Is US ripe for people’s revolution?

Black movement in the US is on fire again. Ferguson, Baltimore and now the recent sniper shootings, there is a natural progression to the Black Liver Matter(BLM) movement, and it grows bigger and bigger every time. This can eventually lead to a violent people’s revolution, which might or might not win decisive victories against the might of the US state but it has the potential permanently discomfort the state. There are greater forces at play and there is no point in resisting it.

The whites have destroyed the life of everyone else on the planet for the past three centuries and it is not Bharat’s job to babysit the black people and figure out where THEIR best interests lie. The only thing Bharat should look at is how to squeeze some benefit out of this altercation. That option only exists as long as the tension exists. If it simmers down, then we lose the opportunity to intervene. So we have a vested interest in keeping the pot boiling instead. The intel agents of Russia and China and CAIR are having a field day making contacts with so many dissident blacks, which they would later exploit for their own advantage as deep assets in US. It’s only defeatist Bhartiyas who are sitting and wondering what’s best for blacks, while it matters least to them.

Just like CIA funds Arundhati Roy and her cabal to support the noble cause of Naxals, Bharat should support the noble cause of fuelling black resentment against US. The current black community leaders like Ben Carson and Obama, they all singularly want the status quo to prevail and the #BLM movement to be demonized and eventually dismantled. They are a few privileged nuts in the whole system of discrimination, who have a vested interest in keeping the status quo as it is, just like the privileged Indians from certain communities who wanted the British to remain in India because they were benefiting from being British coolies. People from those communities still have a nostalgia about the British Raj. It’s the same thing with the current generation of black elites which should be removed if possible to help the #BLM flourish.

So, what is the way to go about achieving it? As long as one floats the notion that blacks are a stakeholder, regardless of the quantum, you are inadvertently pushing a theory of reconciliation suggesting that they have overlapping interests with the whites. But the only time a person is impelled to fight is when he feels that he does not have any stake in the existing status quo. This is the gist of Karl Marx’s theory of why and how people can be provoked to give up any wishes to ‘fit in’ with the existing social structure and work towards bringing it down completely instead of making compromises with it. This initial hysteria is essential for the movement to have any inertia. If possible Bharat should promote the idea of black victimhood and marginalization instead of giving them hope of any stakes. Incidentally, that is precisely the doctrine which the West has hit India with whereby they use their media and local assets to make every small altercation look like a secessionist rebellion. Does Award Wapsi drama ring a bell?

There are plethora of racist websites run by whites who enjoy denigrating the whole black race. Africa although basket case is still a curious one. It is only a speculation to say that they would have necessarily made a mess of themselves if European colonials didn’t ‘help’ them become civilized. The fact is that the white people destroyed whatever chance the Africans had at organically evolving as a civilization. Most Africans used to have their own indigenous animistic religion, which was destroyed by the Christian missionaries, their lands confiscated and their resources stolen, they were tied up in chains and transported all over the world like cattle. Their race was undermined in every possible way in which a race can be undermined. And now the whites claim that whatever good the blacks have seen is because of the white man (they also say that about Indians, btw). But who knows, maybe, if they were left alone, maybe even Africans would have emerged as a proud entrepreneurial race which invents new things and contributes to global economy, but they were destroyed systematically. It’s unfair to blame them for their current condition. And actually Blacks had a decent entrepreneurial class before they were hit by post modernism and feminism in 1950s, leading to millions of aborted kids and broken families. The current generation is in bad mess but what do you expect from a generation of kids who were brought up without any paternal supervision while the American media glorified the rap and gangsta culture, pushing increasingly large number of black boys into drug and gang culture by glorification of violence.

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Although there is no reason to have a very favourable opinion of the blacks, specially in their current form, but the current global order is overwhelmingly Anglo-Saxon Protestant Christian, and they don’t exactly hold anyone (inculding Bharityas) in high regard. All they know is to bulldoze others through the global institutions which they control (UN, NATO, IMF, etc). If this status quo is to be changed, we ought to prop up any and every asset which could challenge their domination. This is why we must help prop up the black people in the US to take on their government and permanently discomfort the US strategically. Don’t forget that all the funding which Christian converts (disguised under the banner of Maoist/Naxals) in Bharat receive is through the hawala channels of the Church (note the efforts of the Church to hurt Indian interests during the LTTE struggle as well). Until now, we never had any option to respond to this type of covert warfare from the west. Whenever the west has seen an open wound, they have stuck their fingers into it to bleed us. This is the first time such an option is available to us to pay them back in their same coin.


It does not seem that Blacks are going to get any justice there any time soon. The odds have always been stacked against them in a systemic manner. Every time there is an uprising, the establishment used underhanded tactics to suppress it. They either carry out false flag attacks to malign the entire movement or take the case of assassinations of black leaders like Malcom X and other opinion makers during the 1950-2000 period. Civil rights activist Medgar Evers was assassinated by Byron De La Beckwith, a member of the White Citizens Council. Fred Hampton, a leader for the Black Panther Party in Chicago, Illinois was killed in his apartment during a police raid while sleeping, unarmed in 1968. Harry and Hariette Moore were a husband and wife team of civil rights activists and teachers who founded the NAACP in Brevard County, Florida. In 1951, the couple’s house was bombed and both of them were murdered. Martin Luther King was the face and voice of the civil rights movement and would serve as a martyr for the movement after he was killed in Memphis in 1968.

Any kind of re-conciliatory gesture by the blacks would be similar to the demand of semi-autonomous dominion status by some leaders during Bharat’s freedom struggle while others were asking for full independence. Notice how the whites in US have unanimously responded with disdain against this #BLM right from the average joe on the street to the top level leadership. So there cannot be any re-conciliation under such conditions. Since whites always go about their business with realpolitik in mind, Bharat should do the same which in this case means to help the dissenting blacks to further ignite the tinderbox and let US get a taste of its own medicine. Also from a humanity point of view, it is a very noble task to help blacks since they have been robbed by the white US for the past three centuries.