Does Hasan Suroor deserve to be acquitted from the charge of sexually grooming a 14yr old?

Hasan suroor, an Indian Muslim immigrant to United kingdom, who used to write for the Hindu and other mainstream media publications like The Guardian and is a millionaire, has been acquitted from the charges of paedophilia and sexual grooming of a young 14 year old girl. The 65 year old Hasan Suroor is a Islamic scholar and a self appointed “social critic” who is very well known for his Modi baiting articles and his condescension towards Hindus and pro-Hindu politics. He was caught in a sting operation by an anti-paedophile group on video engaging in sexual grooming of a 14 year old girl, with the intention of having sex later, which as per British law(and Indian law) would constitute statutory rape, with or without consent of the girl.


Here are a few lines from the video which pretty much lays out in the open What Hasan suroor was going to do to the 14 year old girl:

Man from the anti-paedophile group: Are you a British citizen or are u on a visa?

Hassan Suroor: I am a British citizen.

Man in the video: when did you come here?

Hassan Suroor: Fifteen years ago

Man in video: Therefore you know this country and are more than aware of the laws of this country, yeah?

Hassan Suroor: yeah I know. But I have never been involved in grooming before.

Man in video: Sir, have been involved in grooming of a 14year old girl. She said she has trouble keeping money and said she was coming straight from school. You drive here(to the Deptford bridge) from Chelsea to pick her up.

Hassan Suroor: I just wanted to buy her a cup of coffee, that’s all.

Man in the video: Let me tell you something, even facilitating a meeting with a minor(like asking for a coffee) is wrong and is considered grooming. You were willing to buy her a coffee, but you also wanted to have sex. You were more than happy to tell her how gentle you will be. You were more than happy to tell her you will give her some money for condoms. Were you not? You can deny it , but….

Hassan Suroor: No, I am not denying it! Can you please let me go with a warning? (@8.45 minutes)

Watch the video from the start, but the part where the secular (ex-)social activist, formerly accused of paedophilia, admits to grooming the 14 year old girl is around 7 minutes 55 seconds mark. So this undoctored video was a not sufficient evidence for the judge to convict Hassan Suroor, one of the secular faces of Indian mainstream left wing journalism and media and the Idea of India brigade, of sexually grooming a young child in Britain. Read the disgusting defence in Outlook India to protect Suroor by Dipshika Thakur:

After all, if I as a ‘reasonable’ person am disgusted or alienated by the idea of homosexuality, does it mean that I can pass a law that segregates and shames a gay person? It has certainly happened. It is still happening, and it is completely wrong. So why is it that we can mete out stigma, abuse and even death threats against another form of desire that is even more complex and inadequately researched than others? In fact, to follow the argument through, what is the basis of calling a desire an illness? An action has consequences for others and can therefore be moral or immoral. But surely, desire itself, as a psychological phenomenon, cannot be correct or incorrect. Pathologising it just for the sake of having clear boundaries of what is normal and not seems terrifying.

So, the author builds the whole argument without even mentioning paedophilia and compared it with homophobia to help protect Suroor. Fact of the matter is that the leftist cabal in India is equally or more worse when treating its own sexual offenders. They will do  mental gymnastics to protect not only their own rapists but also give excuse for those who violate children. The argument against Suroor is completely turned into a debate into prison, which it was not.

May be instead of the constant condescension against the Indians with a 1000% safer society for women, British should take a serious look at their judiciary to prevent their children from being groomed by potential child molesters and paedophiles. However, one should not presume that Hassan Suroor’s Islamic background had anything to do with this issue and should not broad brush Islam based on one or two random incidents like these or Rotherham sex grooming scandal in Britain. Nor should this news be taken as a broad generalisation that journalists in the left secular cabal are child molesting paedophiles and sex offenders after seeing that the BBC  protected the known paedophile Jimmy Saville, or the current Indian media silence on Tarun Tejpal or Hassan Suroor. Well, Suroor is finally acquitted due to lack of direct evidence but this incident has brought out into open the double standards of leftist cabal and how they would go to any extent to protect their own even at the cost of children.

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