Cash-Mir on the boil again, after taking cash from the ISI

The regular narrative fed to the Mindus across India is that Kashmir problem is due to insecurities and lack of development in the Kashmir valley. Not only this narrative is pet theory of leftist cabal who wants to break Bharat but it has also made inroads into the minds of those who take words from presstitutes in the media as gospel truth. The atrocity literature wallas have jumped on another occasion of death of another terrorist and started to peddle victimhood narrative to take the eyes away from the real nature of Islam. For example:

The ground reality is that Muslims aren’t happy in Syria, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, China, USA, France, Germany, UK, Lebanon, Palestine, that’s the ground reality of the expansionist doctrinal death cult of Islam. They are pelting stones everywhere and have been doing that since the 7th century, well before Burhan Wani and Babri, which the current Muslims will use as excuses to rally terrorists. It has got nothing to do with any ground realities in Kashmir. That claim is just Taqiyya, in line with the doctrine of Islam. When you are 10% of population, start agitating, when you are 20% of population, start rioting, when you are more than 40% of the population, start demanding a separate state. The excuses about alleged discrimination and alienation are just cock and bull fairytales which follow the template of chronic persecution complex which Abrahamic religions have.

Leave alone any democratic country, point out one Islamic country in which Muslims are prospering peacefully and contributing to the global economy and scientific community. How many patents does the Muslim world file annually? What medical advances are happening in the Muslim world? The only countries where Muslims are safe, have an opportunity to impart modern education to their children and have an iota of hope of a better future is in Kaffir countries like Bharat, Israel and US, whose passports Muslims carry, on whose resources they parasite on and whose native cultures they despise. But Muslims are too blinded by their hate to see the ‘ground reality’, they are merrily wallowing in the alternate reality of 72 virgins. All that they do is throw stones and urge others to abide by the highest standards of human behaviour while conveniently setting up lower standards for themselves

Kashmiris don’t have the right to kill others cowardly, throw out Pandits from the valley and then expect the police forces to not react. Now they are being paid back in their own coin! Terrorist supporters got killed while trying to attack the J&K police during the funeral of a terrorist who had pledged to kill the local police (70% of whom are Muslims themselves). It’s a black day for jihadis but it’s a very bright day for Bharat. The weather forecast suggests that there might be flash floods in the Kashmir valley just like every year and then Kashmiris will be back to begging for help from the same army on whom they pelt stones when it is not raining. Does the Kashmiri pride go on vacation when they shamelessly beg the same evil Hindu army, funded by evil Hindu taxpayers from evil Hindu nation in case of any emergency?

India needs to implement Chinese solution in Kashmir. Just cutoff their water supply, electricity and block Srinagar highway and everything will settle within a week. The same thing happened in 2010 when they were rioting. No matter how angry a person is, he still needs to eat twice a day. Once essential supplies are cut off, there’s no way to sustain a human body, leave alone riot. A French journalist yesterday was crying that she had to travel to Haryana to be able to broadcast her opinions because internet has been disabled in Kashmir. So the clampdown has begun and these atrocity literature vultures are having tough time trying to score easy brownie points out of this.

It is funny that the Kashmiris are threatening Bharat on SM with, “dire consequences like 2010”. What dire consequences are they talking about? 100 Kashmiris died in the 2010 riots and it is not like there was some sort of redeeming outcome for them. It is amusing to see them threaten riots like rabid dogs as if rest of Bharat is going to be affected by it. It’s like saying “If you don’t agree with me, I will set myself on fire”. Sure, be my guest.

As long as blackmail, rioting yields a net positive result, people will keep resorting to blackmail, it’s our job to deny them that edge. Once they realize that they lose more than they gain when they take recourse to violence, they will stop looking at it as a lucrative option to take 50 Rs from the ISI to pelt stones. Unless we impose costs on them and their sponsors, this will not go away. Once you cut off their essential supplies and they start getting hunger pangs, they will think ten times before casually initiating a riot next time. These ungrateful snakes need to be taught a lesson. All our tax money is diverted to Kashmir while our farmers in the mainland are committing suicide for the lack of any financial bailout package, what injustice are the Kashmiris talking about? Rice is 2 Rs/kg and Wheat is 3 Rs/kg in Kashmir. If there’s any injustice, it’s being done on the innocent taxpayers who are bearing the burden for this.

Kashmiris when it is not raining

Kashmiris when it is raining
Bharat has had enough of this drama from the Kashmir. We need to start resettling Kashmir Pandits in their homeland and building Sainik Colonies. We cannot keep feeding these ungrateful snakes at the expense of patriotic, taxpaying Indian citizens any more.

The problem in Kashmir has nothing to do with Indian policies or alleged feeling of discrimination. Said discrimination is only a superficially propped up and exaggerated narrative cultivated by the dirty tricks department of our enemies, but the root cause is that the Islamic ideology which prohibits Muslims from living in harmony with others once their population reaches a certain critical threshold. This case study of Kashmir should serve as a case study for those Mindus in the mainland, sitting in their cozy offices in Delhi who claim that legitimate Hindu fears of a demographic bomb in India is a speculative and hyped up notion. It is not a notion; it is reality. Wherever Muslims are in majority, chaos is the norm. It is intellectually disingenuous to post-hoc rationalize and back link events of Islamic terror to random events in the past to try and justify the terror. The use of violence as a legitimate means of negotiation has always been at the core of Islamic doctrine and has happened centuries before Babri. All Bharatiyas in their right minds should steer clear of the guilt trap of atrocity literature laid by the intellectual cabal.

The sooner Hindus wake up to this Taqiyya, the better.