BJP government backstabs Hindus yet again in Kashmir

News reports are coming in that the BJP-PDP coalition is backstabbing Hindus in J&K yet again. The CM Mehbooba Mufti is apparently releasing 650 jihadists who pelted stones as an amnesty gesture for Eid. What good is this action other than encouraging the Jihadis that they can freely go on rampage against Hindus and Indian army without any consequences for their actions. In worst case scenario they will be released on a day of religious importance for Islam. Isn’t this an active encouragement for the separatist Jihadis in Jammu and Kashmir that their action won’t be punished?

The worst part of this issue is that this is happening with the help of the BJP which is sharing the power with PDP in J&K. What happened to BJP’s promise of nationalism and its false slogans of Hindu pride and Hindutva if it does not have the spine to protect Hindus where they need to be protected? But then again, it should not be any surprise to the Hindus who have seen BJP backstabbing the NIT students when they were attacked for shouting Bharat Mata ki Jai slogans in NIT, Sri Nagar. The same BJP, which had made a huge political issue out of JNU anti-national snakes hardly helped the NIT students when needed to support the Islamist govt of J&K. The same BJP, which made it mandatory to hoist Indian flag called the Bharat Mata Ki jai sloganeers as being indulgent in politics.

So this is another episode which makes it pretty clear that the BJP is only interested in staying in power by stoking emotions and use Hindu card when suitable for the elections while having no problem in pimping Hindu interests for staying in power. BJP in this sense is worse than Congress as in the case of Congress is it at least openly anti-national and doesn’t sell their anti-national leanings as nationalism. May be the slur by Congress that BJP is a bania party is perfect considering that BJP is willing to pimp Indians for money and power, underneath the charade of nationalism. The late Sita Ram Goel’s observation that the current BJP/RSS movement needs to die for saving Hindus is turning out to be very accurate indeed. Hindus will have to look out for new options if BJP keeps going down this path of Jihad appeasement.

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