Audrey Truschke- how soul vultures lie about Indian history for cheap conversions

Audrey Truschke profile is rising fast among the secular cabal in India and in the west. She has been in limelight after publishing her book “Culture of Encounters: Sanskrit at the Mughal Court” about the Mughals. What gave her immediate fame was her defence of Aurangzeb as she tries hard to whitewash his crimes and give them a non-religious colour.

While as a scholar she is free to hold any views that she wants but her regular diatribe against Hindus in general is nauseating. This can be seen from the views she regularly expresses about Hindu nationalism, like here:

Hindu nationalism has a particular history that is deeply tied to colonial ideas, as I have written about elsewhere. Hindu nationalism faces a significant problem, however, which is that it advances historically bogus claims. Hence the need to rewrite history arises.

So essentially what Truschke wants to do is paint all reasonable attempts by Hindus to rewrite their history as bogus.  While she agrees in some cases that there is problem with the Marxist lens of history currently used in the scholarly circle, but she wants to replace it with something even worse by completely whitewashing the bigotry of Aurangzeb. Her double standards become clear by looking at the below tweet on Savarkar. While she wants to give alternative explanations to Aurangzeb’s bigotry and potentially hide it, she does not think twice before tweeting a half baked article about Savarkar, which twisted his words to justify rape.



Her efforts to malign current Indian PM Modi can also be clearly seen in many of her writings and endorsements. All this raises important question on her motivations behind the inane diatribe she vents against the Hindutva politics and in general Hindus. So, what is her interest in India and Indian politics? Why does she continue to do hitjobs against an elected PM, that too based on frivolous charges which were completely rejected by no one else but the Supreme Court of the country?

Normally in case of conflict of interest, people generally declare their associations so that their views can be discounted given their personal interests in the issue. It is a general practise in financial dealings as well as increasingly in the media. For eg. while reporting news about Reliance, First Post usually mentions about its connection with Reliance to let its readers decide on the views expressed in the article. Sadly, there is no such practice for the scholars and they hardly ever tell about their personal life or the donations they might have received.

Given that Audrey Truschke is becoming the next darling of the sickular media in India and her intense hatred for all issues related to Hindus, it becomes essential to look at her background and see if this hatred is generated by her inherent bias against the Indian civilization. Why else would a scholar take so much pain to whitewash the bigotry of Aurangzeb and pontificate others on looking at other sides of an individual, who himself claimed to be Ghazi and slayer of Kafirs?

So, who are the people behind Audrey Truschke? She is related to Pastor Nate, a soul vulture trying to win India for Christ as pronounced in the vision statement for his organization called Bless India.


Audrey Truschke is married into the Rehn family to the son of pastor Nate, whose original name is Nathan Rehn and the family hails from Monterey.

Soul Harvesting in progress
Father in law sharing her daughter in law’s work on defending a bigot

Audre Trushke herself come from the deep south and bible belt of US, regions which are known for their bigotry and supporting fundamentalist Chrisitan networks. Both her husband, Thane Rehn and father in law, Nate Rehn, belong to the fundamentalist Christian organization which wants to win India for Christ. Having connected the dots now it becomes amply clear that Audrey Trushke is a core member of this Hindu hating soul vulture Bible club. Since conversion in India essentially means conversion of Hindus, her views and writings are deeply biased due to her fundamentalist Christian connection. Her research thus seems to be motivated by the intentions of denigrating the last pagan stronghold in the world by subverting Indian culture and history.

The cheap conversions these venomous snakes, like Truschke and her relatives, promote are pushing India into a civil war by changing demographics. Many people don’t know that the reason the North-East India faces so much problems is because the Church and the Chritian majority there actively fund the separatists. By pushing for conversions, they wish to break India into several pieces since India is now growing into an unstoppable force to be reckoned with in the world. Wise Hindus should learn to look at these anti-Hindu forces and their backers in India like Congress and Communists and expel them away or at least censor them from the country. A strong India needs a strong culture, not the poisonous conversions these people bring to our society.

To summarize, the background information on Truschke also raises serious questions on the credentials of big US universities like Stanford, who even after knowing the truth about biased scholars like Truschke kept appointing her. The least they could have done is to have forced Truschke to declare her connections so that an unbiased reader can judge her hate for Hindus from her soul vulture connections. US is showering praise on Modi and India right now in front of his eyes but behind the back it funds such anti-India and anti-Hindu studies to break it apart. The way it accomplishes it is by funding anti-Hindu snakes like Trushke to build the narrative against Hindus. Truschke represents the real and ugly face of Christian and American secularism. For them secularism only means the right to convert Hindus and destroy their culture. Sooner the Hindus realise this, the better. People like Audrey Truschke are mere pawns in this global jihad of Chrislamists against pagan India.

Credits: The story is based on the background work done by and @aparna. You can follow them on twitter.