How Rana Ayyub tried to play Islamophobia card on Orlando shootings and failed

When the initial reports of shootings at a gay club in Orlando came up, there were very little details on the identity or ideology of the shooter involved. The brave objective Muslim journalist and a known liberal and secular Islamist Rana Ayyub decided to use this opportunity to mock Americans for their Islamophobia by asking them what they should call this terrorism. This is her tweet gloating about the issue:



She seems to have spoken a little too soon. Because news started coming in that the shooter might have been a Muslim and she went completely silent on the issue for sometime to await further details of the shootings. Turns out that once again the shooter was a Muslim, an America citizen who was born to immigrants from Afghanistan. The Muslim shooter had apparently acted against the gay club and had killed 50 people and had wounded 50 more, because he was a firm believer of Islam. Islam of course prescribes death penalty for gays and other homosexuals and it is punishable with death as per Sharia and most of the Muslim majority countries do punish it with death while many countries criminalize it severely. 

To whitewash Muslim crime, Ayyub started her usual tactics by claiming the existence of homophobia in all religions, ignoring that nobody goes around killing gays any more in the developed societies, including India, except the mini-Pakistans inside India which hosts the closet Islamists like her and her cabal. As soon as news broke out that it was indeed a Islamic terror attack, she started tweeting about how guns control laws are bad in USA, which she had conveniently forgotten when she asked about how they should name the current terrorist attack, which was her original response. She then went on to further deflect the focus from Islam on towards Christianity and Israel , trying to give cover to the Muslim identity of original terrorist. This gives perfect example of what kind of secular and Islamist cabal run the news networks in India. These venomous Islamist snakes keep giving themselves away every time they open their mouth on what they really are on the inside, but will Hindus be smart enough to learn about them and their venom?

It is indeed sad that instead of crying and mourning the innocent people who died in the attack the closet jihadists like Ayyub are busy building apologia for their barbaric death cult which executes gays and lesbians with impunity. This is what all the Islamist journos are good for- promoting medieval and barbaric ideology of Islam and not protecting the rights and freedom of innocent people.

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