Why feminism is a flawed ideology- I

Many Indian/Hindu feminists (an oxymoron) when confronted with reality check on destructive nature of feminism claim that it is implemented badly in the west and in India and hence few glitches which can be ironed out through Hinduism. Some brain dead feminists out and out claim that Indian divorce rates being low is by itself a negative thing as they have internalized that western society and it’s decay is by itself the standard model for all civilisations to follow as they themselves lack any ideological base of their own and adopt whatever ideological stance their masters in west adopt. However, this is a flawed view as feminism is flawed at the very fundamental level. Feminism at its core is a Marxist idea of class warfare which pits women as a class against men as a class. One can look at all the feminist campaigns and one would see that class warfare would be at its core, as it would see every problem as oppression against women even when it is not.

In most cases, feminists try to create a gender war when there is no problem to begin with. Their campaign regarding wage gap is one such example. There are countless reasons why the gender wage gap is a myth. It is a myth generated by feminists and their pathetic lying media in the west, and now tried in India. Here is one article debunking gender wage gap of the west. The reasons the article mentions for women earning less than men are true for India also. Scientifically speaking, the gap only exists due to career choices women make and not due to some inherent misogyny of the society. Once corrected for jobs that men and women do, gender gap difference vanishes.

This is also another example on how feminists of India act as braindead zombies with no brain of their own and peddle whatever nonsense their feminist masters in the west spew. However, there is a even more ridiculous problem with this “problem” the feminists are referring to- even if there is wage gap, it is not a gendered issue. Why? Because unlike the west and it’s decadent society, normal and sane societies which Indians (and large part of developing world) are part of, women and men are not separate classes. Men earning more than women is not going to reduce women’s happiness or quality of life. Men who earn are only going to give that money to their wives and their children (which will include daughters too). Marriage rate is close to 99% in India and as such any supposed gender inequality in pay is not a gendered issue as at the end of the day, the money men and women make ends up in the family which forms the basic functioning unit of the society.

This is what the feminist ideology gets wrong- it only views the issues of society from a female individualistic view instead of having a wholistic view on the subject. Even if one can overlook their stupidity of blank statistics and claims of gender gap, one cannot simply just ignore the way they see the problem as such. This kind of individualistic rabble, pitting women as individuals against the basic functioning unit of society – i.e. family, is what makes feminism so dangerous to the societies. This is hardly the only issue where feminists turn non gendered issue into gendered ones.

Feminism causes unnecessary gender wars

By turning social issues and practices into a gendered one, feminism turn simple issues into gender wars between men and women. They create resentment between the sexes which inevitably leads to destruction of society as a whole. Take the case of dowry- a issue where a man (usually bride’s father) works his back off and pays for marrying his daughter to a man to take care of her the same way he had taken care of his daughter for so long from her birth, into a issue of gender oppression. If one views it just from the view of bride being asked to pay for, it is gendered issue. But the same is true for the opposite. The groom is being made into an object here and he is being put on a price, as dowry is nothing more than a groom price. This is how gender wars start- feminists complaining that women are objectifed with beauty and then men start feeling that they get objectified for their studies, wealth and status.

When two basic building blocks, husband and wife, of the basic unit of any society, family, start fighting each other with Oppression Olympics on who works and sacrifices the most, can that society survive long? However, this is what feminism teaches its brain dead followers- it teaches them that everything that they face is because of oppression and every work they do for the society is nothing but oppression and that the work they do is far superior to that done by men. This of course creates lot of agony and equally polarizing reaction among smart men who start viewing how unfair the society is to them- that they have to die and protect women in wars, they have to go earn for their families and how they are being forced to work by societal shaming while a house wife is given a free pass by the society. This Oppression Olympics and gender wars as espoused by feminists resulted in fractured families and society as seen in the west. It is not rocket science to see that a relationship where the people in it try to one up each other to play who puts up with the other more will not last long. If anyone(wife/husband) has a friend (husband/wife), try telling that friend (husband/wife) how oppressed and overworked she/he (wife/husband) is for keeping the friendship (marriage) alive and see how long that friendship (marriage) lasts. Is it any wonder that the advent of feminism and it’s Oppression Olympics has created a 50% divorce, 50% single moms, 50% unmarried adult society in the west?

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As you can see from the featured image, feminists would go to any extent to destroy Hindu civilization. The western feminists hate for male Abrahamic God would have been understandable but their hate for Hindu Goddesses clearly explain their motive, which is destruction of civilization connect of all societies, whether they valued women or not. If Hindu feminists think they can match their cause and find common ground with traditional feminazis, they are under big illusion as these cultural Marxists will use and spit out these Hindu feminists after their task is completed and Indian society is permanently destroyed. Feminism is the brainchild of cultural Marxism and grew in the milieu of Abrahamic past of western societies and is hence absolute in nature and beliefs. There is no way it can be merged with the sublime messages present in Indic religions and hence the term Hindu feminism will always be an oxymoron.