Why terrorism has a place in civilized world

France is hit again by terror in Nice and the usual suspects are in hyperdrive to prove it has nothing to do with Islam. The charge against realists is led by the bastion of political correctness i.e. New York Times.

New York Times highlighting – first victim of attack is a Muslim women

So what should be the response of average Hindu? Should he mourn the death of those in Nice or let west bleed the way they have let Islamic fundamentalists bleed Bharat? It is always sad when innocents die but they are being made pawns in this global game where their western governments take ‘calculated risks’ hoping that giving weapons to Islamists will serve their national goals and weaken countries like Bharat with significant Muslim population. France in particular, has given increasingly sophisticated war material to Pakistan, submarines, anti-ship Exocet missiles, Mirage planes, surveillance gathering equipment and other support systems. At that time of these sales Bharat was begging them not to do it, obviously they didn’t care as who gives two hoots to the life and blood of innocent pagans. They need to be crushed by the Abrahamic doctrine. It is the same with the UN resolution on terrorism which Bharat authored and is still pending for 15 years since no western nation wanted to define terrorism for fear of being classified as financiers of terrorism.

Empty sympathy means nothing because talk is cheap. If these countries really want terrorism to end, they must come together and have a serious discussion with no caveats. What’s happening right now is no one considers ISIS as bad. When US sees terror groups, they see a group which can help them achieve their economic goals in Middle East, so they give them money and weapons. When Saudi Arabia sees a terror groups, they see them as a group which will further their religious goals, so they give them weapons and money. When Iran sees it, they look at them as someone who will further their national aims, same with France, Russia and everyone else. Everyone agrees terrorism is bad but only if it happens to them, otherwise it is good. In the process, the terror groups take money and weapons from all side and grow in size, beyond the comprehension of the individual donors.

If the west is serious, they should show their seriousness in their actions.

Need for Comprehensive Strategy

Contrary to popular belief, ideologies CAN be defeated by fighting ground war. After all, Nazism and Communism were defeated only when the US delivered a body blow to them militarily. They camped in Germany after the defeat of Hitler’s army and injected their own values into Germany. Same way, it’s necessary to defeat the Muslim nations and non-state actors militarily and carve out new states with new constitutional values. For example- the formation of Kurdistan will be a step in that direction. The Kurdish people are secular socialists who hate Islamism. And the nation is located at a strategic junction overlooking Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Syria. So all sane nations can pour money and weapons into Kurdistan to keep other Jihadi nations on their toes so that these nations aren’t allowed any spare time and resources to meddle in other nations. The best way ofcourse will be to put boots on ground in Saudi Arabia and destroy the fountainhead of this Islamic imperialism. But then the question is- is the world ready for taking this war to its logical conclusion or suffer thousand cuts as delivered by momins in different places currently?

But it is only a pipe dream as western nations will still use Islam as a political weapon to thwart the advance of Asain civilization given the large percentage of Muslims in Asia and considerably lower in west. So the dance of political correctness will go on and few white men will be willingly sacrificed at the altar of Islamic Jihad to keep Bharat and other similar nations under check. The so called civilized nations have all the reasons to foment and export Jihad around the world. Given this background proud Bharatiya nationalists must contemplate about role of west before changing their Facebook display pictures to condole the tragic events in Europe and extend their solidarity to those, whose governments have used every opportunity to fan the violence in the subcontinent.