Why excuses against high Hindu TFR are stupid

The rising awareness about Muslim demographic bomb is causing sleepless nights for most well informed Hindus, something that gets highlighted every time there is mass exodus of Hindus from Muslim majority areas, like in the case of Kairana recently. There are many strategies to counter this demographic siege, and maintaining high TFR is one of them. But as soon as any realist Hindu advocates high Hindu TFR to counter Muslim growth, one gets bombarded by various psychological defence arguments by those who are happy with the current low investment and individual narcissistic scenario. There are different types of arguments given by people against Hindus counterbreeding Muslims in India, which hardly stand close scrutiny:

1) The high Muslim TFR is a myth: People giving this excuse have buried their heads in the sand so deep that it is almost impossible to wake them up. No logical arguments can budge a person engaged in such levels of escapism, so there is no point to even give a rebuttal on this issue. Any careful look at the map of India and population of young Jihadis (oops Muslims!!) can clear this point without doubt.

2) Throw out Bangladeshis and control politics: This argument is again given by those who are seeped into naivete. If Hindu politics had been on top of its game, no one would be discussing about Muslim fertility bomb in the first place because any sensible Hindu opposition to Muslims would have already neutered this threat. But the fact is, Hindus live in a hostile country where Hinduphobia is very real. So it boils down in the end about the means available today to counter the Muslim TFR.

There are two counter arguments against this alternate strategy scenario. First, control of politics should be an aim for long run but given the uncertainty on this issue, losing demographic superiority will only make it difficult in future. Yes, Hindus are in majority right now but still get secondary treatment. So imagine their plight if they even lose this demographic edge over Muslims. Second, increasing Hindu TFR is never a standalone measure and needs to be coupled with all other available options. The point is about hedging risks by diversifying the strategies. Kicking out Bangladeshis is very important but it would not solve the problem completely because Muslim women in India will still pop out one more kid than their Hindu counterparts. Look at the so called progressive heaven state called Kerala where Muslim women regularly outperform both Hindu and Christian women. So, kicking out BDs although important will not solve the problem completely because 15% of the population will still stay behind to fight this demographic war through womb. The need is to simultaneously pursue all the strategies that will help Hindus i.e. increase TFR, kick out BDs and try to get hold of power.

3) Hindu women are no baby making machines: This is the point of attack of entitled Hindu feminists, who are trying hard to separate the fate of Hindu women from Hindu men. Whenever riots strike, while men are killed women are forced to bear bigger costs. The rape and enslavement stories of Yezidi girls should send shivers down the spine of any normal person. So, the fate of Hindu men and women are not separate as they will swim/sink together. Losing demographic superiority will only increase Muslim numbers, thus increasing the likelihood of crimes against women. The real question then becomes- who represents interests of Hindu women better? Those, who are sold to liberalism and only want to enjoy their lives or those who can look into the future and see the fate of future Hindu women? Another important rant on this issue is that women will bear most of the cost of any such increased TFR. While it is true that mothers have to bear children (and there is no other way around it), fathers too have to bear the increased cost for the upkeep of children. Having more children would mean women will be out of workforce for longer, which again means men have to slog out more for maintaining same standards of living. So, it is not just a sacrifice on part of women but also men, who would have to give up leisure for bringing more bread to the table. It is only in feminist mind that the fate of the two sexes is different, but in real world, it is intertwined. While western women can go around pitching for individualism, fact of the matter is such individualism will strike both Hindu men and women very soon in the future. Hindu feminists can convince women for some time to run away from their responsibilities, but the reality would strike within few generations.

This argument by feminists should also demonstrate why Hindu Feminism is an oxymoron and why feminism, even if it is supposedly pro-right/pro-Hindu is ultimately destructive for Hindu society and its well being. Only feminists can turn a purely feminine act of child birth and child rearing into a symbol of female enslavement or work. Women are held high status in society above men, precisely for their ability to give birth to new life, which is what these feminists attack, because they are male wannabes, disguised as women. And only feminists can turn the responsibility of raising kids, which falls on both father and mother, into a responsibility of mother alone and demean it by using slurs like “breeding machines”.

4) Hindu men are timid: This again is one of the most stupid responses on this issue. It ranges from usual barbs like- “men should grow balls”, “ask your wife to birth a child when jihadi is knocking on your door” etc. Some people even questioned Kairana exodus to point out that whether TFR increase now could have helped those who were forced to flee. Well, given the environment in Kairana today, increased TFR will not change reality tomorrow. But had the Hindus in Kairana maintained a high TFR in the past 4-5 decades, it would have been much more difficult to dilute their numbers.

There is right time for everything. You cannot make babies while the threat is knocking on your door. Such trolling further exposes the naivete of many Hindus, both men and women. TFR is a long term strategy and demographic surplus in many areas have lulled Hindus into inaction. The call for Hindus to go and fight it out on the street is born out of this complacency as many Hindus don’t have to pay the cost of increased Muslim population in many areas. They just need to go to West Bengal or West UP to get a taste of how Muslim surplus regions treat Hindus in general. Also, Indian state is almost openly hostile to any big communal flareups so expecting riots and massive retaliation is out of question. But does this mean to squander away the demographic surplus that Hindus have? It is funny that the people who cannot even do the peaceful task of bringing up children are baying for blood. Any sane person would understand that violence should be the last resort in any conflict and keeping demographic surplus would allow Hindus to solve this issue at the right moment. Current politics and international environment does not leave any scope for such chest thumping ideas except on SM debate.

5) Cost factor: Kids are expensive and there are no doubts about it. Although important but this is another typical argument to chicken out of the situation and close one’s eyes. While Muslims have internalized the issue, the Hindus still engage in quality vs quantity debate. Although quality of kids is important but so is quantity. Fact is many Hindus have gone below replacement levels of TFR. In many regions specially South India, Hindus are having less than 2 kids, while even for maintaining population they need 2.1 kids/women. While poor people have more kids, the rich and middle class have given up on this issue. Similar trends hold for even the developed countries and so it is not just about cost factor when it comes to making decision on number of kids. There is something else at play, which is change in priorities. Rich people prefer to have less kids to decrease their responsibilities even though they could afford them much easily than poor. There is no other way to put this result. While western couples have no impeding demographic threat, Hindus have bought into this liberalism idea which is almost suicidal. So yes, cost is an important problem and will thus need larger sacrifices from Hindu parents. There is no point emulating the west which hardly has the high muslim population numbers like in India. The only question is- will they take up this challenge? Once they do, many avenues will open from community schools to Hindu scholarships etc. But till they do not even recognize the need for action, nothing will move on the ground.

Hindus have to wake up now or their fate will go from bad to worse in the coming years. If Hindus don’t wake up now and keep pretending crucial factors like TFR do not matter or Hindu men are timid or women are no breeding machines, then they will have to face what Bengali Hindus are facing now in Bangladesh (and West Bengal). Bengali Hindus kept singing “all is well” and lost demography to Muslims in 1880s due to low TFR, chanting their liberal secular nature and quality kids over quantity. But today, in Bangladesh, a Hindu mother had to ask the Muslim rapists to rape her daughter one by one instead of gangraping her so as to at least save her life. This will be the fate of Hindus all over India if they don’t wake up and learn from Bengali Hindus. The quality kids (as espoused by Hindu feminists) produced by Bengali secular Hindus are of no use against the barbaric hordes motivated by a death cult with a divine mandate to rape kaffirs. So Hindus need to decide whether they are going to be pragmatic and real and learn now to start counter breeding or listen to TFR deniers and their selfish rambles on breeding and let their future quality children and grand children be at the mercy of barbaric hordes.

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