Muslims beat up a Hindu guy for speaking to Muslim coworker

In a town called Puliangudi in Tirunelveli district in South Tamil Nadu, some Muslims have reportedly beaten up a Hindu boy for talking to his coworker who is a Muslim girl. This happened on 22.06.2016. The guy who was beaten up is in a very serious condition and fighting for his life. The police allegedly do not seem to have taken any action on the barbarians who committed this act and are more worried about stopping the Hindus from retaliating. This news came from social media circles and has been verified to have be true from some of the residents using social media. True to their repitilian nature, none of the mainstream media has reported this incident, not even the local news papers in Tamil Nadu. Imagine the uproar the death of a barbaric cattle thief Akhlaq caused in the media against this incident.

As per the local sources, Puliangudi has 20% Muslims and nearly 80% Hindus. However, Hindus are divided along caste lines like Nadars, Thevars, Konars(Yadavs), SCs etc and hence are not united. This has emboldened the Muslims to act true to their barbaric religion with impunity. The guy who had been beaten up now is apparently a Konar(Yadav) guy. Konars are a minority caste in the town and hence other castes apparently aren’t interested in acting against the Muslim perpetrators who beat him up as they all apparently think of this issue as a Konar vs Muslims issue, typical of the Hindus and their mentality.

Also important to note that as per residents of the town, a similar incident happened with SC community when the Muslims allegedly molested and harassed a SC girl in the town around six months ago. Then also the response from Hindus, though technically a majority in town had been that it was a SCs vs Muslim issue and did not unite behind the SCs. Of course it should also serve as a n example of how fraudulent the Muslim dalits “Bhai Bhai” sloganeering of the Dalit leaders are.

If Hindus remain divided along castes, no amount of demographic advantage will save them. The Hindus of the town have not been able to live peacefully despite a 80% majority in the town, because they are divided among themselves along caste lines. It is also highly unlikely that they are going to learn to unite across caste lines against these barbarians even after this incident. Is it any wonder that all enemies of Hindus want to divide Hindus along caste lines and don’t want them to unite and get angry whenever RSS or other Hindu organisation talks about Hindu unity? But if Hindus don’t put behind their caste differences soon and show a united front against the Muslims, their days will be numbered in this country and it is only a matter of time before they get wiped out. In the meantime, Hindus who read about this news and have self respect should at least boycott the Muslims through every mode possible- like not employ them or not buy from them etc. Hindus should wake up to the barbaric menace which is facing them before it is too late.