Why feminism is flawed ideology- II

This is the second article in this series. Check part I here.

Why Feminist version of equality is fake

Feminists also assert that men and women are almost the same and that gender is a social construct and other variations of the same and make everything about individual women and individual women’s “equality”. The problem however is that men and women are not equal, at least not the way feminists claim they are. They are not the same. Men cannot have children no matter what, at least till artificial wombs are created. For now, men are incomplete without women and women are incomplete without men. This is why families, where man and woman form a supplementary components, is the basic unit of human society as of now and not the individual as claimed by the feminists. This is why their method of trying to solve societal problem from a women only perspective is flawed and causes more destruction than solve anything. The way to see and solve societal problems is to consider the family as a unit and solving it from the point of view of the family rather than as an individual – men or women. The feminist way of thinking is no different than thinking all five fingers of the hand are all equal and same and then trying to make them equal in every way by cutting them off based on length, instead of using the various differing sized fingers supplementary to each other for a common cause. Men and women should be supplementary as shown by Ardhanadiswara, not competing equals as advocated by feminist zombies. Also, their actions lead to dissolution of family as a unit, thus requiring someone else to fill in those shoes. In most cases, it is the big government which is needed to support poor single mothers and their delinquent children. So, it is not that feminism creates independent women, but it rather replaces the role and support of family with a nanny state, thus jeopardizing the future of children and society. As long as humans exist in a society, they need a support system and if family system breaks down, it has to be replaced with something else.

Proof that Feminism destroys societies

Almost all feminist societies have a very bad societal structure and are in deep decay. They have no sustainability. This is the case be it the rape capital of the world -Sweden (no irony there), or be it in Germany. How can a society survive for long when half its population grow up without their fathers and turn into abnormal criminals? Feminism and planned parenthood of the USA has caused abortion of millions of black babies so far and the black single parenthood is at an all time high of 75%. Is it any wonder that blacks commit highest number of crimes disproportionate to their population in USA? Today, blacks are more likely to commit crime and end up in jail than the whites in USA. However , when adjusted for the two parent house hold rate and fatherless children among blacks and whites, the black crime rate is equal to that of the whites.

Source: http://www.blackgenocide.org/black.html

This shows the importance of fathers in raising their children properly. Many proponents of planned parenthood (euphemism for abortions) don’t know that it was initially introduced by white supremacists to control the black population since they were afraid of the “litters of puppies” black women would produce and has since killed off more than 15,000,000 black foetuses so far. The damage feminism and it’s clones have done to black family structure is worse than the years of slavery and Jim crow laws the black race had to suffer under white colonialism. Compare the reaction if you bring this statistics up against female foeticide in India in front of a feminist since one type of abortions are supported under their world view while other is not.

When such misery feminism brought to the western world is brought to the attention of feminists, many “Hindu” feminists would dismiss it as feminism not done “right” and many of their true brain dead feminist cousins will try to paint it as a symbol of women’s liberation. The former kind is stupid for ignoring the obvious Marxist undertones of feminism and its formulation on the premise that family structures of the society must be broken . Almost all first wave and second wave(forget the obviously lunatic third wave feminists) has the same view on marriage that marriage as an institution must be destroyed. Marx himself believed that the family structure must be destroyed for achieving a perfect communist utopia and feminism being a Marxian offshoot is not different in its views on family. Feminism in India will not be any different. Stupidity is the art of doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results. Feminism will ruin Indian society the same way it has ruined the western one, especially in the way it has destroyed poor black households.

The latter kind, which thinks that 50% divorce, 50% single women, 50% bastard rate of the west is progress and that women living alone with cats like most feminists in the western societies (and how their Indian counterparts are eventually going to end up) is liberation for women are just pure evil. They also curiously attribute the divorce and societal breakdown to societal development because that’s what their limited brains can come up with. The truth however is far more simple- feminism is cancer and it destroys societies. One just needs to compare like with the like to get the idea. The Indian middle class families of today is as rich as the average western society in wealth and their standard of living is as close to average western standard of living. However, the divorce rates among Indian middle class families is not 50% as one should expect if the feminist claim that Indian divorce rates are low because of poverty or lack of development is true. So it is not progress or economic growth which destroyed the western families, but rather the feminist propaganda and the sexual revolution that followed which destroyed the sanctity of marriage and family as an institution. Indian middle class families are mostly sane till now and have not fallen prey to feminism yet but the results for Indian middle class which internalizes feminism will be no different than what happened to black families or western families.

Many Indians have a view that western family system was always weak and doomed from the start. However this is not true. West still had a sane and sensible family structure even in the 1950s. Men and women were considered incomplete even in the 1950s when they were not married and were not respected unless they were complete and married. This was changed by feminism and today we see a society which is stepped in societal ills and is addicted to depression pills which is difficult to recover from. Feminism has given rise to reactionary movements like MGTOW, comprising of men who no longer wish to work for a society which treats them like second class citizens and demonizes them for being men and avoid women like a plague or PUA, those men who don’t make long term commitments but benefit from the free sex environment to sleep with as many women as possible. This has reduced women’s ability to find long term partners there and consequently their happiness has been dipping like a landslide. This has caused the current state of west where unmarried men and women outnumber the married men and women. After all, why would men marry if they are penalised with divorces and alimonies for it, if they can get the same sex outside marriage much more freely with no consequence and so easily?

So Indians, who think that feminism won’t affect Indian society negatively like it affected the western society are living in fool’s paradise as they don’t understand what they are dealing with. Indian families are already under siege from western norm peddling media and the western coolies. It won’t be long before Indian society as known today disappears and is replaced by a dysfunctional drug addicted depressed sad pile of garbage like western ones. Feminism will destroy Indian society to much bigger extent than what the British colonisation or Islamic barbarity ever could. Will Indians learn from the mistakes of others and not go down the path of devastation by expecting different results from this flawed ideology of feminism?

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