BJP backstabs Hindus yet again, this time in Mewat

Ever since the social media buzz against the Hindu exodus from Kairana and BJP’s attempt at painting the issue as betrayal of Hindus in Uttar Pradesh by Samajwadi party CM Akhilesh Yadav, presstitutes were on overdrive and found a new way to spin it as a “law and order” problem. However, for a law and order problem, the problem seems to be very grave and obvious for any neutral observer and seem to affect only Hindu families at Kairana. Pimps at and other presstitutes in major news networks like The Hindu even acknowledged the problem as “law and order problem” in Twitter even though they never thought it was worthy to run a story on 1000+ Hindus being forced out of their lands.

However, an even more sinister Hindu persecution is happening in Mewat district of Haryana, just 50 Kms from Delhi. The presstitutes at Hindustan Times had called it a law and order problem and even published a polished version of the issue. However, a law and order issue must involve all people instead of involving only the Hindus and Hindu families there. This is a clear case of Hindus persecuted by the Muslims in Hindu majority country, which is being white washed by the presstitutes as a law and order issue in the name of secularism. Even though the presstitutes are known to pimp out Hindu interests and lives for their ideology of secularism, what has the supposedly proud Hindu party i.e. BJP done so far against this Hindu persecution in Mewat? Here is an article on the dire state of Hindu society living in the Muslim majority area of Mewat.

As per the article, Hindu women are forcefully married off, raped and converted to Islam, sometimes even as second or third wife of the Muslims there. Hindu temples have all been destroyed and Hindu children are forced to learn Islam and Quran at the mosques and Jamaat centres in the district. The local shop keepers who are Hindus were not allowed to sell to anyone in their areas or were forced to pay massive amount of money to the Muslims there (i.e. jazziya) to even function in the area. This must be a severe warning to the bikas bikas bikas developmental Hindus who think money will save them from being forced to pimp their women and children to Muslims. The situation seemed so dire that the VHP workers who went there could only think of saving the Hindu families by removing them from the Muslim majority areas and could not find any other way of saving their dignity and life. Unsurprisingly, the previous Congress government did nothing to save the Hindus there or their dignity, being the Muslim appeasing anti-Hindu snakes that they are.

But what about the BJP government which took over? Has it done anything to wrestle back control of Mewat and restore the dignity of the Hindus there? Of course not. BJP being true to its colours has completely forgotten that it got elected on Hindu votes, having got the power now. They talk about Hindutva and Hinduism and being proud Hindus only when they are not in power so that they can polarize and win Hindu votes. But for some reason, they think that once they at win power, they don’t have to do anything to save Hindus or keep their promises.

The central government gave the excuse of not being in power in Uttar Pradesh for failing to save Hindus in Kairana. They used this excuse to send a BJP team to investigate the issue having completely forgotten to keep Hindus safe in their own states like Haryana. BJP sent investigation teams to evaluate the situation, to gain publicity and polarisation and subsequently Hindu votes for the upcoming UP elections. Why didn’t the home ministry send its own team to evaluate the situation and charge Akhilesh government for serious neglect of Hindus?

Unfortunately for them, the HT article published now on the Mewat issue on how BJP has not protected its own citizens in Mewat, even though BJP has been in power there for two years now. Whatever the motive of HT article be, it does raise the important question of what has BJP done to protect Hindus in areas like Mewat. Will BJP now ask for control of local Panchayats as well for bringing change for Hindus which will never happen there? Has BJP forgotten that it is indeed the ruling government in Haryana and Delhi and should stop acting like it is in opposition and use the state machinery to help Hindus? The original article in makes note of VHP being involved in helping the Hindu families. Doesn’t BJP know about it then, given how VHP is an affiliate of RSS organisation? So it is not like BJP does not know about the issue. And unlike the Jammu and Kashmir state, where the BJP ruling elite gave the excuse of coalition to not protect Hindus there, this Mewat issue is something where BJP already has a  majority in the state. So why has the BJP not acted yet to protect Hindus? The Hindustan Times article was published around February 2016 , so nearly one and a half years after the BJP government was elected with single party majority in State government.

What do the usual BJP fanboys, who defend it with nonsensical excuses, have to say about the way Hindus are neglected by the supposedly pro-Hindu BJP in Haryana where both state and central governments are run by BJP? Is this what their idea of development and good governance is- pimping Hindu women and society to Muslims so that Modi’s development agenda does not get sidetracked? If so, how is this development agenda where Hindu society and it’s dignity is pimped to Muslims in the name of development and peace any different from prostitution? Prostitutes sell their body for sex and money and BJP and its fanboys sell Hindu society and it’s dignity for development and peace (i.e. temporary peace where Muslims consistently threaten with riot and rape). Is there any difference really? Hindus should do a serious introspection on whether BJP can indeed restore their right to proper Hindu government which will ensure a proper Hindu way of life. So far BJP has shown interest only in keeping the Hindu Muslim tensions right to the point where they can gain power without actually finding a permanent fix for the Islamic menace facing India. The development bhakths of BJP should never forget that if their ass is on fire tomorrow from a Muslim dominant India, they have Zero i.e. Nada countries to run to and save their ass. Muslims have 53 countries to run to and Christians have 100+ countries to run to, but Hindus have no country to run to if they lose India. The money they will make from development will not save their or their families’ dignity and all the riches they generate in their whole lifetimes will then be usurped in one night by the Muslims, like it happened in Kashmir during the 1990s and is currently happening in Kairana and Mewat.

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