The Conjuring 2- Ashdoc’s movie review

The film is supposedly based on a ‘true’ story—that is , if you believe such tales of ghosts and spirits ( I don’t ).

The Warrens, who have been seen in other films like Conjuring part I and Annabelle, are called to investigate one more case of a spirit possessing a young girl in England. But just before this Mrs Warren has seen a demonic presence threatening her husband’s life during a seance. So she is reluctant to go at first.

The family that has seen the strange happenings in their house are the Hodgsons and the young girl is Janet. They have been abandoned by their father and the mother is the sole caretaker of the family. As they move into the house, the youngest of the children makes first contact with the spirit. This is so typical of horror movies. Most horror movies show the youngest make first contact with the spirit and this is decidedly unoriginal by now. Also, the movie shows most of the family as composed of females. This is again typical- females always seem more vulnerable in situations of horror and many other horror movies make use of this thing. But this is getting repetitive too.

So what’s new? Well, some tricks in the movie are new, some old. The toy vehicle sent into the tent where the spirit resides rolling back on it’s wheels to it’s original place is something that I have seen before, or so i think. But the remote control of the TV shifting from the girl’s hands to another chair- at least I haven’t seen this before and distinctly gave me the chills. Also the movie shows a woman who is sceptical of the whole haunting episode and dismisses it as a hoax- this was new for me as most horror movies tend to take themselves too seriously, to the point of not allowing any scepticism about existence of the spirit .

In fact, at one point the Warrens are forced to leave as they are convinced by video evidence that the whole thing is being faked by Janet. So is the existence of the spirit for real? How is it connected to the demonic presence that nearly killed Mrs Warren’s husband in her seance? Watch the movie for the answers.

Thankfully, the movie does not have the usual exorcism scene of the girl jumping and pumping up and down and spitting out vile juices. Instead , the ending is more like a thriller and hence to my liking. Since I don’t believe in ghosts, I don’t get scared by the happenings in horror movies. But I do get jolted at some points. And if the jolts are good (I mean creepy), then I like the film. Here, I found myself jolted in the film enough number of times to give the verdict ‘decent’. I didn’t particularly care for the ending though- does really just finding and screaming the name of the demonic influence make it shrink and run away?

Sounds, photography, lights and music—all was in order and helped in enhancing the effect of the situations. Acting was decent by most of the actors. If you really believe in ghosts, the film is good enough to give you a sleepless night immediately after seeing the film.


Three stars