How top editors of The Hindu support paedophilia

Any one who had paid close attention to Indian politics would have noticed that feminists in India are brain dead zombies with no brain of their own and only copy their western feminist masters in their political views. There are several examples for it, but the best example for it is Malini Parthasarathy, one of the editors and the publisher of The Hindu newspaper, who openly supports paedophilia by Muslims. This is what this feminist communist and so called progressive journo, who is bent on empowering women had to say about Muslim men marrying under age girls and having sex with them, when she was asked about the barbaric under age marriages (child marriage) sanctioned in Quran and Muslim personal law.



So essentially, what the esteemed maggot is saying that Muslim children should be allowed to be raped by their men, just because their barbaric book says so and it is codified in their personal law. Is this what empowerment of women looks like? If tomorrow paedophiles of the country come together and claim to form a new religion called Pedophislam and claim that one of their core tenets is raping women and girls, should that be allowed as well? As per the brain dead presstitutes like Malini Parthasarathy, it should be allowed for preserving the secular fabric of this country.

Is it any wonder that nobody believes these media pimps any more in India? What we can say from above evidence is that these editors are learning very quickly from their western leftist friends who have already started to garner support for paedophilia. See video below:

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