How Indian media protects its rapists

Job of the media around the world is to report truth and promote awareness against malpractices and injustices so as to grow the society as a whole. But Indian media is filled with the vilest scum on the planet and they try to deflect issues of rape and sexual harassment done by their fellow presstitute cronies.

Look at the tweet of Sagarika Ghose, the queen Bimbo of Indian journalism on what she thinks about her fellow media presstitute Tejpal being involved in rape and sexual harassment:



She thinks that Tejpal should not be targeted for his rape and sexual assault against women just because there are many more happening in the world. How do these people justify such stance? Should every rape allegation be downplayed and women are allowed to be raped just because it happens everywhere? Is this what these presstitutes think is empowering and protecting women? It is through instances like these when normal patriotic Indians get to know about the true nature of these parasites in India. Their outrage against rape and assaults against women are not for protecting women of India but rather to promote self hatred among Indians. It is sad to see that these vile subhumans, who openly endorse that rapes by their fellow subhuman trash in journalism like Tejpal should be ignored or at least put on back burner and not brought to limelight, are still taken as credible for anything they say and report in news.

Anyone who has seen the massive propaganda against India and Indian society for the past three years would have seen massive debates on rape culture in Indian society and how it is Indian men who are the vilest in the world, all thanks to the coolies of Christian missionaries in media. They paint a picture of how Indians are all rapists and that Indian culture is inherently evil and misogynist even though this is completely contrary to the data at hand which shows that India is one of the safest countries for women in the world with respect to rape and India has one of the lowest rapes per capita in the world. They do this to promote Indophobia i.e. self hatred among Indians so that they will feel ashamed of themselves and their own culture. Once they feel ashamed of themselves enough, anything from misleading conversions to sprouting of civil war in India by the likes of John Dayal with his foreign funds can be justified. The shallowness of Indian media on halal rapes can be seen by their selective coverage on rapes. The Indian media completely ignored the story when a convicted paedophile bishop was reinstated by the Church as a Bishop in South India while it was massively reported even in the western media.

So long as Indian society is under the influence of these coolies of anti-India Chrisitan missionaries and vile rapists, even 1000s of Narendra Modi can’t save India.

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