Black ‘Lies’ Matter

The cold blooded murder of another unarmed black man by US police has once again brought to the fore the simmering racial resentment brewing in the seemingly peaceful ‘land of the free’ i.e. US of A.

Maybe now would be a good time for all those CIA funded organizations like Ford Foundation and Greenpeace which are so fond of setting up self righteous institutions preaching ‘democratic values’ to India to set up some of those institutions on US soil since US seems to need them more. Also, last year Obama castigated Bharat on our own soil for our allegedly shoddy state of human rights and exalted Gandhian values, which he thinks Bharat has strayed away from. Maybe someone should remind him of the values of Martin Luther King which his country seems to have strayed away from, given that black kids are being shot in the streets like it’s open season.

Interestingly to remind US of its human rights violations China has set up a human rights council exclusively dedicated to hearing human rights violations happening in the US (informally referred to as the “China Human Rights Report“). This government organization was apparently started by China as a tit-for-tat response to the US taking potshots at China being a human rights shithole. Immediately after this happened, the US reports about Chinese human rights violations went down drastically. Now China rarely gets any coverage in the US media, except an oblique and vague reference here and there about lack of ‘freedom’, but the pointed ideologically motivated attacks aimed at shaming China on the international platform have stopped.

India should start something like that and set up a panel to hear those Americans whose rights have been violated. Bharat should offer scholarships to families whose siblings are killed by the American police and invite them to come to Bharat and speak about the atrocities being committed on them by the US government, just like the US government sponsors activists like Priya Pillai and Arundhati Roy to badmouth our government. It should also aim to strike a strong alliance with the black community based on the deep rooted and common ethos of civil rights activism against white man’s racism, building upon the foundation of our respective Mahatma Gandhi and their Martin Luther legacy.

At the same time, the Muslim clerics in US should urge black citizens to convert en masse to Islam and continue their struggle against the US government with international backing, instead of staying as second class citizen under the Christian fold dominated by Anglo-Saxon Protestant White Men. Only then will this movement of #BlackLivesMatter have any real traction. Otherwise, it will be relegated just to the status of a Twitter hash tag. They need to follow the example of late Mohammed Ali to take the fight to the white supremacists.


Soviets had a history of igniting black-white race tensions. They leveraged this fault line very well during the Cold War when they would send forged letters purporting to be from black people, addressed to the heads of armed white supremacist militias, which would then invariably trigger racial tensions. Now that the Soviet Union is no more, India, Russia, and China should set up a fund to help the black struggle in the US. Then there is the angle of conversion to Islam and its connection to the global Ummah and their larger struggle against the US. Once this tinderbox is ignited, the US will have their hands full, and they will be disadvantaged against using underhanded tactics against developing BRICS nations, since their resources and attention will be divided and focussed on handling their own problems.

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