List of websites to learn about real barbarism of Islam and Muslim societies

The purpose of this article is to catalogue the best information, internet sites and places which expose real Islam, in case the government tries its funny business of banning them all in India, like the way the supposedly nationalistic Hindu thekadar BJP banned because it hurt the sensibilities of terrorists (true Muslims) and Moderate (i.e. lying) Taqiya Muslims. This article will be constantly updated to add new sources with information on Islam and readers are requested to have it archived for future reference too. In case pro-jihadist government run by seculars like Congress or third front comes to power next time, it would be helpful to know these site names it they get banned and if Google stops to display them in its search results. Please list your favourite sites in the comments below and we will add them to the list and keep it updated. Here is a good list of websites:

  2. Answering

Some youTube channels which expose Islam:

  1. Syetenathiest
  2. Introvertedsmilies
  3. Amos yee
  4. Paul Joseph Watson
  5. Rebel Media
  6. Black Pigeon Speaks