen and Pandey

These attitudes towards terrorism are reflected even better in a detailed study by Krueger and Maleckova done on Palestinian suicide bombers. Based on rigorous sample data, they find evidence for higher support for terrorist activities among the educated Muslims.

Source: Krueger and Maleckova

This can even be seen in places like Palestine, where the labourers and craftmen, who would be the poorest in Palestinian society support terrorism significantly less than those who are educated. This gets reflected in the education background of Palestinian suicide bombers as shown in figure belwo. Claude Berribi, in his 2003 study, found that most of the suicide bombers were educated and had a high percentage of those who went to some university.


Alen Krueger who served under Obama as Assistant secretary and can be expected to be politically correct while giving out the results of his studies, had to say this on the matter of terrorism:

The evidence suggests that terrorists care about influencing political outcomes. They are often motivated by geopolitical grievances. To understand who joins terrorist organizations, instead of asking who has a low salary and few opportunities, we should ask: Who holds strong political views and is confident enough to try to impose an extremist vision by violent means? Most terrorists are not so desperately poor that they have nothing to live for. Instead, they are people who care so fervently about a cause that they are willing to die for it.

Why does this phenomenon occur? It is simple, the poor are usually less fanatical about religion because they don’t have a full stomach to contemplate on the idea of Jihad against the kafirs. They are usually more worried about their daily food which is hard to come by. So it is usually the middle/upper class Muslims, who are free from the need to fight starvation and can think about religion and culture. Sure, the poor Muslims do go out and engage in riots as a pack of hyenas scavenging on their group mentality, but it is the middle class which helps them do it and engage in terrorist activities across the world.

The rich Muslims need to prove their Muslim identity which results in the ensuing conflict with their national/cultural identity and they become more and more radical, emulating the example of their Prophet who married a 6 year old girl and had multiple wives and committed massive rapes and killings on non believers. This is the reason why middle class Muslims act like Arab wannabes through out the world and are the biggest supporters of Jihad. And of course, seeing how British and French Muslims are 30 times as rich as Indian Muslims, shouldn’t France and Britian have Islamic pestilence 30 times lower than India? But none of the research shows that and the prevalence of Islamism among British and French Muslims is not any lower compared to the Pakroaches and Bengali Muslims. Doesn’t this blow up the whole poor Indian Muslim terrorist narrative of the secular and leftist Indian idiots out of the water?

Although the support for terrorism is high all across the entire Muslim world, with significant support even for suicide bombing sometimes, the support terrorists have among educated Muslims is particularly worrying than the support for terrorism among poor and uneducated Muslims. This might seem counter intuitive to many who have heard the lies and propaganda about education solving terrorism, but for any rational mind, which the leftist secular rationalists and commies lack, this would be very obvious and logical. The truth of the matter is, any Jihadist attack requires a massive amount of technological mastery to pull it off. A common poor Muslim peasant will not be able to work and successfully explode the sophisticated bombs nor would he have access or ability to use the high-tech gadgets needed to co-ordinate the attacks.

Most of the terrorist attacks happen due to intelligence lapse, meaning that most terrorist attacks are attacks which slip through the intelligence agencies, which are by themselves very well equipped. To launch an attack, the terrorists thus need high level of sophistication to slip through the intelligence network. Operating these equipments require reasonable technical skills, which the uneducated poor Muslims usually lack. Also, unlike the poor Muslims, the middle class Muslims don’t have to worry about feeding their families which leaves them free to rush and die for the cowardly Jihadist acts in the name of their psycho god. Of course, the usual leftist argument is that only poor involve in terrorism, but if that is the case, one would see a lot of poor Hindus and poor Christians blowing people up in random acts of terror.

Indians are just waking up to the menace of Islamic terrorism now and have been thoroughly brainwashed by the media into believing that the source of Muslim extremism is poverty and lack of education among them. But the studies above clearly show that more educated Muslims will only make the problem even more severe. The educated Muslims will be more inclined to use violence to attain political aim of Dar-ul-Islam in India. Jinnah, who was a barrister at the time of independence very well defended the rapes and murders unleashed by Muslim League on Direct Action Day. One should not expect it to get any better in the future.

The list of Indians travelling to Syria to fight on the side on ISIS has been going up for the past some time. If you carefully look at the education and social background of these wannabe toilet cleaners (oops Jihadis!!) of ISIS, you will realize that all of them come from well to do families and have higher education. This story from Firstpost gives educational background of some of the terrorists associated with ISIS. Mehdi Masroor Biswas who was handling pro-ISIS handle on Twitter was a Bangalore based engineer.

So while the leaders in India might try to sell the snake oil that everything will be fine once we educate all the Muslims, it is only going to get worse as they learn better bomb making skills in government funded engineering schools. The large number of well educated European bred ISIS terrorists, born to second or third generation immigrants, should open the eyes of secular Indians that their fate would be no different. At least in case of Europe, they migrate to Syria to prove their religious solidarity, but India would not be so lucky as it will face more home grown and well educated suicide bombers on its own soil. Indians can pretend on how Islamism and terrorism associated with the barbaric religion will suddenly vanish through economic growth, but it is just a pretence and wishful thinking. If anything, the arguments and data presented above only show that the real Islamic threat to India will only worsen as economic growth picks up and Indian Muslims become wealthier to wage war for their barbaric ideology without worrying about daily bread and butter.