Another Jihadi attack in France, this time in Nice

France has been hit again by another terrorist attack and this time in the summer tourism city of Nice. The attack happened on Bastille Day during the celebration of the French national day. More than 70 people are reported dead when a truck rammed into the spectators and mowed them down while they were enjoying the fireworks over the Mediterranean Sea. The truck driver was also reportedly firing over the people and was subsequently killed by the police. He drove zigzag for around 2 km of the length of the famous promenade to hit as many people as possible.

Europe is at the crossroads now as it is increasingly being hit by Islamic terrorism. No group has yet come forward to take responsibility of this attack but it is only a matter of time before the real perpetrators of this terrorist attack are exposed. The high population of Muslims in countries like France has exposed it to the threat of terrorism. At the same time, the repeated failures of European security agencies in pre-empting such large attacks should be a big concern for these nations.

Given how Europeans provide cover for Islamists and have been at the forefront of coining terminology like “Islamophobia”, it was only a matter of time before they got caught by the hydra they had been nourishing for a very long time. Bharat has been facing the menace of Islamic terrorism for a very long time and now it is time for Europe to face the same barbarity that they refused to acknowledge. But every such attacks on European soil also bust the myth of poor disenchanted Muslims in India resorting to terrorism as most of the terrorists in Europe are home grown, part of rich European society and taken care of by the social security in these countries even if they decide to become lazy bums and do nothing.

The only question which will keep lingering is- whether the current generation of elites in all countries drop their Political correctness narrative and call Islam for what it is i.e. religion of barbarity? But probably the blood of innocent victims of Islamic terrorism does not value much in front of the ideological stand and so common people will continue to pay for this stupidity.