How RW stab each other for brownie points from their enemies

How many times have you seen a leftist insulting or giving comments against his fellow leftist. No matter the heinous nature of fellow leftist. He will never go against a fellow leftist in public!! Take Khujlideen (Kejriwal), Commie pimps (Yechury, Nitish, Didi (Mamta))- you will never find any infighting. They may not agree with one another. But no one will go against another in public. Instead look at the stupid Right Wing!!!

At first chance one will pull another down like a crab. Take RW Facebook pages, one RW will not promote another, one website will not promote another. Instead look at leftists – Scroll, Caravan Magazine, Wire, Quint. All will promote and support each other. This will hurt the Right Wingers more when unfavourable government takes over in the future. If we don’t support one another, the next government can easily isolate each one of us and take us out! If we act like Lefties and support one another and build the environment, government will be hesitant in taking action against such a group which influences many people collectively.

But this crab mentality is not restricted to RW websites or intellectuals alone. Take our leaders for example or PM Modi’s interview with Arnab today. Modi took a clear jab at Subramanian Swamy, who might go over the top but has been highly valuable for the cause of Hindus. Why did Modi talk against Swamy on such a public platform? This is the major fault of Dharmic People. They pull their own people down while leftists wont even talk against each other publicly.

Now all Channels are excited over Swamy comment than his entire interview. That alone should be a indicator of what Media wants!! When will these Dharmic people understand this basic concept? This will de-legitimise the entire Subramaniam Swamy crusade against Sonia and gang of corrupt filth in India. Just look at how media stands by even it’s rapists while the Hindu morons keep stabbing each other’s to win brownie points with leftist filth which will never vote for them anyway. This way they only create more divisions among Hindus than actually helping the cause. RW scoring brownie points at the cost of Hindus will only hurt the big goal.

By speaking against Swamy, Modi in one stroke destroyed the focus of his whole interview today. The entire media is now playing Modi’s comments against Swamy in loop over and over again, thus using PM’s own statement for mudslinging at BJP government and party members. It is high time that Hindu RW gets its act together and stop giving media bytes against its own members, at least publicly. This is not the first time that YP has highlighted this issue.